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The worldwide whaling moratorium, which has been in place since 1986, may be overturned in the very near future. This June, the International Whaling Commission (IWC) will converge at an annual meeting in Agadir, Morocco to decide the fate of the whaling ban.

Three whaling countries—Japan, Norway, and Iceland—continue to hunt whales, defying the global moratorium.

A group of counties, with the United States at the helm, is currently working to negotiate a deal that would allow the three counties to continue whale hunting for the next ten years with quotas. In the proposal, whaling countries must comply to rigorous monitoring of their whaling operations and participate in a whale DNA registry program.

Patrick R. Ramage, Global Whale Program Director at the International Fund for Animal Welfare (IFAW) says the proposal is “a whaler’s wish list” and would reward the three countries that refused to comply with the 1986 whaling moratorium. He added, “Rather than negotiate a treaty that brings commercial whaling to an end they have created a system under which it will continue.”

According to IFAW an initial proposed plan, which is set to be released with some compromises in its official form on April 22, would 1) Overturn the global ban on commercial whaling and allowing hunting in the Southern Ocean Sanctuary around Antarctica. 2) Approve whale hunting for commercial purposes by Japan around Antarctica and in the North Pacific. 3) Add new rights for Japan to hunt whales in its coastal waters. 4) Allow continuing whaling by Iceland and Norway in violation of long-agreed scientific procedures and the global whaling ban.

Of course this type of plan would be devastating to creatures that already face more threats today than ever before. From commercial whaling to habitat destruction to climate change thousands of whales are killed yearly.

IFAW is asking for concerned citizens to let their voices be heard by calling the White House comment line with a message in support of whales. More information can be found at

  • Whoever…

    ‘Peace and love’ bullshit! Where did all the peaceful international pressure lead us to? To a probable end of the whaling moratorium…

    Don’t you get it? This is a war! And wars can’t be fought with nice words.

    Whalers are people with an extremely low level of consciousness and evolution. They couldn’t care less about the pain they inflict on whales. This goes for all of those who profit from animal abuse – animal testing, factory farming, poaching, etc.
    All they care about is money and power.

    What this world needs is a global organization similar to ALF that would really fight for animals and for the environment in general. Enough talking!

    Why can ‘they’ torture animals to death with impunity and when activists use harder methods to protest they are instantly called terrorists?

    It’s time to cleanse this planet!! And it begins by eliminating people who have no respect for the environment (including all non-human animals).

    • phineas

      Hear, hear!

    • Dgrede


    • Bencat1000

      You said it! Great comment. Also, Sarah and Bobby below, we agree with your comments as well. Killing any living being is the most barbaric act a human can do. It could not be more obvious. Only evil bone heads fight for their right to commit murder.

    • bleaky

      So you don’t eat chicken or beef? How about the rest of the other people agreeing with you? And most likely, you use a car.

  • cho cho ma

    Ya reward them for defining the law for shoving a harpoon in a whale as it takes 25 minutes for it to die and say its instant, guess who say they want to whale if Japan gets to anyway KOREA and then other countries then two and a half decades from now we look at the once again dwindling populations and we can call for another ban. Guess it isnt “research” after all. Dissapointed in our government and Obama for saying the dissaprove of whaling. Its all about money-nothing else. At least Sea Shepherd will probably be down there either way.



  • bobbillykingjoe

    Im sick of politics getting in the way. We should be saving whales not murdering them. I supported Obama untill he lifted the ban on off shore drilling (Great green energy plan). He and Sarah Palin can both chant “drill baby drill” together now, then they can shoot some wild animals from helicopters for “fun”. Then they should both get together and narrorate a nature show on the animals they kill for “fun” and call it “bi-partisanship” I’m so sick of these oil drilling, whale killing, poaching, dirt bags who only care about there next election. Great philosophy let Japan, Iceland, and Norway murder whales so you can strengthen trade and take wonderfull pictures of you shaking hands with other world leaders. HUMANS ARE GREEDY THEY WANT MORE, MORE MONEY, MORE POWER, AND MORE POULARITY. HUMANS ARE SELFISH THEY CARE NOTHING OF THE WORLD AROUND THEM, JUST THEIR NEW PHONE OR NEW HOME, BUT THEY DONT CARE. THEY THINK “HEY, THINGS ARE FINE TODAY, WHY SHOULD WE CARE ABOUT SOMTHING THATS GOING TO HAPPEN TWO MAYBE THREE DECADES FROM NOW?” ILL TELL U WHY BECAUSE THAT HOUSE YOU HAVE WILL BURN DOWN IN THOSE EVER INCREASING FOREST FIRES, THAT ANIMAL YOU KILLED NOW WONT BE “FUN” ANYMORE WHEN THERE IS NONE OF THEM LEFT, SO YOULL KILL ANOTHER AND ANOTHER. ADDICTED TO GREED, ADDICTED TO POWER, ADDICTED TO OURSELVES.

  • Kimitake Hiraoka

    Haha oh dear, listen to you hysterical loonies. Life is so unfair, I know I know. You poor darlings. The poor whales. Boo hoo.

    In all seriousness though, this is a fantastic development and a victory for science, reason and decency.

    While it would be ideal that the moratorium (which is a relic of the 1980s) be scrapped entirely, this resumption of sustainable whaling is a sure-fire method of ensuring the proper utilisation and conservation of whale stocks.

    I wonder what this means for Paul Watson and his band of thugs? I highly doubt that he will be willing to let go of his yearly fund-raising cruises in the Southern Ocean. He simply can’t afford to. Afterall, Without the anti-whaling cash-cow and his TV show, he can’t buy his expensive weaponry and other attention-seeking toys. Perhaps he’ll have to misinterpret and distort some other provisions of international law to continue his violent fantasies?

    Poor chap. I hate to see a man destroyed by the harsh slap of reality.

    • Sarah

      You disgust me. Obviously you’re feelings aren’t in the best interest of animal welfare so why even be on this website if you feel that way?!

      • From MN, with hope…

        Sarah, he’s paid to be here. I really would’ve have said anything other than what you’ve said below. Nice write up!

      • Sarah

        Thanks! Sorry, I didn’t mean to make it sound like he isn’t paid because I do know that. His crew on the ship are all volunteers though and that says a lot :)

  • Kimitake Hiraoka

    Sarah, I believe there are people far more deserving of your disgust than little old Kimitake. For instance, what about those Sea Shepherd thugs? They go to the Southern Ocean every year and carry out acts of violence against the civilian mariners and scientists of Japan, for no other reason than to gain publicity so that they get more and more money. Pretty disgusting if you were to ask me.

    Secondly, I am concerned with animal welfare. Whilst personally not a vegan, I am very much in favour of the ethical and sustainable treatment and utilisation of animals.

    What I do not support, however, is the arbitary and sentimental selection of certain species of animal for special treatment based on notions of beauty or allegations of intelligence. I don’t believe that “survival of the cutest” is an acceptable policy when it comes to animal rights. Instead, I feel that animal welfare concerns should be based upon humane and sustainability considerations.

    As for minke and humpback whales specifically, keep in mind that these creatures are not endangered. Furthermore, they do not experience the intense cruelty of intensive farming. They live long lives in freedom – the ultimate free range meat. Furthermore, they do not require the destruction of vast tracts of forests to graze. So really, whale meat is the green meat, provided it is harvested humanely and sustainably.

    Sarah, you and I aren’t so far apart in our ultimate goals. It’s how we approach the issue that sets us apart.

    • Sarah

      First of all, Kimitake, I am vegan so that sets us apart from the get go. I don’t buy anything with animal products, I work at an eco-boutique, and the list could go on and on. I don’t believe that we need to use animals in any form in order to live amazing lives and the fact that we allow certain animals to have laws (cats and dogs) and other species have to somehow fend for themselves when there are people ILLEGALLY killing them all over the world disgusts me. (You should really watch the DVD “Sharkwater.” It discusses the problems with illegal fishing and long lines off the coast of Costa Rica and in the Galapagos Islands).

      Secondly, if you’ve ever researched anything on the Sea Shepherd besides their publicity they aren’t just going after the whalers because these animals are “cute.” Paul Watson has been fighting for many forms of animal rights for a long time. He has gained victories and I support him 100% and anyone else who is fighting for animal rights. If you’ve looked at the quota for how many whales can be killed it’s an absolute ridiculous amount. I think we have enough “scientific research” on these animals that we don’t need to meet the 935 Minke Whales, 50 Fin Whales, and 50 Humpback Whales quota they have per season. Is it really just to let this “ultimate free range meat” die with a harpoon in the head?! Is this “humane” to you?! I wouldn’t wish it on you or any living creature. I believe your term “thug” should be reexamined. These people are doing this voluntarily for the rights of whales. They are not hurting anyone in the process, they are merely using scare tactics to stop ILLEGAL fishing. Paul Watson’s protection of whales is one small step against actual THUGS around the world who eat meat, wear meat, and use meat in any other form and believe it’s a right.

      Again, you disgust me. Our goals couldn’t be any more opposite.

    • georgina0912

      Oh, now Kimitake is comparing himself to anti-whalers? That is just disturbing.

      I doubt anyone here has said that we oppose whaling because whales are cute. They are not cute in any case. They are beautiful, majestic creatures meant to roam the oceans in search for the krill you are so sad about.

      We oppose whaling simply because we think it is not up to us to decide which animals to eat and which not to eat, and as a vegan i can tell you that i did not stop eating animals because they were cute, or smart, i stopped eating them out of respect for all forms of life. Every animal is smart in their own right. Every animal out there is looking for ways to survive (including us humans) and that is exactly the applied definition of the umbrella term intelligence.

      Who are we, humans, to decide which animals are smarter than others and compared to what? Humans? People like you are shitting all over the planet and soon there won’t be an animal left to kill and eat. So, i do not think human kind is that smart, not if they think in the terms that you think.

      Also, you also gave the same schpill about whales being the ultimate green meat or some stupid thing like that in another post. Are you running out of arguments that you have started to repeat yourself?

      Lastly, the humane harvesting of meat is a freaking myth. There is nothing humane about taking another creature’s last breath, absolutely nothing. The day that you understand that just like you hurt if you pinch your finger, or if you were to end up in the jaws of a great White shark, that just like that these whales suffer, are in pain, and bleed into unconsciousness and death, until that day you will understand their plight and that of other animals. Meanwhile, i doubt it will happen any time soon, you only seem to respond to the same rhetoric as long as it involves killing whales for profit.

      • Sarah

        This is beautifully said :)

  • Mick

    “Three whaling countries—Japan, Norway, and Iceland—continue to hunt whales, defying the global moratorium.”

    This statement is inaccurate and misleading. America, Russia and Greenland are also “defying the global moratorium” as well. The IWC makes three exceptions to the moratorium. These are: Whaling under objection, scientific whaling and aboriginal whaling. If Norway and Iceland are “defying the global moratorium” by whaling under objection and Japan is “defying the global moratorium” by doing scientific whaling. Then America, Russia and Greenland are “defying the global moratorium” by doing aboriginal whaling.

  • Jennifer

    Kimitake Hiraoka…I have so many things I would like to write to you. But have come to the conclusion that you are not worth enough of my time to type all of my feelings out. So instead, I have decided I’d like to only say a few words to you, and I hope you can take them, and shove them directly up your rectum, along with all of the other words of wisdom you likely shove there..EAT SHIT AND DIE, mother f*cker. You have not one caring bone in your body. Unlike some of the other caring individuals on this site, I would not mind one bit if you were killed slowly in the exact same manner that these whales are killed in. So, I hope one day, someone will shoot a harpoon at you. I hope it hits you in the back, and I hope it takes you somewhere between 5 and 20 minutes to die.

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