by Daelyn Fortney
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post apocalyptic

The end of the world has been predicted throughout time from the days of the ancient Greeks to the writings of the Bible. Our modern era has been no different with depictions of a world after the Apocalypse in movies and television programs such as “2012” and History Channel’s “Life After People.”

The renditions of a post-apocalyptic world created by artists and other creative visionaries are definitely sobering, but the grim possibility of a world without humans may be avoided with proper action.

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  • herwin

    a world without humans, not much if anything would change, because our natural ecological role is sooo limited. to think the world would dramatically change without us, is rather, er…
    on the other hand, if ants would cease to excist today, or if worms would suddenly go exctinct, the world as we know it would cease to excist.
    no ants, no cleaners of other dead insects and animals who would instead rot and spread disease. no worms, no more fertile earth, all dead leaves would simply rot instead of being converted to fertile mass.
    figures are, every 20 minutes one animal species goes exctinct, mostly insects, and as we all know , its the little ones who do the most and cant be missed.

  • Sonia

    I thought the first comment was total sarcasm. Sad to know that it isn’t. Ignorant much?

    Besides, and not that I want this to happen, wouldn’t the world and the creatures in it be better off without us destroying it/them?

    • From MN, with hope…

      Simple and straightforward answer: yes

  • Whoever…

    “but the grim possibility of a world without humans”

    Actually that would be the best thing that could ever happen to this planet.

    Well, maybe not completely without humans but definitely without non veg*an humans ;)

  • Amorita Maharaj

    “World without Humans”?!

    such a DULL place that would be.

  • Colin

    I looked at the “Post Apocalypse London” picture and had to wonder what kind of event would not only drain the Thames, demolish the London Eye without trace, move St. Paul’s Cathedral two miles to the south side of Trafalgar Square (with little visible damage) and straighten the river so one can see Tower Bridge from Lambeth?? Powerful stuff!

  • Rosalind Meedendorp

    wow some of these images are so haunting . i wonder if the world will end up like this ?