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“Much of the media has done a particularly bad job covering the climate crisis. Instead of informing the public about the facts, they have treated the issue as if the same political divisions they exuberantly cover also exist in the scientific community. They don’t.”

- Al Gore discussing his disappoint with the media’s coverage of the climate crisis on his blog. Hey now — we think we’ve done a damn good job covering this issue! Do you think the state of our environment is a partisan issue? Chime in share your thoughts! You can read more from Gore on his website.

  • Christine

    Funny–With a few minor changes, Gore’s own statement highlights his own hypocrisy. Gore is the ultimate disappointment.

    Gore has done a particularly bad job covering the #1 source of climate crisis–animal agriculture. Instead of informing the public about the facts [i.e. 2006 UN FAO report, 2009 World Watch Report, etc. concluding that animal agriculture is the #1 cause of global warming (not to mention air/water pollution and deforestation)], Gore has ignored the fact that going vegan is the single most effective way to stop global warming, perpetuating the ridiculous myth that one can save the earth by using florescent bulbs, hybrid cars and turning off the water while brushing one’s teeth despite one’s insistence upon eating eating meat and dairy.

    • herwin

      + 1.
      selling carbon emissions, promoting “green” cars and developing new dot eco domains and selling them is good for business, on the other hand,exposing the meat industry for its devastating effect on the environment doesnt go well with his busines friends i think…

  • Linda

    Christine, I think what will ultimately save this planet is a combination of all these things. Going vegan may be a very important factor, but the world’s voracious appetite for energy and other resources is still a challenge we need to overcome with modern solutions.

    • herwin

      + 1. just as you say Veganism is an important factor and that Al Gore keeps silent for such a long time about the devastating contribution of the meat industry to global warming is just hypocrit.

  • TitaniumTotem

    A lot of folks in the warm south were huddled over their copies of his books, burning, this past winter and muttering thoughts about his parentage.