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“Showbusiness has been my life and I love doing it but I have this other side that wants to be the soccer mom and live in a small town, take my kids to carpool and just be home and cook dinner every night. I kind of wish I could balance both. I’d like to move to a farm. It’s one of my dreams. I want to raise animals (like) chickens goats, horses, sheep. Why not?”

– Tori Spelling, who currently stars alongside the rest of her family in the reality television show Tori & Dean: Home Sweet Hollywood.

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  • Michael Raymer

    Well, ok. Now I can get on with my day. I was kind of jonesing for a Tori Spelling fix. I searched the news outlets, tried Google and snuck down to the gas station in my bathrobe for a newspaper. I looked through the newspaper and realized that not only was there nothing about Tori Spelling but, I had just increased my carbon footprint by 0.00000001% by buying said newspaper. I called the gas station and complained about the lack of Tori Spelling coverage in the newspaper but the punk kid with the face jewlery behind the counter hung up on me. I was about to call work and tell my boss I couldn’t make it in today because it was all too much and I am now a man on the edge, but I decided to log into Ecorazzi first. Thank God I did. Thank you Ecorazzi for saving my day. Please keep us posted on Tori. Inquiring minds really DO want to know.

    • Michael d'Estries

      Well done, Michael. Well done. Made me laugh.

  • Sue

    Well…it’s her choice… it’s not bad to be a farm girl after all… She already reached her fame so why not settle down and be just a plain housewife…

  • Kyle

    Sounds like she wants a simpler life and is having romantic visions of raising animals, but I wonder if she’s thought through the dirty and non-idyllic side of the equation?

  • Tracy

    I just simply don’t understand why almost all ordinary people would always desire to be famous… and when they’re famous, they would want again to have a normal life…