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As Ecorazzi previously reported, Moby’s new book Gristle is quickly taking center stage.

In the book, Moby and Co-Author Miyun Park explore the dangers of industrial factory-farming through a series of short essays written by fifteen of the country’s leading voices on the issue. With tons of easily digestible information, Gristle is helping educate consumers about how food choices affect the world around them.

Moby and Co-Author Miyun Park recently appeared on GRITtv to discuss the motives behind the creation of the book. In the interview, Moby says:

“I don’t want to say to people, ‘You must change the way you eat, you must change the way you live.’ Cause people are gonna do what they’re gonna do. What we want to do is just make this information available to people and let them make up their own minds.”

Sounds like a plan to us!

Watch the video below to hear more of what Moby has to say and make sure you pickup a copy of the book!

  • Melissa

    I think this is a really great post and video with Moby and Miyun Park. I really appreciate Moby’s non-militant veganism and his decision to emphasize that he doesn’t want to tell me what to do, but merely give them the information about factory farming, health, economic, climate change, etc. that might help them make the same decision.

    I’m a long time vegetarian, but this has always been my philosophy and have always cringed in the presence of militant vegetarians and vegans, just as much as I dislike meat eaters, who denigrate my decision.