Exploring the fact that human beings are entirely dependent upon animals for everything from advances in medicine to clothing and entertainment, Shaun Monson’s 2005 documentary Earthlings is still receiving a great deal of attention for its impactful message.

Narrator Joaquin Phoenix once said of the film that it continues to illicit the most conversation and buzz of all the projects he’s ever worked on, and Woody Harrelson feels that “it’s a must-see for anyone who cares enough to know.”

After watching the movie, NHL star Georges Laraque said he was compelled to transition to a vegetarian based diet …which led to him to becoming a full-on vegan as of June 1, 2009 in spite of his beefy 245+ pound frame.

Citing his belief that humans shouldn’t treat animals “as commodities and cause them harm”, the athlete’s veganism was triggered after seeing Earthlings’ depiction of “the cruelty animals go through to end up on your plate, become a piece of clothing or even end up in a circus or a zoo.”

It makes perfect sense then that the ex-Montreal Canadian is narrating the French version of the documentary, titled “Terriens” — plus, he’s hosting free, self-publicized, monthly screenings of the film (at his own expense) with public forums following each event to help generate dialogue and understanding.

Laraque has no interest in pushing his views on anone – he simply hopes that people maintain an open mind while viewing the documentary and consider the compassion element as well as the health and environmental aspects of eschewing meat.

For more on the benevolent efforts of this all-around good guy who wants to “change the world” for the better, take a gander at his personal website.

Via Vegetarian Star and Georges Laraque

  • georgina0912

    Wow, i love this!

    Personally, i have never seen Earthlings, but i can say that i saw the trailer (from their website) and it made me sick in my stomach to see all that cruelty in about 2 minutes. I was at work when i saw it and i could not believe what i was seeing. The scene that keeps playing in my mind is the one of the cow after having its throat slit, and after seeing the rivers of blood that pour out of the creatures neck, how in spite of that mortal wound she tries to get up, and try to move-on. It broke my heart to see that. I have never seen anything so graphic.

    In spite of that, i have seen many videos depicting animal cruelty, and in the end that is what drove me to vegetarianism about a year and a half ago(and about 99% to veganism…be patient with me, i am almost there even thought i have not had eggs since last October or cheese since last January), so the efforts by Georges, to get people to see the documentary, to me are outstanding. I say this because i never get tired of reading about people who saw the documentary and immediately went vegan. So YEAH for Georges Laraque!

    • Penny

      Georgina, I agree with you, I cannot bear to watch the movie, although I realize the extreme importance of it. I’ve been vegan for 4 years, I was “vegetarian” for 17 years before that and wish I had become vegan sooner than I did, I could have saved the lives of many chickens and fish. Do you listen to any podcasts? I highly recommend Colleen Patrick Goudreau’s
      Compassionate Cooks, it is available through itunes for free.
      Take care!

      • georgina0912

        Hi there Penny, no, i have not listened to the podcast and i will definitely look it up.
        Thanks for the tip!

  • Melissa McP

    I think it’s so awesome what Georges Laraque is doing! The more people that see this movie, the more the message gets out there. I watched this movie last year and it was one of the most emotional, horrifying experiences I’ve ever had, but it was SO important to see it. I’ve been vegan ever since, and I still think of this movie almost every day.

    Thank you Georges for doing so much to help others see this movie!!

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  • http://blog.babyganics.com Linda

    Vegetarian laraque is a HOT laraque. Lol :P

  • http://blog.babyganics.com Linda

    What other possible sources of protein would be a healthy choice for athletes like Georges Laraque?

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1661640080 Sean

    Montreal Canadien*

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