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Having empathy for the countless homeless animals that are currently roaming Chile’s 8.8 magnitude earthquake torn region, Elijah Wood visited the city of Curepto last week at the invitation of the Yarur Bascuñán Foundation.

The first time charity participant explained that the rescue organization appeals to him simply out of his innate sense of humanity, stating that “as a human being your heart just bleeds for any thing or any animal or any person that is being mistreated.”

The natural disaster that struck Chile occurred on February 27th, lasting just a brief 90 seconds, but went on record as being 500 times more forceful than Haiti’s devastating January 2010 quake and the seventh strongest seismic event ever measured.

CNN reported that well over 2 million of the country’s residents have been detrimentally affected, but we rarely learn about what happens to animals following circumstances like these. Fortunately, the Yarur Bascuñán Foundation is working in conjunction with the Lord of the Rings star to create happy endings for as many abandoned and homeless pets as they can.

Growing up with assorted pets and now sharing his home with three of his own dogs, Wood says that he wanted to get involved simply because he has a deep affection for animals: “I like the initiative. As a human being, I am interested in the welfare of animals and people. There are many dogs in the streets that are without protection.”

Take a look at this brief video clip in which Wood spoke to international journalists about the purpose of his visit to Chile.

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  • Susan Newman

    As animal and amphibian conservationists, we’re happy to hear that Elijah Wood is taking on a good cause and calling attention to an important issue. All forms of life are effected by disasters not just humans.