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We all like protecting the rainforest, right? Well Rainforest Action Network doesn’t just like it…they’re totally obsessed with it.

Last Thursday, I got the chance to attend the organization’s 25th Anniversary New York Benefit at (Le) Poisson Rouge. Besides enjoying delicious drinks and live music, guests also participated in an action-packed live auction, with prizes like: two tickets to the world premiere of Sex and the City 2 in NYC, 3 nights in the Penthouse Suite at Hotel Plaza Athenee and limo transport to and from the premiere; a dinner date in Manhattan with Chris Noth; and a Nimble Wellness Package, including one month of classes, five personal training sessions and an exclusive buddy workout with Chris Noth and his personal trainer.

I caught up with Noth, who hosted the event, to find out more about why he supports this hard-working organization.

“Rainforest Action Network is an organization that does so much with so little and I want to give them more,” said Chris. “I feel that their particular brand of activism is profoundly needed right now. We all have to have the courage of our convictions about green energy and where big corporations and banks are putting their money. We have to move fast because there’s not much time left.”

Rainforest Action Network Acting Executive Director Becky Tarbotton also believes that now is the time for action.

“One of things that RAN really specializes in is giving people the ability to take action and raise their voices,” says Tarbotton. “People can take action at home by recycling, by driving a hybrid car, by making sure they’re using sustainable products; but most importantly we need to shift our economy. We have to encourage businesses to do well by doing good and RAN specializes in tackling corporations that are destroying forests and threatening indigenous people’s rights. We’re fearless in doing that and we love helping people get involved.”

Well, you heard the nice lady…it’s time to get involved, kids! To learn more about how you can lend a hand, visit Let’s safe some forests!