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Al Gore has a new home in Montecito, California.

A source told the LA Times that the former Vice President and his wife Tipper spent “$8,875,000 on an ocean-view villa on 1.5 acres with a swimming pool, spa and fountains”. The Italian-style house has six fireplaces, five bedrooms and nine bathrooms.

A fairly modest home when it comes to the bedrooms (and apparent fireplaces in each) — but nine bathrooms?! You can bet this new purchase will be watched closely by Gore’s detractors; and let’s hope he works to make some green improvements like he did in his Tennessee home.

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  • jeanruss

    I used to think that Gore was a visionary, but as time goes on, he really seems to be a hypocrite. The science on global warming now seems to be a scam to use cap and trade to make a few people incredibly rich. Where is Gore when Obama approved off shore drilling? Where is Gore when scientists at Blacklight Power has harnessed Hydrogen and is building Hydrogen Power plants that will run on one gallon of water? Where was Gore when Obama approved the building of more deadly nuclear reactors? It is now established that ONE MILLION PEOPLE died from Chernobyl! Gore is increasingly MIA on these issues. I now think that Gore is a greedy phony. You know, sometimes the right wing is right. Go to call it as I see it. I do think global warming exists and is manmade, however I think it is a result of NUCLEAR exposure, not carbon.

  • David

    What do you mean by ‘nuclear exposure’? Just what is being exposed, what is it exposed to and how does it cause global warming?

    • jeanruss

      I think it’s past time to discuss the environmental impact of releasing nuclear energy and what it does to the air, water, soil and oceans. Whenevr we hear that North Korea (or the USA) conducts a nuclear missile test, there is never any discussion about what was killed, how long the after effects last or what they do. The depleted uranium in Iraq has caused enormous misery for the people over there, both civilians and our military. The water is contaminated and babies are being born deformed from the DNA damage. Does underground blasting cause poisoned water and air? Where are the studies? This seems to be a taboo subject because (God forbid) the public learns about the incredible danger posed by the military and nuclear power plants. The worsening environmental climate is NEVER attributed to the release of nuclear elements, which are designed to destroy organic life.

  • kristin

    great points, jeanruss! it is something we NEVER consider. i am against nuclear, but i never even thought of it being connected to global warming until now, but it makes total sense.

    • ManBearPig

      Wow kristin. So you are just going to accept jeanruss’ theory after just being discredited and having no scientific fact whatsoever?

  • F A Milton

    Environmental visionary Al Gore now has the carbon footprint of an average city.

  • Ed

    Guess he is not worried anymore about global warming?
    An oceanside home with the polar icecaps melting? I guess he isn’t worried about rising sea levels any longer. He also has a carbon footprint larger than many companies.
    I understand that he now needs to buy carbon credits to cool this new home and still be able to buy fuel for his jet. I guess its do as I say not as I do when it comes to envirolmentlist.
    Great news, the planet has been saved.

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  • B


    First, BlackLight Power is not building hydrogen power plants (they haven’t mastered the continuous burn yet). Second, I can see why you are muddled as to BLP when you think global warming is caused by “nuclear exposure.” Third, I suggest you realize that your judgment is poor and don’t use it to make any important decisions.

    • jeanruss

      You are mistaken about Blacklight Power. They now have 6 contracts from utilities to build their new power plants. It is really exciting! They cost 500 million to build vs the nine BILLION to build a nuclear reactor. The great thing is that after they are built THERE ARE NO FUEL COSTS. They run on a gallon of water. This new science has been verified at the University of North Carolina. The head scientist has 100 patents for the new technology. Walter Russell, a 20th century American genius, was the first to show that there are more than one type of Hydrogen when he gave the world a COMPLETED periodic table in the early 1920’s. On this table he also was the FIRST to discover uranium and plutonium. The incredible deadliness of these radioactive elements was explained in his book “Atomic Suicide”. It explains how these elements destroy organic life and their purpose (they create the earth’s topsoil).

      • Ash

        Blacklight Power is simply a scam for gullible investors and has not generated one watt of electrical energy. The BLP technology and their crazy claims of rewriting the laws of physics have not been validated by any credible source. Their ‘contracts’ with tiny rural utilities are worthless because their technology simply doesn’t work.

        Dr Mills, the founder of BLP is not even a physicist, but actually a medical doctor. Prior to BLP he claimed to have found a cure for cancer but an independent review of his work found shoddy experimental controls and no cure.

        Mills has been running the BLP scam for over twenty years now, and has wasted many millions of dollars from investors. It appears BLP may finally have run out of people to fool because their claims are getting more and more desperate since the 2008 market crash. You can fool some of the people all of the time, or all of the people some of the time – but you can’t fool all of the people all of the time.

  • NJ citizen

    I completely agree with JeanRuss about Al Gore. The man is increasingly being exposed as a big fat hypo-phony.

    Assume he *can* offset the carbon emissions associated with all of his globetrotting and multiple homes. Wouldn’t it be better to just never generate that CO² in the first place? Then, as a very wealthy man, he could instead compensate for the emissions of *many hundreds* of poor families, who could never afford the carbon credits his company sells.

    To put it another way, whatever happened to setting an example? Or is publicly announcing politically-correct positions on the issues of the day all that is required nowadays? That’s not enough.

    By the way, I just want to remind everyone: carbon dioxide is not the only issue. There are other inter-related issues here! For example, now that one less mansion is on the market, won’t this increase the possibility that someone else will now *build a new one*, on ecologically sensitive land, somewhere else? Requiring lumber from some forest, where it should have been left to absorb carbon dioxide?

    As for the incredible danger posed by the American military, once again, I completely agree. Need evidence? Didn’t you see Avatar? Besides, speaking English is overrated … the German and Russian languages are so much richer.

    As far as the true cause of global warming, like Jean, I subscribe to a novel idea that scientists REFUSE to test. Think about it: all of this electromagnetic radiation we have been producing — in one form or another (radio, microwave, X-ray, etc.) — for over a century now. How is this energy being dissapated? Where are the studies? Why this conspiracy of silence?

    P.S. Al Gore — I hope you read this at your desktop, on one of your three huge LCD monitors! (Don’t believe me? Perform an image search!)

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  • Scott S

    Al Gore – the guy who’s been telling us that global warming is going cause the oceans to rise 15 feet and sweep over the land – BUYS OCEAN FRONT PROPERTY!?!?!?!? Hypocrite doesn’t even come close to describing him anymore.

  • Linda

    IMHO, the most important contribution of Gore is that he has brought to the forefront of the public agenda the importance of curtailing carbon emissions for the betterment of the climate situation.

    The attacks on the science of global warming have been mounting over the last few years and we are lucky to have as an ally someone who is as powerful and influential as Al Gore to counter such attacks.

    Woe to all his detractors, what have YOU done for our planet? You are so quick to judge him when you don’t know the extent of his work. He travels around the world speaking against climate change when you sit around trolling forums and blogs to slander his work.

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  • sporto

    You people here are a bunch of idiot sheep. I particularly like Kristin’s blind devotion and acceptance to jeanruss’s uneducated banter.

    Gore is a hypocrite. No if and or buts about it. Anthropogenic global warming is the biggest farce ever perpetuated on man. Gore should be jailed for this lie but it is the idiot blind faith environmentalists like you people that allowed this scam to gain steam. “Boy I sure hope he puts some solar panels on his new house…..”. Bravo. If Gore believed in what he was preaching would he really buy OCEAN FRONT property. You fools have been had. If you need to believe in something, anything, so bad go join Scientology. A religion crafted from nothing by a science fiction novelist. No different than this global warming scam. Good one! LOL. Foolish sheep. I feel sorry for you people.

  • Ann Marie

    A beach front property??? Does Al Gore forget his own rants and warnings regarding rising sea levels? Or does he think we, the people, forgot what he said. Is global warming fixed? Has Al’s blizzard of lies actually cooled the planet….

    Al Gore’s hypocricy, arrogance, and stupidity(the guy will say ANYTHING) never ceases to amaze me. But he gets a free pass from international ridicule because the mainstream media, the universities, and the global elite absolutely love this man and support his causes. Without the media and/or university professors calling him out on his misinformation, he’ll just continue making money selling the world his man caused global warming books and movies and seminars. And continue bilking congress out of billions and billions of dollars in tax-payer revenue.

    Al Gore and his pals are billionaires themselves, why don’t they fund Al Gore’s projects instead of hording their own money, and using U.S. tax-payer money that can be better used elsewhere. Why? Because Al Gore’s very wealthy pals know Al Gore is a fraud and a phony, and wouldn’t invest in anything the guy recommends. His followers see him as a prophet and hang on his every word.

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