by Elizah Leigh
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john o'hurleyThey say that one man’s trash is another man’s treasure, and apparently the same concept can apply to one pig’s manure…or in this case, the excremental gold-turned-renewable-energy of 3,000 North Carolina pink-snouted porkers at High Ridge Farm. The man at the center of this hog-wild revelation is none other than Seinfeld’s silver-haired catalog sales company owner J. Peterman, played with perfect eccentric panache by actor and now Energy Inc. partner, John O’Hurley.

While Seinfeld alum Julia Louis-Dreyfus, who portrayed J. Peterman’s employee, has long been considered the most prominent greenie among the Larry David-penned cast of thoroughly quirky characters, O’Hurley has been quietly hatching his own eco-biz revolving solely around the benefits of transforming livestock waste from a liability to “an asset” that “just makes good business sense.” The soon-to-be-retired Family Feud host and touring cast member of such Broadway gems as Chicago and Spamalot feels that his new eco-endeavor will help mitigate “serious pollution concerns” by converting the copious amounts of livestock waste that we have in this country into electricity that will ultimately pave the way for a fossil fuel free future.

Installing an Advanced Thermal Conversion Technology processing plant on site, Energy Inc. will be able to super-heat (to 2,000 degrees) and thermally break down biomass waste (including conventional animal manure, wood, municipal solid waste and even medical waste and tires) into clean synthetic fuel that releases nominal emissions along with steam, heat, hot water and residual biochar.” O’Hurley says of his new business, “with the rise of fuel prices here and the Obama administration’s push to tighten environmental standards…I believe this is going to be “must” technology.” I can almost smell the sweet stench of his ultimate success!

Via The Modesto Bee