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Did you know Miss New York USA Davina Reeves is vegan???? Because Miss New York USA is definitely vegan!

Reeves went vegan after suffering from “health issues, skin flair ups and overall lethargy”, according to And while other Miss USA contestants have to follow strict diets in preparation of the big Miss USA competition, Davina enjoys the freedom of her plant-based lifestyle.

“I don’t have to really watch what I eat,” says Davia. “I have freedom.  Pretty much any mixture of what you put in is good for you.”

On Saturday, May 1, Davina will host Conscious Living: The Practice of Holistic Life in New York City – an event that shows how holistic concepts can be implemented in everyday practice for more inspired living.

Featuring an impressive range of cutting-edge organizations, brands and collectives from around New York City, this event will show people how to create a more holistic, sustainable future for New York City and beyond.

Sounds like a blast to us! To find out more about how you can attend this event, visit!

  • Chastity

    Taking on a plant-based diet does not automatically make one vegan. Being vegan is intentionally abstaining from products and practices involving all forms of nonhuman animal exploitation. Health and environmental reasons are secondary.

    Now before you start calling me the vegan police and “holier than thou” and other predictable cheap shots, you may want to take it up with Donald Watson–after all, he was the one who coined the term and formed The Vegan Society.

    • Linda

      Er what if she was indeed vegan? The article doesn’t say otherwise

    • Jenny Brown, Woodstock Farm Animal Sanctuary

      She stopped by our booth at the NYC Earth Day Fair at Grand Central and told one of our employees that she is proudly vegan but wasn’t allowed to talk about it or even mention that she is vegan at that event! Unbeliveable! Corporate interests at work for sure. I wonder if we looked at the sponsors if we would see Stoneyfield or something. Ugh. So frustrating. So corrupt. So awful.

  • Amber McDonald

    Miss DC USA is vegan too!

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  • Elena

    DW may have coined the term, but it is necessary to look at how these words have been popularized and how their meanings have changed over time.

  • Douglas Ribeiro

    Go Vegan! o//

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