by Michael dEstries
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Are owners of “The Hump”, the sushi restaurant caught in February serving endangered whale meat, getting away with only a slapped wrist?

That’s the word coming out of an AP report which says that Federal prosecutors have moved to dismiss charges; though no motive behind the decision was given. If they had been convicted, the owners were looking at fines of $200,000 and almost a year in Federal prison. The story, however, isn’t over. From the article,

U.S. attorney’s office spokesman Thom Mrozek said Wednesday that prosecutors want charges dismissed without prejudice, meaning they could be refiled in the future.

Which I guess is akin to saying “don’t do it again or else”?

Either way, the city of Santa Monica has made it clear that “The Hump” will not be re-occupying its former space — through it’s unclear whether the owners would ever try to relaunch with the same disgraced name. It’s rumored that Sea Shepherd supporter Ady Gil has expressed interest in the vacant spot for a vegan restaurant.

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  • kristin

    DISGUSTING. and here for a second i was stupid enough to think our government enforces the laws it makes.

    • dhs

      Well we know that Pete Bethune will now be spending the greater part of his remaining life in jail and now I know there will be a spectacular new “Hump” restaurant for me to go to….. paid for by the good people of Santa Monica.

      Can’t wait to order a plate of “endangered whale meat”. Does any know at this phony “publication” what that is? It is just another stupid lie that the environmental terrorist use to line their pocket and enjoy a lifetime of leisure.

      No “endangered whale meat”…no crime… charges…no trial. Just rousting a few ethnic citizens with not much chance to defend themselves for the great racist Marxist environmentalist cause.

      They will “lawyer up”

      So the very racist eco-terrorists with the fed and the locals take down a local ethnic business without a shred of a charge. In the end the people of Santa Monica have an additional lean on their houses and I get to eat in a totally new Hump Restaurant.

      A win-win for me from Leftist fools!

  • Kimitake Hiraoka

    That sleazy pimp Ady Gil is thinking of taking control of the site eh? Perhaps he’ll open a brothel that puts disadvantaged young women together with sleazy rich men like himself to exchange sex for money. You know, to complement the website he promotes that does the same thing.

    Then with the proceeds, he could buy the Sea Shepherd Criminal Syndicate another boat with which to commit acts of violence, thereby painting himself as a “eco-hero” instead of the degenerate creep he truly is.

    • BanTheFurTrade

      Will you just go away already? Do you really think anyone here pays attention to your b.s. posts?

    • Kimitake Hiraoka

      Way to make a guy feel welcome… gosh.

      • cho cho ma

        Kimatake go away

      • Michael Raymer

        If you walk like a tool and talk like a tool, then you are a tool. And your problem is you can’t even be an amusing tool. Which makes you tiresome.

      • Kimitake Hiraoka

        Goodness, tough crowd…

        Sigh, there’s just no pleasing some people.

      • georgina0912

        Yeah well, you are not THAT welcome and your incessant yapping just fuels anti-whaling passions.

  • Martha

    Kimikazi Hirokee needs to re-install the car mat in his TOYota – he’d make good sushee LOL (about his/her only value).

    • DIANA


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