by Elizah Leigh
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On the heels of the climate bill debacle and Senator Lindsey Graham’s threat to abandon all negotiations, The Daily Show’s Jon Stewart stuck to the most relevant facts in the issue. Namely, how much of a big fat baby Senator Graham is being.

The perennially sardonic host posed the question to the Environmental Protection Agency’s head administrator honcho Lisa P. Jackson adding, “Would you like to say to him, right now, on the show, “Wahhh, wahh, wahh, wahh Lindsey Graham‘?”

Jackson appeared on the show in an effort to explain how her organization applies eco-legislation and was able to expound on how they’ve been legislating greenhouse gases since 2007.

Thanks to the Clean Air Act, Jackson says that cars are now regulated nationwide and within 6 years, they’ll be more fuel efficient (at 35.5 miles to the gallon) and release fewer emissions.

Despite the wealth of information she offered, and her acknowledgment that they were pretty close to having bipartisan support for the climate bill, Stewart inquiring about whether Jackson was tempted to offer Senator Graham candy or a pacifier is what stays with you the most.

Check out the clip below!!