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“Many activists working on the issue at the time referred to Rachel Carson’s Silent Spring, and its discussion of ‘bioaccumulation.’ Carson stated that chemical contamination, both alone and in conjunction with radiological contamination, would lead to extraordinary health hazards for human and animal populations. Long Island, particularly the Eastern region (Suffolk County) has been bombarded with applications of pesticides, herbicides and fungicides for many decades. Chemicals applied in farming (particularly potato farming), home lawn care, ball parks and golf courses have been driven down through a rather shallow “lense” of soil and have contaminated groundwater on Long Island with impunity. Breast cancer rates in Suffolk County are among the highest in the US.”

- Alec Baldwin discussing the dangers of nuclear power on the Huffington Post. This is Part 3 of Baldwin’s 5-part series on the issue. What do you think about the radioactive stuff? Good idea or not-in-my-neighborhood? Chime in and share your thoughts!

  • Michele Adelwerth

    I grew up in the Hamptons on Long Island.I have had several family members die of cancer.Pick the source? Contaminated water-from Grumman,Brookhaven National Lab.potato and duck farmers,or the military who buried barrels in the ground. We all grew up with well water.Now in Speonk there is a line that will come across Montauk Highway,into Remsenburg,where I live.Please don’t anyone tell me its going to take more people dying of cancer for the government,local, state and federal for them to finally do something about this.It breaks my heart.

  • Russell Lowes

    The best thing the nuclear industry has going for their scheme is that it is difficult to find the “smoking gun.”
    Regulators and prosecutors cannot easily prove what deaths the industry causes. Unless there are radiation burns all over a body, no coroner will conclude that nuclear emissions caused a death.
    However, as with cigarettes, statistical studies can scientifically prove that in a population there are deaths from nuclear energy.
    The new book on Chernobyl shows just that. See
    for the latest on the deaths caused by that accident.