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Oh, Millionaire Matchmaker…how you haunt us so!

Bravo’s hit show about finding expensive love recently caught our attention after featuring a vegan dude looking for a veggie chick.

In the episode, Zagros — a bachelor from Miami — comes back to the Millionaire Club after being kicked out for breaking a cardinal rule: sleeping with one of the girls on the first date. Uh-oh!

Zagros, however, is reformed and promises he’s forfeited his tempestuous ways. When asked exactly how he’s changed for the better, Zagros responds simply: “Well, I’ve become vegan.” OK, we like so far…

Turns out, Zagros is on the prowl for a veggie vixen and after meeting two plant-powered beauties, finds the herbivore gal of his dream. Wanna find out if this mean, green love connection lasts? Then you’re just gonna have to watch the episode below!

  • Molly W. Allen

    Yay! I remember him from last year (I love this show). How cool!

  • georgina0912

    Yes, i saw the episode and was actually cool that Patty found him veggie love, but Zagros is from Texas, not Miami :)

  • Allison

    I saw the first episode where he slept with the girl and thought to myself this guy is a player. Now watching this episode I think he’s truly a good guy and he seems like a big kid. He always seems to be smiling which I love and I think he’s super sexy! He’s a vegan! Dreamy!!!