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In an effort to encourage a bold statement from the White House, solar company Sungevity sent a letter to the Obama administration and the Department of the Interior offering to install a 100% donated solar power system. If accepted, Sungevity says President Obama would be telling the American public that “clean energy works, saves money, creates jobs, and is something ‘I want for my home.’”

If the President isn’t comfortable accepting the donation, Sungevity is offering a lease plan for the $107,900 system at $537 per month.

Sungevity claims that its 17.85 kW STC Solar System would reduce the White House’s electricity bill by 81% saving an estimated $1,610 per month.

To encourage the White House to accept the offer, Sungevity is calling on the public to sign a Globama petition which will be shared with the administration once it reaches 10,000 signatures.

Solar panels for the White House? We love this idea! What do you think? Chime in and share your thoughts!

  • Emily

    I’m wondering if there’s more to consider than just whether or not Obama wants them on the White House. Basically, that’s a public building and so the country (and congress) would also have to want it.

    But I’m all for it. Lead by example.

  • don miguelo

    “A Carter-era innovation, a set of solar water heating panels that were mounted on the roof of the White House, was removed during Reagan’s presidency.” (wiki)
    Removed because they were a symbol of Carter’s ideas, basically setting enrgy awareness and tech back about 30 years in the form of little to no funding. Thanks, Raygun.

    True the DOT and the Prez would involve Cogress to budget that out, and it is a public building. Let’s start sending some solid enviro messages, Obama!

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  • Hanna Liberty

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