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Discovery Communications rolling out the red carpet for “Sarah Palin’s Alaska” has triggered an unprecedented number of environmentalists and plain old nature show purists to say, “Hell nooooo!”

Opponents argue that what once served as the stomping grounds for legitimately intriguing eco-fare such as Storm Chasers, Man vs. Wild and Planet Earth (Edit: Palin’s show will be on TLC) would be bloodied with Ms. Palin’s aerial wolf gunning, natural resource raping persona.

There are a few more issues surrounding this high profile gig that have people up in arms, like the fact that it could help her to greenwash the heck out of her normally abysmal environmental track record and dupe viewers into thinking that she’s a swell gal after all (which would certainly bode well for the aspiring Republican presidential candidate).

More than anything, the Going Rogue author’s paycheck — estimated to be several hundred thousand per episode – has people feeling that there are far more deserving eco-representatives than one who questions the human-factor in global warming and enthusiastically supports oil drilling at the expense of precious wildlife habitat.

CREDO Action has already collected 215,000+ signatures from individuals who feel that Palin “has no place in (their) eco-conscious lineup of shows” — which amounts to more support than they’ve ever received before for one single petition — including “over half a million disgruntled Discovery watchers” and Defenders of Wildlife members.

Anyone who agrees that Sarah Palin is an inappropriate representative for Alaska’s wildlife is encouraged to add their signature to CREDO’s online petition which will be made available to Discovery Communications reps during their upcoming shareholder’s meeting.

They need an additional 25,000 names by Wednesday, May 5th, so please Facebook and Tweet this post to all your eco-lovin’ peeps!!

In the meantime, here’s a slightly tongue-in-cheek take on how Sarah Palin’s show could play out if she were left to her own devices…we shudder the thought!

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  • cho cho ma

    Palin is the dumbest person on the planet. She’s the kind of person who thinks its “fun” to kill animal, then take pictures with the dead bodies like “Wow this is so awesome, I just killed this 8 point deer, I’m the
    H-O-CKEY mom now” Sarah Palin you disgust me. (U and Obama can both shout “drill baby drill” on the Gulf Coast now!)

  • Whoever…

    palin… what a slut…
    She’s not even a milf!

    Why doesn’t someone just skin this bitch alive and then take pictures next to her corpse? That would be fun :)

    Why can’t someone just do us all a favor and end her useless life?
    What an ignorant zombie. Human scum!

    • herwin

      i dont get it, why is she a slut ? so because she is a woman the worst word you can come up with is “slut”. pretty pathetic.

      • Whoever…

        Hey asshole,

        You obviously didn’t understand when I last replied to a comment of yours – where you insulted me without me even having addressed you at all – mentioning that if you don’t get in my way I don’t get in yours.

        You clearly are not the smartest tool in the shed are you?

        Okay, let me make it clear for you since you’re pretty stupid to begin with:
        “why is she a slut ? so because she is a woman the worst word you can come up with is “slut””
        I don’t mean it literally! Duh…
        I wasn’t looking for the worst word I could come up with!
        And just because she’s a ‘woman’, I can’t insult her?
        If someone is in favor of shooting wolves from planes, hunting in general, drilling everywhere for oil and so on, I couldn’t care less if it’s a man or a woman – it’s human scum as far as I’m concerned!

        Get it now?

        Again, please do not address me again, I’ll do the same and we’ll be okay…

        What an ass!!

      • herwin

        i get the feeling you insult just everybody that doesnt agree with you, wether its people like Palin or other vegans like myself who simply object to people who abuse veganism as a way to insult people. Calling people names that doesnt matter, like “slut” and “asshole” doesnt do any good, not for yourself (i dont care about that) and especially it gives animal rights and other vegans a bad name.
        again, calling Palin a “slut” is just stupdi and not to the point, its just an insult typically used by asshole guys, who try to insult someone on ones gender. I am sorry but “slut” falls in the same category of gender insults as “faggot”, and i find it just obnoxious.
        i cannot adres you ? why not ? this is a public forum and i simply comment on your postings. Like it or leave it, i would say. That you cannot tolerate any diferent opinion except for your own pathetic narrow minded opinion is a pretty fascistic tendency you have there.
        think about it.

      • Whoever…

        Let’s get things straightened out once and for all because I have better things to do with my time, okay?

        “i get the feeling you insult just everybody that doesnt agree with you, wether its people like Palin or other vegans like myself”

        WRONG! That’s not true and you know it. Besides, you should look in the mirror first! Are you saying you have never insulted anyone on Ecorazzi? Are you sure you want to go there?

        “who simply object to people who abuse veganism as a way to insult people.”

        Don’t start with that politeness crap and diplomacy hypocrisy. I’m sick and tired of the false image people like yourself try to create of veg*ans – just because we’re veg*ans it doesn’t necessarily mean we have to be peace loving hippie pussies okay? If I feel like insulting someone who loves to shoot wolves from planes I will do it! I’m more concerned about the agony, panic and torture those animals endure than wasting time in being diplomatic when addressing the issue.

        “and especially it gives animal rights and other vegans a bad name.”

        This is my approach and it has worked out pretty well so far. How many people have you convinced to become veg*ans or at least to reduce their consumption of meat? I have convinced quite a few already. What have you done so far besides coming on-line pretending to be morally superior to other people and arrogantly giving +1 and -1 ‘points’ to the comments you believe are good or bad?
        At least I’m out there, volunteering at my local shelter, going to schools to talk about the issue of abuses perpetrated against animals, etc…
        Who are you to say what the best approach on the veganism issue is?

        “calling Palin a “slut” is just stupdi and not to the point”

        I’m not trying to make a point here. Everyone with half a brain and with a reasonable level of consciousness and evolution already know the point. I’m just expressing the way I feel about that SLUT!!

        “I am sorry but “slut” falls in the same category of gender insults as “faggot”, and i find it just obnoxious.”

        I don’t see the correlation. By the way I am all in favor of equal rights (including adopting children) for homosexual people! One of my favorite celebrities, for instance, is Ellen Degeneres… One of my favorite TV shows of all times was ‘The L Word’…

        “i cannot adres you ? why not ? this is a public forum and i simply comment on your postings. Like it or leave it, i would say.”

        I didn’t address you directly and we’ve already had an argument about this before.

        “That you cannot tolerate any diferent opinion except for your own pathetic narrow minded opinion is a pretty fascistic tendency you have there.”

        Again, where did you get that idea from? What happened was that you insulted me first because you didn’t agree with my comment! And I’m the fascist one?
        You’re the one who doesn’t tolerate that I think and comment in a different way from yours… hypocrite!

        Yet again, stay out of my way and I’ll stay out of yours!

  • Wendy

    Sarah Palin is truly one of the scariest women on the planet. She doesn’t seem to have much of a conscious at all. And she definitely is NOT for the survival of this planet! I pray that people wake up and see her for who she really is before she is given any more power. She will destroy life if left to her own ideas. Kill! Drill! Destroy! Cut down! Butcher! How many evil mantras can one person have???
    God save us from Sarah and people like her. They will be this country’s downfall.

    P.S. to herwin (about the slut comment) When someone like Sarah Palin brings up such anger and outrage in some people, we tend to throw comments that might not be exact. But I competely understand the use of that comment from the reader. They are angry!! Sarah is a butcher of beautiful animals and plant life. That is the future for our children. Are you willing to leave your children and grandchildren a dying planet? I’m not!!

    • herwin

      Wendy, its not your God that will save us from people like Palin, it must come from ourselves and from the voters, because Palin is there because many many people actually voted for her.
      Wendy, saying SLUT is not “throwing a comment”, how about FAGGOT or NIGGER ? Where is the line ? I simply object against certain insults because they are based on gender, race, etc.
      Wendy, do i also cause such an anger in her and you that its ok to also insult me and call me an ASSHOLE ?
      Wendy, i think Whoever simply enjoys insulting people and uses the old “i am good and you are bad so i can do and say anything” excuse. I think she gets a sexual kick out of it, if i am honest..
      me think not good.
      Wendy, the world is full of “butchers of beautiful life”, so should we all day say BITCH SLUT ASSHOLE to these countles people. :-P

  • Stephen Klein

    Please pull the plug on Sarah Palin.

  • Roger

    This is a forum, and as such, it has a tendency to display words and ideas you may find offensive. If you don’t like the conversations that others are having on this forum, then leave. You are not the forum police, and you have no authority to tell others how to use their words. If Whoever wants to call Sarah Palin a slut, then he has the right to do so, unless you’d like to argue with the first amendment. If you don’t like his word choice, you might want to A.) Click the X in the top right corner of your browser, or B.) visit a different forum with others who share your disgust with vulgar words.

    Now to the real topic, what is Discovery thinking?? First their obsession with little people and now with stupid people? If we continue giving the ignorant the spotlight, our country will quickly be flushed down the toilet. Palin should be ashamed of herself. God is most certainly frowning down on her. This would be like Hitler narrating a documentary of the Holocaust. Absolutely insane.

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  • melisa

    tell her to go home and be a mother and a wife, and pull the plug on that show, she is money hungry and not cool at all and shes a liar

  • Joe

    I may personally believe she isn’t capable of forming a cohesive statement. …or, similarly, she isn’t capable of comprehending cohesive statements. I may think Sarah Palin is one of the worst tings to happen to Amer– Earth. Regardless of my feelings, she seems to be very adept in a few areas.

    She is a capitalist and an opportunist, nothing more. We would do well to remove the label “politician” from her likeness; Just because she was picked out of a hat and thrust on to the world stage does not mean she is a “politician.” Continuing to refer to her as one only lends power to her cause.

    It shouldn’t be difficult to see what her ’cause’ pertains to; profit. Consider that she is not the author of her book but is the sole beneficiary of it’s publication. Lynn Vincent wrote it. Seems like a smart capitalist to me.

    Almost immediately after losing the election in 2008 she recognized the opportunity to secure her family’s fortune and prosperity. People, the world over, dream of the opportunity she was handed. She was smart enough to seize it. She turned her political popularity into media obsession almost instantly. Even today, 2 years later, news organizations everywhere continue to give her credence; not to mention free publicity.

    Publicity which she then rolls into further profit. High price tags on public speeches, a possible television show (which, for the record, i’m firmly against – no one with such an abhorrent record regarding the environment should be handed a weekly time slot about said environment), her book selling millions of copies… she’s turned a bit of luck into a fortune.

    While I completely and entirely disagree with virtually every idealogical belief she’s promoted – I can’t deny her success. Despite the fact that it is an insult to environmentalists everywhere that she, of all people, was offered a nature show – I can’t reduce her success to the lacking intelligence of others. Though I may find her moral and ethical standards to be deplorable, she is undoubtedly one of the best entrepreneurs of the decade.

    Having said all that – if I had only one request for Sarah – it wouldn’t be that she choke on something. It wouldn’t be that she read a book (aside from hers). I wouldn’t even ask her to take it easy on her eye and reduce her winks-per-minute.

    I would ask simply this: Please remove yourself from politics. I encourage you to transfer your popularity from the political realm to the entertainment realm. Host a talk show. Be the next Oprah. Just stay out of legislative affairs.

    …and if you get a show, how about not a nature show?

    Thanks ;-)

  • Glen

    UPDATED: The premiere of TLC’s Sarah Palin’s Alaska last night drew 5 million viewers to become the most watched series premiere ever on the cable network. The documentary series starring the former Alaska governor and vice-presidential candidate and executive produced by Mark Burnett also set a record for a TLC series debut in households with a 3.5 rating. Its 18-49 delivery was 1.6 million. GO SARAH GO — WE LOVE YOUR SHOW ALL 5 MILLION OF US

  • john

    What happened to our president being the “best and brightest”? If Sarah Palin becomes president, or vice president, that will be a sad day in American history. What happened to the great American president?