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A pissy anarchistic punk bunny with gothic-looking facial features sporting a jagged blue Mohawk saves the planet by plowing his incendiary skateboard into pollution-producing vehicles, instantly wiping them out with a poof. This isn’t the theme of Tim Burton’s latest full-length stop-motion film, nor is it an eye-rolling pitch for a new off-off Broadway show. This concept is in fact plucked straight from the mind of Nitako studio’s Noam Abta, who along with partner in crime Yuval Markovich, created a new iPhone game called Eco Punk.

Not surprisingly, the two Israel-based designers have film making backgrounds which came in handy when they were working out the details of their $1 game, which revolves around a blood thirsty Sid Vicious-like rabbit with “serious attitude problems” who earns points by plucking garbage off the streets and blowing up eco-offending vehicles in the process. Designer Abta explained their motivation behind the quirky concept: “We really care about environmental issues, but we felt we needed a comic twist so the game wouldn’t seem like it’s too preachy.” Goal achieved.

Rocking vivid 3D graphics and a perfectly abrasive musical backdrop that was created and performed by the duo in their very own office, Eco Punk doesn’t just represent a quirky moment in the fabric of our pop culture history. A full 5% of all the profits earned from the sale of Nitako’s eco-game are being donated to Greenpeace, which goes to show you that there is always a way to transform what might traditionally be a passing distraction into something that can genuinely help the planet, as punkin’ goofy as it may seem. So instead of waving your fist at the many eco-offenders of the world, try venting your frustrations via iPhone for a change. Get your ever-lovin’ bunny-woopin’ super powers for the low low price of one single smacker and help a worthy non profit at the same time!

Via Business Week