by Elizah Leigh
Categories: Animals, Eats, Video.

tofu hunter

All work and no play makes Ecorazzi readers feel kinda cranky, which is why our team of ace writers continue to keep everyone on the pulse of the green-themed video games that are unveiled week after week.

For example, Nitako Studio’s Eco Punk garners an enthusiastic following due to its green message, the fact that it’s just plain fun to play and it also happens to have a charitable edge.

Now that Tofu Hunter is on the scene however, charity is going to have to take a backseat for just a bit because sometimes there’s nothing more pure and blissful than blasting slabs of soy protein into unrecognizable smithereens. Yes, adrenaline is a beautiful thing, especially when it’s 100% plant-generated.

Whether you despise the very notion of hunting or are an avid sharp shooter, This Is Pop has managed to achieve a remarkable coup by crafting a game that will undoubtedly appeal to mainstreamers, strict vegans and everyone in between (for varying reasons, of course).

Sure, there’s an admittedly tongue-in-cheek edge to the premise – the last thing that a dyed-in-the-wool vegetarian might ever consider doing is hunting for antlered ‘tofu bucks’ and ‘tofu dogs’ but it is a game and as such, it is kind of fun…and then it grows on you….and before long, you find yourself sucked into a shooting vortex with no hope of ever getting out.

In spite of the goofyness of the theme, some deeply committed vegans might have to put aside their sensitivities in light of This is Pop’s disclaimer: “This game contains graphic depictions of violence against tofu. We use this violence not to shock, but to better illustrate the pain and suffering that innocent tofu goes through every day in the barbaric name of veganism.”

All in the name of good clean soy-based fun. Click here to play!


  • Melissa

    I’m against hunting, but this is too cute. Wholesome soy fun indeed!

  • Kylo

    Wow. This is pretty funny, but I wish it would spray soymilk and crumbly tofu bits instead of the “blood” they use now. Kinda graphic and the horns make it eerily similar to regular hunting games.