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Sarah Palin Alaska

Those who aren’t particularly fond of the proposed TLC nature show that Sarah Palin is being paid several hundred thousand dollars per episode to host have two options.

They don’t have to tune in at all…that would be a pretty simple fix. Or, if they’re especially hot and bothered, they can let Discovery Communications know by adding their name to CREDO’s online petition — which currently has well over 520,000 supporters.

Defenders of Wildlife, on the other hand, has chosen a more aggressive route with their new ginormous advertisements now strategically placed right outside of Discovery’s headquarters in Silver Spring, Md. (and visible from the building itself).

Emblazoned with photographic representations of some of Palin’s most memorable Alaskan animal casualties, their message is loud and clear – the former governor and hopeful presidential candidate is a very poor choice for expounding on the natural beauty of her home state.

Defenders of Wildlife President Rodger Schlickeisen feels that Palin’s “extreme anti-wildlife record” speaks volumes about her suitability for such a high-profile gig and is concerned that she might use it as a platform “to espouse her anti-conservation views or green wash her reputation.”

Furthermore, Schlickeisen is very disappointed that Discovery has apparently not considered the fact that she “opposed protections for polar bears and beluga whales, supported a bounty on wolves and continues to adamantly deny the causes of global warming.”

Proving that a picture is worth one thousand words, his organization has wisely allowed the photos and supporting ad copy in their large scale outdoor banners to speak volumes about Palin’s track record, hoping that the message will be received loud and clear when Discovery’s annual shareholders’ meeting takes place on May 5. Check out some additional pics of the ads below.

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  • Nancy

    Tried to sign the online petition but it is limited to the US only, I guess us Canadians will have to write our own letter. Perhaps this “Credo Action” wasn’t the best choice to get signatures if it is US only, limits the number of possible signatures. Maybe the show was going to air only in the US?

  • Mary Lou Welz

    Sarah and Todd Palin represent those native to Alaska who hunt and fish for food. They find Alaska’s great outdoors inspiring.
    Where do these aggressive anti-Palin wonders think food comes from?
    Let’s drop them in the middle of Alaska with a Vegetarian Recipe Book.
    Common Sense .
    Palin 2012