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Photo: Earth Day NY campaign

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Adrian Grenier has joined other celebrities like Matthew Modine and Ed Begley Jr. in promoting a new campaign for Earth Day NYC called “b the E”. The idea is that everyone can show their support for the environmental movement by flashing their right hand with the three center fingers sideways to form an “E,” as a symbol of their commitment to the Earth.

Check out more on the campaign here.

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  • ginafly

    Hmm. I’d say that this is dumb, but I am too distracted by Adrian’s beauty to process anything in my little brain.

  • herwin

    i donnow about america but last year i visited the Earth Day in Tokyo, which was a BIG disapointment, it was commercial (or should i say hypocritical?) , the only “environmental” message would be on an overpriced “organic cotton T shirt, and there was hardly (if any, come to think of it) any veggie food and anyway the most populair food booth was the bbq pork food-booth with a big line of people waiting.
    I am not alone in my disapointment though, this year (next month or so..)there will be an alternative Vegan Earth Day Festival in Kyoto organised by japanese vegans. :-)
    anyway, sound silly to make a special E sign, but i bet some people will make a good buck out of it by printing it on a shirt .

    • Linda

      I agree herwin. If marketing strategies for environmentalism comes close to the ones being pulled off by the tobacco and the oil industry, we’d live in a better world.

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