Everyone knows Daryl Hannah – she’s practically the poster child for Hollywood environmentalism along with other walk-the-walk rather than talk-the-talk greenies like Woody Harrelson, Robert Redford and Alicia Silverstone. Her decades-long commitment to various eco-causes and her seriously squeaky green off-the-grid lifestyle makes her previous red carpet status hard to recall, but there was definitely a time not too long when she reined on the silver screen. Showbiz may seem like an odd career path for someone who is so deeply connected to living an authentic life free of the typical excesses of such a high profile status, so the recent news that she’s stepping away from the big screen to focus on more substantial pursuits likely comes as no surprise.

She’s the real deal, as GOOD recently confirmed in their one-on-one interview with her. Among their findings, they learned that:

Via GOOD Magazine

  • jeanruss

    I wish she would promote Blacklight Power in New Jersey. They are building Hydrogen Power Plants that run on ONE GALLON OF WATER! The Hydrogen Age is finally here. Walter Russell, a20th century American genius tried to give us the Hydrogen Age over 80 years ago, but was stopped because of Big Oil and the fear of ruining the economy.