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“The ocean will take care of this on its own if it was left alone and left out there. It’s natural. It’s as natural as the ocean water is.”

- Radio host/crazy man Rush Limbaugh declaring that the BP oil spill, which is on its way to become the largest manmade environmental disaster in history, is “natural” and shouldn’t be cleaned up. Wait? What! Could Limbaugh possibly be serious on this one? Speaking of large manmade disasters…


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  • Ecocht Wills

    Yep. Thousands of barrels of oil released by human drilling from a mile above, miles offshore, is natural. Sure. Just like pain is natural. Pain inside the body is natural. Yet ol’ Rush decided to treat himself for years with Vicodin, which is not natural. Naturalness was not a condition he could accept. Strange. Yet now millions of ocean animals will experience pain and death from unnatural oil in their environment and Rush has no problem with that.

  • don miguelo

    Natural. Go drink some Lava Rush, that’s natural too. You’ll be fine!

    If that’s the kind of reasoning your listeners allow no wonder things are the way they are.

  • Cho cho ma

    It scares me that some people actually believe what Rush says is true. You know whats also natural, ecoli bacteria, lets put that in the drugged up morons next meal and then see what he says about natural things. Its natual for crude oil to be miles below the surface, not in the ocean. Sad how some people are so ignorant.

  • Aztec

    This website and story are really mean to you folks commenting. They take one sentence out of context, you believe it, become indignant, spew forth a load of bile and never realize you were just manipulated by these Eco-nuts. Mean-while, those of us who honestly listen to different points of view and have heard the actual comments by Rush, shake our heads in sympathy for you poor souls duped into hating a man you don’t know and have never listened to. It is both sad and funny.

    • don miguelo

      Keep your damned sympathy.

      Maybe you could spend it instead on cleaning oil off any surviving animals as they are the real victims, not Rush “out on a” LIMBaugh.

    • don miguelo

      Keep your damned sympathy. Spend it instead cleaning oil off of the real victims, (any animals that survive)– not Rush “out-on-a” LIMBaugh.

    • Pastor Philip

      I do listen to Rush and have for years but Im finally realizing that Rush hates environmentalists more than he loves truth and is willing to spew hateful nonsense … no matter what.

  • Mockery

    What scares me even more are Volcanoes. We have to figure out a way to blame humanity on the eco-disaster of an eruption that is far worse for our Mother Earth than this oil spill. I think the weight of our overpopulated cities are actually what create earthquakes also.

  • Dr. Cool

    So Aztec, please enlighten us. What was it Rush actually said? I’m waiting…

    I love how you Conservative nutjobs can spin ANYTHING. Please tell me how the above quote could possibly be taken out of context. Just…how??

    • Connor

      dr. cool, if youve ever actually listened to rush, youd know that he makes jokes all the time, makes himself seem ignorant and full of pride, but the reality is its a joke. if you say how can that possibly be taken out of context, let me enlighten you. “The BP oil spill is natural and shouldnt be cleaned up, let it just fix itself.” he could have clearly said that out of a sarcastic view, or even a criticizing way, and there is no way to tell if you havent actually heard him in the conversation. i myself have not heard this one, but i have heard some other of his remarks that have been twisted exactly this way in the past. please, before any of you criticize anything, learn both sides, its easier to tell the crap from the facts…

      • shane

        When is Rush leaving the country

      • JimH52

        So if Obama just throws up his hands and pulls all the feds out of the gulf, Rush will be okay with that? NO, he would then say Obama is not doing his job and slam him. Rush is a waste of Oxygen. You ultra-conservatives have made him a rich man. Please keep buying his ties and bumper stickers, and please keep listening to the lies he spews on his radio show. That clearly shows that you are as ignorant as he is.

        He has to say the outrageous, so that people will listen to him. So what the GOP has is the Tea Party yelling, Rush lying, and Palin quitting. NICE!

    • Pastor Philip

      I may have to agree that we conservatives do tend to stick to our conservative guns and try too hard to turn things our way at times, but that’s because the world is changing in so many directions that some stability is warranted. However, it also fair to say that we are over resistant of change at times, when we shouldn’t be. This is one of those time for sure. Rush is not helping the situation and is inflaming the conservatives to react the wrong way. I feel the conservative right needs to back up admit we have been shuttled into compliant thinking by huge oil lobbyist and get down to the business of helping the environmentalist of all types and solve our problems together. Now kiss and make up.

  • Repoman

    I invite you all to stop driving your cars, scooters, vans, and trucks. Oh, and stop using airplanes to visit granny for Thanksgiving. Better start up a vegetable garden, because if trucks stop running, guess what…no food in the grocery stores, but that won’t matter because big,bad Archer Daniels Midland won’t be growing any food because no diesel fuel for the tractors and combines. Turn off your lights and use candles, give up your iPod and flat screen TV too. Read a book for a chnage. You can do all this, or get a clue – this nation needs energy to sustain itself. As soon as fusion power is invented, wind energy become economical and solar energy become reliable – unfortunately we’ll have to rely on crude, black gold, Texas Tea…get it?

    • http://deleted don miguelo

      Someone’s trying to play “Gotcha!” with us enviro’s…wow now I don’t know what to do with myself…guess I’ll go to one of the Deepwater Horizon worker’s funeral and try to justify the 1st world’s unchangeable, oilriffic ways. Can’t win, don’t try– what an enthusiastic message to promote.

      You are assuming we can survive until we invent fusion with the status quo. I hope you’re right…

      • Repoman

        You’re breaking my heart, here with your teenaged sarcasm. You know what to do with yourself – sit in front of your computer and burn kilowatts!

        Instead of always being against something why don’t you try being FOR something? Lay off the negative vibes and get on the wagon with some renewable source of energy. Donate your time and money to support projects that work toward that goal. Change will happen when it is economically feasible-like it or not, that’s the real world. What everyone should fear is the takeover of the fossil fuel alternative by the same people who have control of the fossile fuels. Know what I mean? – Different game – same players.

        Meanwhile your criticism smells of hypocracy as you bad mouth fossil fuels while you quietly burn natural gas, gasoline, coal and electricity.

    • Pastor Philip

      We all seem to be in a situation that is something that has carried over from past momentum. We were not the ones that created this global oil dependancy; yet, for no fault of our own, we are all dependent on it. The ones at fault are those who have known of solutions but because of profit have kept them from being developed. This we should all agree should change. It’s high time the people come together from the differing view points and work toward a solution and not let the same old attachments to bipartisan agendas be the thing that stalemates the game.

  • Tom

    Terry Hazen, a microbial ecologist in Berkeley Lab’s Earth Sciences Division who has studied such notorious oil-spill sites as the Exxon Valdez spill into Alaska’s Prince William Sound.

    “It’s important to remember that oil is a biological product and can be degraded by microbes, both on and beneath the surface of the water,” Hazen said. “Some of the detergents that are typically used to clean up spill sites are more toxic than the oil itself, in which case it would be better to leave the site alone and allow microbes to do what they do best.”

  • Repoman

    And so, with a little logical thought and careful analysis, the knee-jerk, emotionally charged liberal argument crumbles before your very eyes. Good night Mrs. Calabash, wherever you are!

    • don miguelo

      Good article, looks like Hazen says we should use sorbents (sponges, fiber filters) at best. The cleaning chemicals have phosphates and upset the ecosystem, sure, I get it.

      Not sure why this needed to be conveyed from the
      holier-than-thou perspective by Repoman there, but…

      So by your reasoning, since it only takes like 5 years to recover from oil spills if we don’t “clean” them (30 years if we do)- it’s ok that’s spills happen because it’s natural– like Rush says?

      I’m just asking if that’s what your saying: that giant, manmade oil spills are totally fine because they are made up of natural materials that the Earth can handle by itself. And we may lose tons of animals, but they will recover, so that’s ok?

      Just for clarification.

      • Repoman

        Ahhhhhhh, I was waiting for the predictable ad hominen personal attack. Hallmark of liberal arguments when they run out of ammo.

        The earth is billions of years old. Do you really think this is the first and only time that crude oil has found its way into the oceans? During that billion years I wonder how many times it happened naturally? The earth does heal itself (naturally) and it can’t tell the difference between natural seepage of oil or man-made leaks. Only man can make that distinction.

        Anytime man pushes the envelop there are going to be accidents, whether it’s looking for oil a mile deep or launching the space shuttle and watching two of them self distruct due to bad o-rings and loose tile. It doesn’t stop mankind. Hopefully we learn – nobody want’s these things to happen.

        With species going extinct at the rate of 50 per day. Some day the earth will shake us off like a bad case of fleas.

  • don miguelo

    As for your other reply, Repoman, Seriously you are still in the Gotcha! game with most of that response. I’m not allowed to speak until I am a perfect person who doesn’t pollute or use any Oil-based products? What’s next: I’m not vegan enough because I swatted a bug? Believe me I’ve heard it all before, but you know what?– I don’t have to live up to a pedestal and jump thru hoops for you to allow me to say my opinion. Your point of view is not the only one in the world, and neither is mine. Neither one is 100% correct either, I may add, no matter how black and white one tries to frame it.

    I actually agree with you on that we should all work towards alternative energy solutions, and it won’t happen until it is economically better than oil. I also agree with we should keep the power from those in power now when we switch over, obviously greed is there only motive.

    Oh, and thanks, I wish I was a teenager again, those were the days…

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  • Mark

    Did you know if people didnt drill,oil naturally spills into the ocean from the ocean floor,roughly 50% of the oil if not used by us,by drilling will spill in the ocean naturally..

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