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Jennifer Aniston has dropped her clothing and grabbed a towel to promote her new perfume ‘Lovalie’.

The actress told WWD that the natural setting is fitting for a perfume that she describes as a non-perfume. “I want people to go, ‘What is that? You smell great!’ But most of all I wanted it to smell natural.”

As the perfume has yet to released, we have no idea if the product is as natural as it smells.

One thing we do know: Sarah Jessica Parker isn’t going to be happy. The name of her perfume line? ‘Lovely’. Ouch.

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  • Red

    The picture is airbrushed. This is all she can do these days-strip off her clothes because she has no other talent.

    • Mo

      I agree completely; I also wonder why anyone picked this picture, as her expression makes her look like she’s scared sick of the cameraman.

    • Aymee

      The picture to me looks meditative. I makes me think of spending a whole day at the beach and feeling relaxed afterward. I think she’s a great comedic actress. It’s just hard for anyone to relate beautiful women to comedy. Most of them go for modeling or action films. Things that don’t require any use of talent.

  • Cindi

    I agree to. I hate that picture.
    What a loser she has become.
    I don’t respect her at all.

  • erin

    Natural. ya right. Not sure how this is eco newzzz. Must agree with others.

    She pushes BOTTLED water and is so OUT.

    • Her Sea Of Green

      It’s the people here speaking negatively actually have no idea about Jen Anistons endeavors! Air brushed ? Maybe. How many photographers do you know that take a “perfect” shot that they don’t want to alter for there portfolio? All she does is take her clothe’s off ? I think you’re just a little bitter. From the observation I pay toward Hollywood she very often is dressed respectfully and to her body size/shape.
      She recently donated over 500,000.000 of her own money to Haiti. She supports many charities, habitat for humanity, omni-peace, clothes off our back and feeding america. All in all I’d say she’s a pretty cool pro active star giving back.

    • Aymee

      As far as the bottled water goes I don’t like it anymore than anyone else but celebrities travel and some countries don’t have clean water or the water they do have you have to become acclimated to such as Mexico. Sadly, the US is going to the dumps when it comes to clean water. Try finding a water source that doesn’t contain some form of chemical water treatment. Even water purification devices don’t pick up all of it. Guess we can thank pollution from water run off for this. If you’ve ever been to Africa or the Middle East you pretty much have to live off bottled water or you get so sick you dehydrate from diarrhea or get a severe infection from bacteria.

  • mimo

    the parfume is called “Love a lie”
    Why because is living a lie ever since
    Brad Pitt left her?