Politicians (who aren’t Dennis Kucinich) going VEG? Are we dreaming?! Nope…this is real life, baby!

Compassion Over Killing – a nonprofit organization based in Washington, D.C. that focuses on cruelty to animals in agriculture and promotes vegetarian eating — recently got five elected officials to go meat-free for an entire week!

Congresswoman Donna Edwards (D-MD-4), Senator Jamie Raskin (D-20), Senator David Harrington (D-47), Delegate Tom Hucker (D-20), and Montgomery County Council Vice President Valerie Ervin all happily agreed to participate in VegWeek — a week-long celebration from April 24-30 organized by Compassion Over Killing that highlights the many benefits of choosing vegetarian foods.

“I support VegWeek because it encourages healthy living, promotes environmental stewardship, and supports our small businesses and local growers,” says Congresswoman Edwards in her statement posted onMarylandVegWeek.com.

Councilmember Ervin stated, in a press release issued by her office earlier this week, “We have to model the behavior that we want to promote, especially when we are dealing with issues related to healthy lifestyles, animal welfare and environmental stewardship.” At the event, she will also be presenting a Montgomery County Proclamation officially declaring Maryland VegWeek 2010.

Wanna find out more about all this amazing VegWeek action? Scoot on over to MarylandVegWeek.com and get educated!

  • Miranda

    That’s awesome! Congrats Compassion Over Killing! I’m so glad that elected officials are taking notice of the issues and trying vegetarian foods!

  • Giorgia

    Go Compassion Over Killing and all of these great politicians! We need more people out there willing to pledge to go veg. Great idea COK!

  • David

    Yeah lets help drum up support for politicians who are just trying to get vegetarians to vote for them. If they really cared they would go vegetarian for good. This is just a very thinly disguised ploy to garner votes from people they feel are too stupid to figure it out. And the sad thing is that it will actually work.

    • Mary

      wow, David — that’s some serious pessimism… Sen. Raskin, who is taking part in Maryland VegWeek IS a vegetarian. He pledged to go vegetarian for a week last year during the VegWeek event and has remained a vegetarian since then. Now, he’s hoping to encourage other lawmakers and his constituents to learn more about the benefits of veg eating.

      KUDOS to those politicians will to explore vegetarian eating! And to Compassion Over Killing for getting them to sign on — Even the longest journeys start with a single step.