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Photo: Disneynature

Disneynature’s “Oceans” will make its movie theater debut on Earth Day and during the movie’s first week (April 22-28), Disneynature is dedicating a portion of the ticket sales to The Nature Conservancy’s work to save coral reefs in the Bahamas. To date 400,000 moviegoers have purchased advanced tickets, which translates to more than 790 acres of protected marine area.

“With 400,000 tickets sold so far, Disneynature’s second film is making a huge splash and saving coral reefs along the way—and ‘OCEANS’ hasn’t even opened yet,” said Chuck Viane, Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures’ President of Distribution. “Coral reefs are essential to the global ecosystem; we’re already on our way to establishing more than 790 acres of new marine protected areas—that’s the equivalent of about 600 football fields or nearly the size of New York City’s Central Park—and sales are still going strong.”

As a follow-up to Disneynature’s “Earth,” “Oceans” takes viewers on a journey to the depths of the ocean documenting the mysterious underwater world and capturing stunning never-seen-before footage.

“Oceans” opens in theaters on April 22. Be sure to take a look at the slideshow we assembled with 12 spectacular images from the movie.

  • Robert Evans

    Glad to hear that Disney’s magic is working to help save our environment too :)

  • jasmine


  • Cajungirl0

    Can’t wait to see this and know that my money is going to a good cause! :)

  • Nicole D

    Yes!! Every needs to see this opening weekend!

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  • cajungril0

    I saw it this past weekend and it was absolutely wonderful. Seeing those lovable animals in their own habitat was just really fascinating, not to mention so visually appealing!