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FUTURE EARTH, Discovery, Spielberg

Discovery Channel has announced that its teaming up with Director Steven Spielberg for their next major nature documentary.

Called Future Earth, the animated mini-series will show what life on the planet might be like in 25, 50 and 100 years. Futurists and scholars will be consulted for their predictions to incorporate in the series. Spielberg’s Dreamworks will handle the animation — which reportedly will do its best mimic the visuals shown in LIFE and Planet Earth.

“I am excited to be back in business with DreamWorks Animation and all the active imaginations and creative artists at the best animation company in the world today,” Said Spielberg. “Joining together with Discovery, we have an opportunity to bring exciting new experiences to take television audiences into the imagined future of planet Earth”

The new series is expected to premiere on the network sometime near the end of 2011.

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  • Loosdrecht Locatie

    I loved planet earth and all the other documentaries on discovery science. I have great expectations of this one, I can’t wait!

  • jasmine

    this sounds interesting, im so watching this^^

  • Remy C.

    That’s optimistic.

  • bunyan 10

    —These posts sound suspiciously like they’re from the studio
    PR office.

    MEANWHILE Spielberg, Cameron, Hanks —ALLL of Hollywood and US media
    are as good as pitching cover for their ‘fave’ mass market paradise
    -and cheap labor and credit source —ACROSS the Pacific -even as millions continue to suffer and die on this, the once again completely and ‘mysteriously’ overlooked 60th Anniversary of the epically, urgently relevant –indeed, STILL unfolding —KOREAN WAR…

    AND if you’re deleting this —you’re censoring STONE COLD TRUTH.