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Bill O’Reilly is apparently a very sad panda because Al Gore has never agreed to appear on his show. So sad, that he sent some ass clown producer to track down Gore on his way to lunch and “ambush” him with a bunch of questions. O’Reilly made sure to mention that he “didn’t mean to disrespect Gore” with the incident. Yea, ok. Check it out below.

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  • orcalove

    Totally rude and uncalled for. What a bunch of BS.

    • realist

      I think Al Gore is the ass clown in this situation. He won’t answer the questions because he knows that “Global Warming”,(Oops, I mean “Climate Change”)is a load of crap, and that he’s getting rich off of it. I’m no fan of O’Reilly, but I’m also not a fan of these tax and spend douche bags trying to convince the populace of something that has not been proven without a doubt, and hatching a scheme to tax us up the wazoo for it. I agree that this wasn’t the best way to set up an interview, but if Obama was able to go on the show and take some hard questions, Al “I invented the Internet” Gore should have no reason to refuse the request. Wake up folks! The powers that be don’t care about you, so why are you defending them.


      • Joey

        “Realist”? I’ll go with real ass. I’ll tell you what…go ahead and lock yourself in your garage with your car running and breathe in the non-existent pollution that your car doesn’t emit.


  • realist


    I see your a typical Liberal Prius driving prick who thinks he’s an eco-genius because he watched a special on Climate Change hosted by Anderson Cooper. People like you don’t want to hear the truth, because you’ve invested so much of yourselves into an idea that is absolute nonsense. Yes, humans do produce CO2 from their vehicles, but we also produce it while breathing. Don’t you find it strange that the government has turned your “save the earth” movement into excuse to tax the living shit out of people. Here are the facts. Al Gore is making money off this, the government is planning on making money off this, and we will all be considered eco-terrorists if we don’t comply with their regulations. Here’s something to consider while you sip on your Kale/Beet root shake. Have you ever noticed that whenever the governments of the world meet for issues like climate change, they never lead by example and pull up in a caravan of smart cars or equally fuel efficient cars. If climate change is real, than lets work on it by coming up with real solutions. All I see is the government lying, so that they can pass more laws that will force us to pay more of our money to them.

    Use your brain dude, and don’t be a dumb sheep.

  • jeanruss

    I agree with the second assessment. Al Gore has been MIA since the scandal that revealed the dubious climate science. I also agree that if this is such a calamity, why does anyone have to profit from it? Isn’t it enough just to make sure that humanity has a home? I used to think highly of Gore, now I just think he’s another greedy hypocrite.

  • Tyler

    Why would Al Gore want to give this slimeball the time of day? Al Gore has accomplished so much and is an advocate for the health and future of the earth. Granting an interview would be a colossal waste of his time. BO’R knew that he’d get nothing but a resistant sound bite from Gore to make fun of on his joke of a news program.

    Fox is the idiot channel and everyone except the idiots know it.

  • YoMOm

    Whatever personal reasons Al Gore has with himself, I understand that the unpredictable causes of climate change has something to do with earths atmosphere and is definitely a serious issue, whether or not what Al Gore’s theories are true, the whole world is truly getting warmer for a reason that is right in front of us. Lets take the simple example of the car in the garage that was mentioned, you surely feel warmer and eventually hot if you’re stuck in the garage with it being turned on, you will soon feel the heat and would definitely be hard to breath after a day or two as you suffocate on the smokes and radiators heat. The only way to get out of it is to turn it off, not run out and start crying about it. Its a matter of time before you DIE from lack of oxygen as you CHOKE on your own DENIAL and IDIOCY of actually locking yourself in that situation in the first place.

    He doesn’t wish to go for the show because he knows they’re going to deny everything he’s going to say anyways so what’s the point.