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Being raised by apes might make any of us predisposed to swinging around the jungle in a bare-chested state, exhibiting an entirely untamed, feral nature and on occasion being more than willing to open up a can of whoop-ass on all who dare to mess with Mother Nature. It’s all in a day’s work for Tarzan, protector and lord of the jungle. The iconic Edgar Rice Burroughs character – who first swung onto the scene in the October 1912 edition of the pulp magazine All-Story and then enjoyed a long, illustrious history in countless novels, comics and film adaptations – is now in the process of being resurrected.

Enter British author, Hollywood screenwriter and comic writer Andy Briggs, who has achieved accolades for his & novels as well as his script treatments for Judge Dredd and Stan Lee’s 2011 superhero franchise Foreverman. Burroughs’ family looked long and hard for a talent who could pick up where the esteemed creator of Tarzan left off, and feel confident that Briggs will inject their eco-hero with the right balance of heroism while still capturing the imagination of the PlayStation generation.

The newly-anointed Briggs has revealed a few choice details about his next generation Tarzan series to get everyone’s juices flowing, including the fact that the main character “has more perils to face now: warring rebels, poaching of endangered animals, illegal logging and the decline of the environment.” Naturally, Tarzan’s deep environmental commitment will be explored in great detail as will the “perennial love story” between him and Jane. For those who question whether they want to bother reading a regurgitated eco-tale (even if it is being re-booted for the next generation), perhaps this comment by Briggs will allay your fears: “Jane now carries an iPod.” Look for the new book in stores next year followed by a film crossover and various merchandising offshoots.

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  • Maurizio Maranghi

    I wonder how well this movie will do in the box office. I guess if you hire a good looking actor, some amazing monkeys/apes, then cash should flow in right? We shall see.

    Nevertheless, it is nice to see all these eco-related movies out there such as Avatar, and now Tarzan. All movies should incorporate a green element to it, as that is the future…like it or not.

    – Maurizio Maranghi –

    Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

  • Linda

    Who’s that fine fine lad who’s playing tarzan? :D

    IMHO, i think the new tarzan should talk more about saving the environment

  • Remy C.

    That fine lad isn’t swinging on vines, he’s using a rope and a harness… where “did you” get that image???

  • Anonymous

    What’s mother nature Grace Baine doing on the tarzan eco line of heroes is STan LEE mobilizing he eco earthy heroine into a pow adventure google Grace Baine on imdb