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Too much drama for Obama!

Barack Obama’s administration made some pretty big steps this week by approving plans for Cape Wind — an 130-turbine wind farm located in Nantucket Sound. If built, this would be the nation’s first offshore wind farm.

Nothing, however, seems to get done without a fight. Groups, including the Alliance to Protect Nantucket Sound, the Animal Welfare Institute and the Industrial Wind Action Group, have all threatened to sue over the legislation, claiming it will endanger marine life and commerce.

Senator Scott Brown released a statement today,saying:

“I am strongly opposed to the administration’s misguided decision to move forward with Cape Wind. While I support the concept of wind power as an alternative source of energy, Nantucket Sound is a national treasure that should be protected from industrialization.

“With unemployment hovering near 10 percent in Massachusetts, the Cape Wind project will jeopardize industries that are vital to the Cape’s economy, such as tourism and fishing, and will also impact aviation safety and the rights of the Native American tribes in the area. I am also skeptical about the cost-savings and job number predictions we have heard from proponents of the project.”

What do you think about Cape Wind? A good idea or a “natural” disaster? Chime in and share your thoughts!

  • Michael d'Estries

    In light of the massive oil spill happening right now, perhaps these groups ought to rethink their opposition to clean energy projects like this one.

  • herwin

    of course its a good idea ! windpower is one of the few real Clean and Green energies around. Some people find them an eye soar but that really is so superficial and trivial, if you consider the great contribution to society of these green clean energy sources. Damn right, these people should protest against oil and have a look at the yearly oil disaster.

  • Bradford Rand

    to me the sight of a wind farm in the distance is ONE the most beautiful sights in world; it means we as humans are actually making forward steps towards a cleaner, safer earth. There are no oil spills with wind or solar farms, there are no nuclear melt downs or leaks with wind, water or solar power… people have to embrace clean energy, not fight it… hasn’t god just warned us again with the recent needless deaths of coal miners and thousands of barrels of oil polluting our shores? god is green and he is telling us by these incidents that we should start treating our earth with a lot more care and respect…or else we will be living a far less happy life. one day in the future, maybe 50 years or more, hopefully earlier than that, we will look back at these times and question in shock why in the world are we dangerously sending men and women down mines to get energy or blowing up beautiful mountain tops to find coal… or preventing wind farms to grow………

    Bradford Rand
    Go Green Expo

    • David

      So you are saying that your God killed random coal miners to warn human to go green? What kind of sick twisted God punishes people like that? I thought God was supposed to care about people and be compassionate? Couldn’t he have found a better way to get the message across?

      Next thing you will tell us that God causes earthquakes because women are being too provocative.

      • Penny

        Bradford, you had a point until you brought God into it!!Maybe if you had said “Mother Nature”! Anyway, I can’t wait until our country becomes less dependent on fossil fuels. There is a wind farm in the works close to where I live in South Jersey.

      • georgina0912

        He probably mentioned God because it is important to Bradford but despite of that he did make a good point, no oil spills, no killing of animals drowned in those toxic waters (that the people at Procter & Gamble will wash down with animal tested Down!). A wind farm is a sight to see. We have those in Costa Rica and to know that they are not damaging the environment is a great reward.

        The wind farm may not make the area look beautiful, but humans can get used to all sorts of things and sure the people at the Cape will get used to the wind turbines as well. Down the road when they understand how beneficial they are Cape Coders will be grateful. Like with everything else, change is sometimes hard to swallow.

  • johnny

    just have to chime in that the wind farm will be 5 miles off the coast, computer projections estimate the mills will look about 1/2 inch tall if looking from the shore