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Photo: Sea Shepherd Conservation Society

whale wars season three

Next month, Captain Paul Watson and the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society return for a dramatic third season of Whale Wars. Season three will follow Watson and his group of international staff and volunteers as they work to eradicate whaling during a three month trek across icy Antarctic waters.

When filming began, Marjorie Kaplan, president and general manager of Animal Planet, released the following statement, “The issues surrounding whaling in the southern ocean are important and complex. The majesty of these beautiful creatures and the lengths to which the Sea Shepherds will go in order to prevent whaling has made WHALE WARS intense and vital television.”

“We are excited to be on the Sea Shepherd boats again this season for what looks likely to be an even more dramatic campaign than in years past. And, as in prior seasons, we wish we could capture the experience on the Japanese boats as well but our request for access continues to be declined.”

Season three of Whale Wars will debut on Friday, June 4 at 9 p.m. ET/PT. Click here to check out our gallery of promo pics.

  • Sea Cucumber

    This season will be amazing! We will be able to watch the following:

    See the Sea Shepherds as they convert the Ady Fail into the world’s first anti-whaling submarine and then later into the world’s most expensive crab habitat!

    Watch as the Sea Shepherds beg for everything from vegan condoms to “vegannaise” while in port to satisfy their hunger wile saving only a handful of whales and letting many others die!

    Stare in wonder as Peter Bethune is given up by Paulie Watson as a casualty of war so that he could go back to the US and load up on cheeseburgers while his buddy gets sentenced to 15 years in a Japanese prison and gets to love whale sashimi and cabbage soup! Also note how quickly he is forgotten by the world that doesn’t give two bits about him anyways.

    Then, watch as the government of New Zealand admits that Peter Bethune really isn’t important enough to deal with and that they would rather keep the valuable trade relationship with Japan!

    Check out the Bob barker as it gets its flag stripped away and suffers engine difficulties because no one on board is smart enough to know how to maintain it. See it sit in dock to this day and rust away!

    View the dwindling Sea Shepherd support, as mainstream Hollywood members don’t want to be associated with clear racism against the Japanese!

    Watch the Canadian Sealers begin their hunt unfettered because the Sea Shepherds are too focused on Japan to care about the baby seals who are participating in batting practice. Likewise all the other whalers in the world are ignored for the same reason.

    Look for the “Bonus Featurette” that will detail how the SSCS board shuts down the SS forum because of their racist, Klan-like members!

    Yup – this is going to be a GREAT season!

    • cho cho ma

      You are infact wrong. Sea shepherd saved over 500 whales. And if the saved just one, in my opinion it would have been worth it. Nothing new on the case of Bethune has come at over the last few weeks, that is why you have not heard much recently. Sea Shepherd payed for a full legal defense team. Bethune has not been sentenced to 15 years, and 15 years is a worst case senario. The Bob Barker had its flag stripped because Japan issued a complaint, and the nation they stripped it from probably got payed in aid money, and they were afraid to lose it. The Bob Barker is not rusting, it is being repaired. Your accusations of racism are wrong. Sea Shepherd has a Japanese citizen that volunteers with them, and they had an asian campaign photographer for operation Musashi. Only two years ago Sea Shepherd actually had a seal defense campaign. Now I have proved wrong everything you have said. Sea Shepherd had its most sucessfull campaign ever, and next years will do even bigger damage to the sinister Japanese whaling fleet.

      • David

        Ah yes the old ‘I have a black friend so I can’t be racist’ argument.

    • Cbrooks

      I detest the ignorance of some of you people who write on these message boards. You clearly don’t like the SSCS, so why are you even bothering to read the article and writing such an ill informed and long winded response? First of all, it does help to actually know what you are talking about when you are trying to make a point. So in following my own advice, I will do you the favor of providing a well informed answer to all of your points.

      1. The SSCS was not to blame for that collision. If you watch the video(s) (which are conveniently available from 3 different angles) you can see the Ady Gil idling with crew on deck as it was hit.

      2. I am not sure exactly what “begging” you are referring to so I cannot really provide an answer for that. I will go on the assumption that you are cynically referring the donations of food and supplies that they ask for and are given when they are in port. As a non-profit group, that is the situation they are in as opposed to the multi-billion dollar whaling industry. Speaking of said industry, the non-profit SSCS was able to face off against them quite effectively for over 1 month. Due to interference from the SSCS, the Japanese Whalers were only able to make a little over 40% of their quota meaning that the SSCS saved almost 60% of the whales that were marked for slaughter by the industry (528 to be exact.) I would hardly call that a handful. Oh, and even if they had only saved a “handful” of whale, it would have been worth it and they are the only people doing something about it.

      3. The SSCS has an entire section of their site now devoted to the support of Peter Bethune. The SSCS has also hired the best legal defense team they can afford to defend him. He has yet to be sentenced, 15 years is what he could potentially receive. I would hardly say he has been forgotten as there has been an out pouring of support for him around the world, especially from New Zealand (despite the fact that the government has yet to do anything.)

      4. The Bob Barker had its flag stripped away by Togo. Togo is a nation that the Japanese bought into the IWC so they would give them support to legalize comercial whaling. As stated by the SSCS, the Bob Barker was registered to Togo to show the world, if the flag was taken, how the Japanese has bought some of these small island nations. The Bob Barker is currently undergoing repairs in Australia and it is my understanding that it will soon receive a new helicopter which was purchased for the SSCS by Bob Barker. As to your statement that it is currently sitting in dry dock and “rusting” the pictures I saw at a recent SSCS even of its repairs showing a freshly painted hull and gleaming prop would suggest otherwise.

      5. Support for the SSCS has grown dramatically over the past few years. Some of their supporters from Hollywood include Ady Gil (who donated 3 million dolars to purchase Earthrace) and the Red Hot Chili Peppers (who have donated over $250,000 dolars to the SSCS.)

      6. Ah the tired racism argument…….again. If you knew anything about the organizations history (as I said, know what you are talking about) you would realize that in their 33 years of operations that have opposed: Soviet whalers, icelandic whalers, norwegian whalers, poachers in the galapagos/worldwide, spanish whalers, pirate whalers, and Canadian sealers. The SSCS only started operations against Japan a few years ago when they began to abuse the rules of the Southern Ocean Whale Sanctuary. Moreover, the SSCS is an international organization that has had crew from every country they have ever opposed. They aren’t against any one country, just whomever is abusing our oceans and the creatures that inhabit them. Also, the SSCS continues to oppose the annual seal slaughter despite the fact that they have been not been able to actually have a campaign for the seals since the Farley Mowat was seized by the RCMP on April 12th 2008. As a non for profit organization, they are limited in what (I am sure) they want to accomplish.

      7. As I am not aware of this final matter about the message board, I can only give my own humble opinion. I am sure that this message board is independent of the SSCS and I see no problem in the SSCS shutting something down that is affiliated with them but not spreading the ideas that they believe in.

      In closing, do more research to provide before you pass judgement on something so you can provide a well thought out argument as my counter argument was. In your own words, “Yup – this is going to be a GREAT season!” Yes, yes it will. : )


      Only when the last tree has died and the last river been poisoned and the last fish been caught will we realize we cannot eat money.
      -Cree Prophecy

    • Imforthewhales

      Ah Sea Cucumber…first squirt off the rank i see!

      It will be especially good viewing this WW3 this season, knowing that the giant squirt is going ot be watching and supporting Sea Sheperds efforts to shut down illegal Japanese whaling in the southern ocean. Great work cucumber!

    • Bazza

      Watch as the AG positions its self in front of the Japanese ship and stays there waiting to be hit. Watch with eager anticipation as the music screams to a crashing crescendo as the AG is cut in two. Watch the feigned horror on the faces of the commando crew , watch as Bethune under orders hangs outside the Japanese ship door waiting to be arrested. Watch as Watson collides with a Japanese ship, watch as the ferals on the SI throw toy crocodiles ontothe deck of the Japanese ship, watch a scene or two of passing whales, watch a few water fights, watch the back end of the factory ship for days on end, watch the SI hide behind an ice berg, watch the chopper fly off to the French base where Watson dines on filet mingon, lemon tarts and French wines, watch him return pissed as usual. Watch the AG get cut loose although the Captain said it sank, watch the crew beg for vegan food every time they return to Australia when the BB was meant to be he fuel ship.Watch the tension of the crew who hate being on the ship from hell. Watch with excitement as they arrive back to Hobart to a cheering throng of five , watch as the sun sets on yet another summer southern ocean cruise by captain seashag and his smelly hippie crew, next time its not only for fading old has been movie ‘stars’ to go on the cruise but paying guests. $500,000 for a return trip to Mawson with the possibility of sighting an albatross. If Seashag likes the women he will offer them his five star suite ,with him thrown in for an extra fifty. Not one hunted whale was observed by the film crew , being a boring trip the AG was contrived by Seashag, being extra boring the citizens arrest was planned for weeks by Seashag.On their trips back to Perth and Hobart the captain filled his freezer with gourmet meat pies which he got stuck into all day locked away in his dirty quarters.
      So endeth aother wildy exciting Whale Wars season.I can barely contain my excitement also . How many whales were saved ? no one knows as no one saw any and no one counted them. Another total waste of time and donations.

      • Gavin MacQueen

        Interesting! I saw it different. I saw the AG sitting in the water waiting for the NM2 to pass well in front of them. Then at the last moment, the NM2 turns hard starboard with it’s L-rad blaring and it’s water cannons blasting. Seriously! …you have to be a complete moron to believe that the AG was trying to position itself to get hit by the japanese poachers.

  • TitaniumTotem

    Absolutely love picture #7. Any chance of getting that in a larger version that can be used for a wallpaper?

    • Connor

      So your basically supporting the irresponsiblity of the Japanese. They rammed the much smaller Ady Gil endangering the lives of its crew. Next you will say that the didnt mean to ram them. Under Maratime law however it is considered the responsiblity of the larger vessel to avoid collision at all cost. Especially when that vessel is moving forward at only a few miles per hour. You support the endangerment of human lives titaniumtotem and that is wrong. Sea Shepherd saved the lives of over 500 whales. Deal with it.

      • David

        You are wrong Connor. There is no maritime law that makes it the bigger boats responsibility. In fact it is closer to the opposite because smaller boats are usually more agile.

        It is the responsibilities of ALL boats to avoid collision, even if they have the right of way. So even though the Ady Gil had the right of way, so the Japanese violated the ColRegs, it was still their responsibility to avoid the collision, by not doing so under the same ColRegs they can be held partially responsible for collision. That is what the NZ investigation will determine, what % blame to place on each vessel.

      • Pete

        Connor; your knowledge of maritime law is underwhelming and laughable.

      • TitaniumTotem

        Kind of ironic…someone who supports actions that endanger the lives of innocent crewmen on Japanese ships complaining about endangerment of human lives?

        I guess that makes sense in some alternative universe kind of way.

        The Ady Gil did exactly what it was expect to do, just as the Farley Mowat did before; get sacrificed to generate sensational headlines. The only question is whether the Steve Irwin is currently on a similar such trip.

    • Kimitake Hiraoka

      Picture #2 is amazing. What’s Watson trying to pull off there? It’s like an overweight Blue Steel meets “I’m on the toilet and wish I ate more fibre”.

      Look forward to seeing Watson’s mugshot when he’s taken in on the international arrest warrant. I’ve got a spot on my mantle piece picked out for it.

      Speaking of Bethune, I’m starting to feel sorry for that schmuck. I think he really fell for Sea Shepherd’s lies – he’s looking at 15 years in the slammer while Watson’s shovelling hamburgers into his fat pie hole and basking in his beloved media attention.

      Does anyone know if Sea Shepherd is going to pay Bethune a salary while he’s behind bars? I know Watson and a bunch of the other thugs are paid quite handsomely by Sea Shepherd.

      I realise it’s not a group known for its decency, but surely they could look after Mrs Bethune and the kids while he’s paying for his crimes. Even the mafia looks after its own when there’s jail time involved.

      • Cho cho ma

        Warrants issued by the Japanese coast gaurd have no authority for the international police force. Sea Shepherd payed completely for bethunes legal defense.

      • David

        JCG warrants have full affect and will be accepted by Interpol.

        The only lawyer, who represented himself as the SSCS paid lawyer for Mr. Bethune, isn’t even a criminal defense lawyer. He is a business lawyer, the kind you would hire to pursue damages or an insurance claim. Now why would the SSCS hire someone like that for Mr. Bethune who is facing criminal charges?

  • Cho cho ma

    Why do you even hate Sea Shepherd so much?
    Here is Sea Shepherds list of infractions-

    1.Saving the lives of Whales
    2.Saving the lives of Dolphins
    3.Saving the lives of Seals
    4.Saving the lives of Fish
    5.Saving the Galapagos
    6.Saving the Sharks

    Ya they are some real crimminals. There like the Taliban or somthing. Come on you dont even have a decent reason to hate Sea Shepherd.

    • Bob

      He thinks a good idea for a publicity stunt is tossing bottles of acid at innocent people. Is that a good enough reason for you?

      • Cho cho ma

        Innocent? Ya they Just try to Murder 1000+ whales in a whale sanctuary. Oh ya and it sounds a lot worse when you call it acid. The acid they used is produced from rotton butter. Its pH value makes it less acidic than many foods we consume each day. (like fruits) Oh yes-publicity stunt, ya right. That “publicity stunt” saved the lives of 500+ whales this season alone. Point proven.

      • Cbrooks

        Dear god, this tired old argument again? The so called “acid” that the japanese complain about every single season is buteric acid…beter known as rancid butter. Buteric Acid has a Ph lower than that of orange juice aka, throwing bottles of orange juice (or beer for that matter) could do more damage. I would really love to see you defend the lethality of this “acid” that is less acidic than something you drink for breakfast.

      • Abe

        What the hell is rotton butter?

      • David

        You are right Cbrooks, this tired old rancid butter/pH fake argument.

        It isn’t rancid butter, rancid butter does have about 3-6% butyric acid but the SSCS throws butyric acid they buy from a chemical company, that starts at 98%, if and how much they may dilute it they won’t say, but in the court case where Paul was convicted of a felony it is stated to be a high concentration.

        No one said it was toxic because of it’s pH. That was a straw man built by the SSCS and their supporters. Hydrogen cyanide has the about same pH as butyric acid, is it safe? Would you agree to swallow some hydrogen cyanide? I mean it is less acidic than orange juice, so you seem to think that makes a chemical perfectly safe.

        Get a new argument because it really makes you look foolish to keep using the same argument when you have been schooled on it so many times.

      • From MN, with hope…

        Which means YOU David should shut up about the felony

        If the butyric acid were dangerous, than why dont the whalers prove it? Give us photos of the affected crew, they have bottles that didnt break, show us their lethality! The whalers cry about everything, and this is no different. You say ‘butyric acid’ but they hear ‘dangerous acid’ and then they get their cronies to whine about it the internet.

      • gizwinkus

        Expect the dangerousness and composition of bottle contents to be well documented at Bethune’s trial. Of course if you can’t wait you can google the Material Safety Data Sheet(MSDS) for Butyric Acid. You’ll find not only is it toxic and dangerous but the products of bio-degradation are even more toxic. It is specifically listed as harmful to marine life. The CEO of Sea Shepherd, Steve Roest, (ID verified by Animal planet) stated on the Whale Wars forum that SSCS buys Butyric Acid from an Industrial Chemical supply Company (he declined to say which one) and that SSCS did not dilute it. He claimed he would disclose the concentration of the Acid but never did before the forum was shut down.
        Can any SSCS supporter refute this in any meaningful way? I don’t see how. Could this very issue be one reason why the Whale Wars forum was deleted? Possibly.

      • Imforthewhales

        What a complete and utter load of crappola. Only ones who swallow rotten butter= dangerous is the corrupt Japanese whaling industry and the judges they are paying off at trial.

        BTW if you put a fish into a bowl full of shampoo its going to be dangerous. Or vinegar.

      • gizwinkus

        Like I said, irrefutable in any meaningful way.
        Who’s claiming rotten butter is dangerous? The Butyric Acid Steve Roest stated came from an industrial supplier and used by SSCS,UNDILUTED,is NOT rotten butter. There are lots of different MSDS available online. Some are more detailed than others, But EVERY one says it is a Harmful, Corrosive, Flammable acid that requires protective gear when handled.

    • Imforthewhales

      They don’t really hate Sea Sheperd, they just make out that they do…they are just starved of attention.

    • Bazza

      The intelligent and the informed who are not manipulated brainwashed drones hate Watson because he is a liar a con man a criminal a thief a thug a maniac in every sense of the word. Get off whales for a moment and open your eyes to the sick old crim who runs the show. Its not about saving whales and seals its about Watson wo lines his pockets with donations. He is a creep and an evil bastard. I would trust any despot you care to mention over this manipulator. Watson is an habitial and pathological liar. Take off your rose coloured brainwashed glasses zand see that the issues are not animals but Watson. Watson the hero the legend the movie star the fine upsatnding man we should be proud of – NOT. He is not a celebrity he is an unstable lunatic who lives his life on FB. . and you wonder why decent people hate him.

  • Sea Cucumber

    Cho Cho ma,

    Check your facts bud…. YOU are in fact, a naïve fool….

    Sea Shepherd blocks a handful of whales only. There is no empirical proof that shows that any Sea Shepherd ship actually blocked the harpooning of any whales at all. As a matter of fact, there is a history of having them shot right in front of them and transferred successfully to the factory ship. Whatever whales they may not have shot in the SO, were shot elsewhere – but the SSCS doesn’t care about those because they weren’t from Japan. The whalers may not have made their quota, but it can’t all be attributed to the interference.

    Peter Bethune was written off by the NZ government, and any support for him is a waste of resources. Even the NZ government says that he is best left to the Japanese judicial system. You don’t have to believe me – see it for yourself….

    Believe this – he’s going to get the maximum sentence that they can give him – you won’t see him for years unless it’s in Whale Wars reruns!

    The Bob Barker sits in Hobart because no country will flag a vessel that obvious racists use. Chris, who is actually on the Bob Barker, said it himself on the SS forum, so I have a little more accurate information regarding the engine difficulties which are more severe than you can imagine. It costs money to fix it, and good ol’ Bob probably isn’t going to hand the beggars any more for mishandling the funds in the first place. So, who should I believe – someone who is actually ion the ship, or some nitwit like you?

    Racism? Hmmmm… Ok, let’s look at some of the golden comments from SS members shall we?

    “I remember the rape of nankin,remember changi,remember the machinegunning of the australian nurses, remember the batann deathmarch, remember the burma railway, remember hellfire pass, remember the comfort women, remember sandarkin, I know my history, its a pity the Japanese don,t remember, I have no love, respect, for this despicable race.”

    “I hate a race that cannibalised and used Australian troops for bayonet practice, and until the truth about what the Imperial army did during world war 2 is taught openly to the japanese people and the whole sordid truth comes to light, I will continue to hate the bastards. For the sake of the innocents who suffered under the heel of the japanese THIS MUST NOT BE FOrGOTTON OR FORGIVEN anymore that what the NAZIS did to the Jews.”

    Yep – those are quotes from the SS forum. Oh man – you’re right, Cho Cho Ma – no racism there, right? Yeah, that’s really going to get the Japanese folks to come down in droves to sign up to ship out with the Sea Shepherds, don’t you think?

    You were right about one thing – and that is that the fact that that the Sea Shepherds did have a Japanese crew member. However, she was just there to film a music video and was just there for the ride, idiot. They had to break off from the chase to drop her to the top of an iceberg so she could film her video. She wasn’t there for anything but her own publicity. She used them and the Sea Shepherds tolerated it because they were being paid to do it. Otherwise, the Sea Shepherds have no Japanese crew members.

    Butyric acid? The Sea Shepherds buy the chemicals, they don’t make “rotten butter” themselves. Try splashing some into your eyes and drinking some and see just how “non-toxic” it is, idiot. Post that up on YouTube and then I’ll believe you.

    Those ARE the facts, Cho Cho Ma – try researching before you tow the party line and just parrot what is chirped into your ignorant ears.

    • Abe

      Why the hell are you bringing facts and logic into this? Don’t you know this is strictly an emotional issue. You will never reach these people with your well reasoned arguments.

      • Cho cho ma

        No I actually think that your argument has no resoning.

    • Cho cho ma

      The translator volunteered. The photographer for operation Musashi was payed. They hated him so much they baked him a birthday cake on the steve irwin that he took a picture with. Why dont you get things straight. Additionally I will say that some are allways going to be racist, but that is a small minority and it is unfare to say that about all sea shepherd members and supporters. Also I doubt any of the Japanese crew will be drinking anything thrown on their decks. Thats like drinking out of a pepper spray canister.

    • Imforthewhales

      ***Sea Shepherd blocks a handful of whales only. There is no empirical proof that shows that any Sea Shepherd ship actually blocked the harpooning of any whales at all***.

      If this is the case then the Japanese have nothing to worry about really. Why are they complaining?

  • Cho cho ma

    The best you could get me on was a work I spelled wrog abe? Come on u can do better than that.

  • Sea Cucumber

    Cho Cho Ma,

    Thanks for absolutely proving my point. You think that facts and logic have no reasoning. When faced with the facts, the Sea Shepherds will turn away and say exactly what you just did. Be just like Kapn Crunch Paulie Watson and just make up the facts to suit your needs. Just in case you were too dumb to remember, your buddy Paulie actually did say that in “Earthforce”. Stooge. Feel good about though, you’re in good company. Your clones Donovan and Lenzabi trowel out garbage like machines too and shrivel like testicles in a cold pool when faced with the facts.

  • Sea Cucumber

    Cho Cho Ma,

    First you said that there was no racism, now you say that there is some – will you please make up your mind? Just admit that it is a driving force with the Sea Shepherds and we can move on.

    Regarding Butyric acid – you’re one of the idiots that say it’s harmless except for the smell. So, prove it by splashing some in your own face and then we’ll believe you.

    You won’t because you know it’s a fact that it will cause damage in its industrial form.

    Pay attention to the conversation, dummy.

    • Cho cho ma

      Originally I was talking about the organization as a whole. Then I moved on to the individuals you quoted in the later comments.

  • Cho cho ma

    No, I would have to disagree with you. You are very ignorant, you think you know everything when u do not. Your imature, obviously based on how crude your last comment was. Oh well, you will continue to support the killing. I will continue to oppose it.

  • Cho cho ma

    Sea Shepherd goes against the Japanese specifically (currently) because they are the most easy to oppose. They whale in a whale sanctuary under the lies of “research”

    • David

      Yeah that is the way law enforcement groups work. I can just see the police not going into neighborhoods where there are drug dealers, murders and prostitute because that is to hard to oppose. They decide to just fight crime in the areas where they may be a few speeders and the occasion jaywalker because that is easier.

      Yes sir, that sounds like the way I want law enforcement to work.

      Of course since the SSCS has no authority to enforce any laws I guess taking the easy way out makes sense.

  • Sea Cucumber

    Cho Cho Ma,

    “Sea Shepherd goes against the Japanese specifically (currently) because they are the most easy to oppose”.

    Oh, Ok – since they make an easy target, we should just forget about everyone else doing stuff, including the Australians and New Zealanders who also fish for Southern Bluefin Tuna, right? We don’t care about those because it’s the Maltese and Italians that are selling their catch to Japan. That’s what Operation Blue-Ball Rage is all about.

    You rock dude – the more you argue, the more you prove our points!

    So far you have:

    Admitted that racism is part of the Sea Shepherds…

    ..and that the Sea Shepherds ARE focused only on Japan right now.

    By the way, picture #2 looks like it should be in the People of Walmart site! LOL!


    Nice try, but I have actually spoken with someone working on the Bob Barker and the fact remains that a shiny new prop and some maritime epoxy paint won’t cover the fact that the engines don’t run worth crud and that without a flag, the Bob Barker is nothing but a hulk sitting in Hobart – just a storage place for the crap that the SSCS losers were basically begging for. The longer it sits there, the more money gets soaked away. It costs money to dock there, or did that escape you?

    You’ve seen some pictures – I’ve actually spoken with someone from the ship. In chess that would be checkmate. You’re a doof like your buddy Cho Cho Ma.

  • Sea Cucumber


    By the way – I’ll challenge you with the same thing I posed to Cho Cho ma – you say that Butyric acid is basically harmless, right? Well, go get some and splash it in your eyes and drink some and post it up on YouTube so we can see how “non-toxic” and harmless it is.

    But you won’t, because you know, like we know, that it is indeed harmful in its industrial form, like the SSCS uses.

    You’re a coward – come on, make up some excuse to not do it and prove it. Say something predictable like – “man, it’s harmless and I ain’t gotta prove shit”.

    Again – faced with the facts, you crumble.

    • Cho cho ma

      The Japanese use pepper spray. If you drink pepper spray then it is going to make you sick. If you put pepper spray in your eyes it is going to hurt. It will not damage your eyes though, just hurt them for a half an hour or so. I doubt the Japanese are taking off their face shields and spraying pepper spray in their eyes and then drink it. When you make a comparison make sure it makes sense.

    • Cho cho ma

      Coward? This coming from the idiot who types junk all day long on a comments section of a website.

    • Imforthewhales

      ***By the way – I’ll challenge you with the same thing I posed to Cho Cho ma – you say that Butyric acid is basically harmless, right? Well, go get some and splash it in your eyes and drink some and post it up on YouTube so we can see how “non-toxic” and harmless it is***.

      How about you do the same thing Sea Cucumber…go get a bottle of white vinegar, splash some in your eyes and drink the rest.

      Lets see how harmless vinegar is.

      yet it appears in every kitchen cupboard. In fact we even add it to recipes. Yet you wouldn’t swallow a bottle of it now would you squirt?

      Your argument holds no water whatsoever.

      I don’t remember Japanese whale poachers eating rotten butter unless they were sick of whale sashimi. I did however see them eat some nice hot chile powder. Thought that was pretty funny myself.

  • Whoever…


    These whaling defenders (=evil defenders) must be very well paid by the whaling industry to constantly come on Ecorazzi (and probably other sites) to spread hatred and annoy everyone.
    They are like viruses… they’re everywhere and no matter what, they don’t go away.

    Actually some of them say they’re not paid bloggers (which I highly doubt it)… If that’s true, then it would mean they are the most pathetic losers I’ve ever seen. Don’t they have jobs or something? Don’t they do anything else in their lives? They’re always here! They’re like a disease that doesn’t go away. What a bunch of parasites! Go get a job or get laid or something. Maybe that frustration of yours will go away.

    And what really surprises me (and I’ve mentioned this before) is that everyone else pays attention to them and tries to reason with them! They couldn’t care less about facts, logic, valid arguments, emotional thinking and so on. They are human zombies! They do not feel anything. Don’t you get it?
    They’re just playing you and you’re letting them do it.

    Please, just ignore them and maybe they’ll go away… hopefully :)

    • Hufingraz

      yeah, it is always the same 5 losers, making the exact same comments. They can’t even find something sensible to argue about. They really need to get lives, or maybe they can all move in together, and start a fan club for the Japanese whalers.

  • Cho cho ma

    Good point. These are just a bunch of people with no paying jobs, so they sit here and write a bunch of junk all day long. They care nothing of life, only the profits of the “research” whaling fleet. When I said they only go after the Japanese it was said in a way which referred to the current situation, and only to the issue of whaling. It makes more sense to go the the Med. for the tuna campaign because you dont wand to fight with the nations involved with the whaling in the Southern ocean. Use your brain, instead of calling anyone you disagree with a racist.

  • Sea Cucumber

    Cho Cho Ma,

    Are you daft, or are you just really that stupid? I’ll cut you a little slack because English is definitely not your strong suit, so, in deference to you and Cbrook, I’ll keep it simple.

    First, no one said anything about Pepper Spray, so I don’t know why you keep bringing it up. I know it’s hard for an idiot like you, but try to follow along at least. We’re talking about BUTYRIC ACID! First off, Cbrook – learn how to spell it right. No one is ever going to take you seriously until you learn some of the skills that most 6th graders already have. You quoted the Ph levels of Butyric acid – well, many things have neutral Ph but are harmful. Do you even know what the difference is between and Acid and a Base and what Ph actually stands for? You numbskulls say it’s harmless simply because its Ph level is moderate. I say that if you think its so harmless – go and order the same stuff that the Sea Shepherds use and splash it in your face, eyes and then drink some to prove it. You won’t do it because you think it’s harmful too. The SSCS doesn’t throw “rancid or rotten butter”, they have stated that Butyric acid does occur in those substances, which is correct, but in its industrial form, it’s harmful to you. Check with any chemistry teacher, and quit cut/pasting from the SSCS site. Try thinking for yourselves for a change.

    Secondly, you blowholes always assume that everyone who opposes you must be “pro-whaling”. Wrong. Many people here actually oppose whaling, but they oppose the tactics of the SSCS even more. No one has the right to take the law into their own hands simply because they don’t like what someone else is doing. But, you guys think what you like.

    Thirdly, do we get paid by the ICR? Maybe. You and Cbrook like to insult us for coming in here and posting stuff, but, you guys are doing the same exact thing. No one made you come in here posting, and if I am getting paid to do what I do by the ICR, well, that makes YOU the loser because you post garbage for absolutely nothing.

    Fourth – I never called you a racist. I called the SSCS a racist organization. You are not a member of the SSCS board or actually a member of their crews. You’re just some nitwit who posts up in random places to make himself feel better. First you said that there was no racism, then when confronted with the facts, you backtracked like a good little worm, and admitted that yes, there is some evident.


    You have no right to say anything about the same people coming in to say the same things – the EXACT same thing can be said of you as well. Dumbass. No one makes you guys post up in here – if you don’t like what you read – why don’t YOU guys go away? Why not? Because you can’t, that’s why. You just feel so compelled to come in and tow the party line.

    WE need to get lives? We’re not the ones from the SS forum that were cast aside like the rest of you idiots by the real SSCS, who finally realized what we had been saying all along was the truth – all the fools from that forum (like you) were just posers, waving their little pirate flags in their hands and drooling every time you looked at Paulie Fatson’s picture, and then you were ALL cut loose and thrown away like yesterday’s trash. Now what is your new organization, the Retardian Alliance, or something like that? What are you dimwits going to do now, buy a rowboat and start ramming fishing vessels in the harbors? If you do, make sure you don’t make the same mistake as that idiot Bethune and accelerate in front of a vessel that was many times larger. Yeah, we need to get lives.. like YOUR lives? We’re not the posers who were dismissed as idiots by the very organization that we supported – you were.

    Come on Cho Cho Ma, post up some more so you can prove me right in that that you just can’t resist it.

    • Hufingraz

      Actually Sea Cucumber, I like Ecorazzi’s website. I was here long before all the trolls showed up. I don’t come here to try and start shit, I come here to read the articles and find out what is going on in the eco-friendly world. But when I see idiots posting nonsense, such as “Paul Watson is a convicted felon”, and that is the only thing that they talk about for 6 weeks straight in every article that is about Sea Shepherd, then I feel obligated to put my 2 cents in. You are all TROLLS that have nothing better to do, and you are not here to have an intelligent argument, you are just trying to get someone to pay attention to you. Maybe your mom didn’t let you suck on her titty long enough when you were a kid. I am not real sure what it is, but there is definitely some issues there. I can bet a million dollars that 98% of the haters that are on here, are LOSERS, in every sense of the word. Guys who don’t have a girlfriend or wife, they don’t have a life, they work at a shitty job(if any job at all), loners who are angry at the world and like to bitch about anything that can get them a little attention and maybe someone will actually talk to them, even if it is in a negative way.

      • Imforthewhales

        Funny thing is they actually think they are witty and clever.

  • Cho cho ma

    First off I’m a student, not an unemployed moron like you. Second I take AP courses at school so please stop dissing me over how I spell things. Third I made the comparison of pepper spray to show you that eating it, or pouring it into your eyes is not how it is supposed to be used. It was simly a commparison. You care nothing for the whales, only for the whalers, who have not been harmed by Sea Shepherd. They have lost several crew members at sea with on board fires ect. but they dont care because there make money off those who died on the fires aboard their whaling vessels. They value money more than human lives. They endanger the lives of their crew, having multiple fires aboard their vessels. The ICR is a killing machine, for humans and the whales.

  • Sea Cucumber


    No one gives a crap about how long you have been lurking on this site. You and your buddy Cho Cho love to tell people that they post because they have no lives, losers, (the titty comment was funny, I’ll give you props for that one!), but you have just stated that you just can’t resist coming in here and posting away. If I am a troll and a loser, then so are you by your very own definition.

    For the record, I never said Paul Watson was a convicted felon, post up where I said it. If you’re going to accuse me of spouting anything, make sure I actually said it first. This pretty much tells me you can’t keep a decent train of thought either.

    Cho Cho Ma,

    AP courses at WHAT school? Whichever it is, you should get your money back because your ability to communicate is right about at the 4th grade level. Try a spellchecking and grammar checking program, it may help you. You used the comparison of pepper spray because you were basically too dumb to follow the conversation. Maybe you better leave this between Hufingraz and myself – at least he can follow the train of thought.

    To both of you,

    Since you also never responded to the question regarding knowing the difference between an Acid and a Base, then I assume that you don’t know unless you go to Wikipedia. I still haven’t seen a response back from either of you two idiots about Butyric acid (yes, Hufingraz, that’s how to spell it). You both contend that it occurs naturally in rotten butter, etc, and has neutral Ph and is harmless. SSCS gets theirs in the industrial form, and I still challenge you to go get some, drink it, and pour some in your eyes and THEN tell us how harmless it is. All you do is cut/paste the same tired info right from the SSCS site. Post your results up on YouTube and then I’ll believe you and admit I was wrong.

    I do have a more serious question, and I’d like a serious answer – As Paul Watson has started very clearly that he advocates the fabrication of data to further his causes, why would you possibly trust anything that this person actually tells you? Why do you follow someone who basically said that this is OK to do? It’s a well-known quote that he himself has re-iterated and confirmed many times over from Earthforce.

    Here’s the quote:

    “The nature of the mass media today is such that the truth is irrelevant. What is true and what is right to the general public is what is defined as true and right by the mass media. Ronald Reagan understood that the facts are not relevant. The media reported what he said as fact. Follow-up investigation was “old news.” A headline comment on Monday’s newspaper far outweighs the revelation of inaccuracy revealed in a small box inside the paper on Tuesday or Wednesday. If you do not know an answer, a fact, or a statistic, then simply follow the example of an American President and do as Ronald Reagan did—make it up on the spot and deliver the information confidently and without hesitation.”

    Before you say anything dumb like it was taken out of context – he has said this again and again in subsequent interviews. So, please answer that if you can. Why do you put so much faith and stock into someone that will manipulate data and facts to fit his own cause, which would include outright fabrication? Do you agree with him that it’s OK to lie about things as long as it fits your purpose?

    Hufingraz, you say you like to come in and correct what you consider to be untruths. OK, I can respect that. But the person you most vehemently defend has advocated lying to achieve his goals. Now, do you correct him when he does that, or do you continue to tow the party line?

    I’d actually like a serious answer. If you can’t, then I guess more titty comments will have to suffice.

    • Hufingraz

      Sea Cucumber,
      I know you never mentioned the “convicted felon” comment, I was just showing an example of what the trolls like to talk about. I also have NEVER mentioned a thing about butyric acid EVER, so maybe it is you that has problems keeping a train of thought. But I will take you up on the rotten butter challenge. I got a tub of butter sitting out in the Sun right now. Once it starts to “rot”, I am going to splash some in my eyes and I will record it and post it on Youtube. Now I know you are already going to have a problem with this because it isn’t industrial, but where is your proof that SS uses industrial butyric acid?
      Now to answer your “serious” question, I understand that Paul fabricates stories sometimes to get media attention. So has every President of the United States, yet don’t you trust them to run the country. George Bush Jr. claimed that the US had to invade Iraq because they had weapons of mass destruction, but 7 years later, the US is still in Iraq, and ZERO weapons of mass destruction have been found. All of the US citizens knew that George Bush lied about the weapons of mass destruction, but they still voted him back in. The world is full of people that have told lies to further their cause. I am sure you have even done it before. Does that mean that you don’t trust yourself? I am not saying that lying is right, I am just saying that everyone does it sometime in their lives to further themselves or their cause.
      What I do know is that Sea Shepherd is making a difference, unlike George Bush. You at least have to admit that Sea Shepherd is becoming a giant thorn in the sides of the Japanese whalers. Greenpeace has been trying to stop the whalers since the late Eighties and they have never made a bit of difference. The reason I know Sea Shepherd is making a difference is because the whalers are spending millions trying to stop SS. The whalers never spent a dime trying to stop Greenpeace because Greenpeace is an unsuccessful organization that takes in billions in donations and does little for the environment. In 20 years, Japan has never tried to arrest the leader of Greenpeace, but since “Whale Wars” started, the whalers have got a major hard-on for Paul, because he is obviously hurting their business.
      I honestly don’t like arguing with people Sea Cucumber. Sure, I could just ignore the comments on here and go on with my day, but I believe what Paul is doing is a good thing. Our oceans are in bad shape. I live in a coastal town in Canada, and I have seen major changes in the last 2 decades or so. Our rivers used to be full of Atlantic Salmon and they were so plentiful, you could literally throw a rock in the river and catch a fish. Now you would be lucky to catch a single fish, even if you sit there all day with a hook and a worm. Same goes for our cod industry. The Newfies fished cod so heavily, the entire cod industry collapsed. Then after all the cod were gone, the Newfies tried to blame the seals and then they started killing them to try and make money because their cod industry was gone. It is a cycle that will never end, until everything is dead, including us. The Japanese are doing the same, but they are killing EVERYTHING in the ocean. Whales, dolphins, sharks, tuna & even SEA CUCUMBERS! People always say that it is no different then us eating cows or chicken. But we can breed as many cows or chickens as we want. So far, the Japanese have not been very successful at breeding whales or tuna, yet they continue to rape our oceans at an unbelievable rate.

      • Imforthewhales

        Hows the butter thing going hufingraz? I tried the same thing..actually the butter made my skin nice and soft. Perhaps there is a market in stinky butter?

        Shame about Canada…they really screwed things up there.

  • Cho cho ma

    You insult me once again, but it really does not make a whole lot of sense. Remember your the one posting “shrivel like testicles in a cold pool” Who sounds like the fourth grader here. Since you asked me a serious question I will give you a serious answer. I support Paul Watson and Sea Shepherd. I will also admit Paul Watson does not tell the truth 100% of the time. At the same time however neither do you. It still remains that the vast majority of what he says is true, like it or not. Once again who wrote “shrivel like testicles in a cold pool” and tell me who the fourth grader is. Further more you should research what an AP class is. It is a college level course taken in high school to earn college credits. Additionally you said “the titty comment was funny, I’ll give you props for that one!), ” That also shows your how dumb you are. (yes, yes I know who that comment came from 1st, but you thought it was funny) Remember the ICR has provided a more risky enviroment than Sea Shepherd could ever give them. Sea Shepherd has had no deadly fires, or people who have fallen off their decks to an death that should have never happened. You lose sight of what this issue is really about-the whales. Governments have achieved nothing and they never will.

  • Sea Cucumber

    OK, Cho Cho Ma,

    Let’s use your own words, shall we? The titty comment was made by Hufingraz – now call him dumb for saying it. Go ahead. If you don’t, you’re a hypocrite. I want you to call him the same thing you called me for saying it. You won’t because you’re a hypocrite.

    Yes, I know what an AP class is, but I also know that someone that communicates like you do has never seen the inside of an AP classroom except when passing by it on your way to remedial writing and English class.

    Seriously though, you admit that you know that Paul Watson doesn’t tell the truth all the time. How do you know what the truth is? How do you know where the line is? The answer is – you don’t. So, you admit that you follow someone who has openly admitted that he manufactures data, and that you know it, but you follow him anyway.

    My suggestion to you is to support Greenpeace instead – at least you know where they are coming from. That way, you can still follow your cause and know that you’re not a puppet being led by someone who uses lies to lure in followers like you.

    It doesn’t matter what I do because I am not the one who is asking for followers to do what I say – he is.

    By the way, I still keep asking you the questions about Butyric acid – and your lack of response is typical for someone who, like a parrot, just knows how to cut/paste from something that he doesn’t understand. For you, I’ll keep it simple, again. Butyric acid does occur in the things you say it does, but it’s a far cry from the industrial grade used by the SSCS. It’s concentrated and dangerous at that level. If you’ve never worked with it – don’t bother to comment because you don’t know what you’re talking about.

    So you also think that governments will never achieve anything? Does that mean you support anarchy? If you don’t support any kind of government body, you then must support anarchy, which is the end result of no government, right?

    • Imforthewhales

      ***My suggestion to you is to support Greenpeace instead – at least you know where they are coming from. That way, you can still follow your cause and know that you’re not a puppet being led by someone who uses lies to lure in followers like you.**

      Great suggestion Sea Cucumber! I’m sure we will all do that..knowing that Greenpeace doesn’t send any ships down into the Southern Ocean anymore.

      Great suggestion…not.

      • SSCSsupporter

        Plus greenpee (oops) ate whale meat to “respect japan’s culture” and they NEVER saved ANY whales (holding up signs while whalers laugh and spray you with water hoses isn’t saving whales), they still lie about saving whales today.

  • Cho cho ma

    I would like to point out spelling is only a portion of english class. I do take AP classes, even if you refuse to believe me. You have false ideas in thinking that I get all my information from Sea Shepherd and Paul Watson. I have read a large amount of information regarding issues of whaling and animal rights. You lose sight of what we are really talking about.

    • georgina0912

      Ok, let’s just ignore these whale-killer-defenders alright.

      And all that name calling is uncalled for, totally unnecessary, immature, and it has nothing to do with the promo pics posting initiated by Fortney. The bickering is getting nowhere. Bottom line is we are always going to disagree on killing whales for profit, and any shred of respect is gone when someone calls it something it isn’t.

      These people who keep coming back to defend the actions of the Japanese always have the same arguments, none of them has posted anything new or groundbreaking that will make us go their murderous ways, nothing.

      • From MN, with hope…

        Well, that’s why I haven’t been here as frequently as before, in the days of hideyoshi and ddpalmer(BTW I was gone when he left, anybody mind throwing up a link to his last ramble?). It started to become a hate war with ‘Paul Fatson’ ‘Pete Befune’ and ‘Sea turds’ being some of the more popular names. Thank goodness it calmed, but its still not the same. Saying Sea Shepherd is racist is now the current trend, along with the OMG ACID!!! fight. But it never works, they just congregate, then someone comes in to stop the biased comments, and it unfurls into what this is, where there is a large number of anti-whalers who are always here, and a constantly changing crowd of pro-whalers. But unfortunately the racist comments such as Japs pops up, and WWII references to the bombs are made, SeaShepherd=terrorists comments are made, all dependent on ones anger. I try as I can to keep away from making these comments because it becomes the hate war it always does! Bottom line: when the media says ‘whaling debate’ than this is it here. These comments made by anti-whalers, and pro-whalers (whether they may be paid to be here from Inwood’s office, or not. NO ACCUSATIONS BEING MADE, JUST A KNOWN FACT) is the whaling debate. I would love to see this go away, but it isn’t anytime soon. Names will be manipulated to make them offensive (BTW, if Paul wasn’t a large man than what would you pro-whalers make fun of?) and we anti-whalers will be here to combat them. Yet still, it all comes down to one simple argument, and that’s the hunting killing of whales. You’re all here because of whether of not you are for the killing of whales. I don’t know, I guess I’m just tired of all the hate. Just know you pro-whalers, that not all anti-whalers are racist! and yet you generalize all of us as if we all are racists. And the ‘SSCS’ forum wasn’t shut down for good, it now has a new name and will be back up and running they hope this weekend. Its a whole new site! I assume because Sea Shepherd caught wind of people assuming that it was the true opinions of Sea Shepherd, and that hate that was being vented on there was not representing Sea Shepherd. You’ll get an explanation on it as soon as the forum re-opens.

    • Imforthewhales

      Cho Cho…the pro whalers/ pro sealers/seal fisherie.commers/ Paul Watson haters always like to point out any errors in spelling. Make one and you are instantly an A grade moron according to them. It just wastes your time defending whales if they can side track you onto a different argument. It makes them feel all warm and cosy inside because they like to think they are superior to you, which is their whole aim in life.

      Another thing they love to do is to start calling you names from the get go. They think that this too gives them a superior position ( not realizing what it does to their online persona)

      Sea Cucumber and his bum chums are masters at the old name calling and degenerative posts.

      • Abe

        Is that the pot calling the kettle black?

  • Cho cho ma

    Anarchy? Come on, I just bash on governments when it comes to enviromentatl issues. I do hate the two party system however, it never seems to get anything done.You say I have not answered your questions when infact, I did answer your question about butyric acid actually. I made a comparison, you did not like that my comparison made sense. What do you do next, say I side stepped the question. You side step the question about why do you hate Sea Shepherd so much, and what reason to you honestly have to hate them. I do think that comment was dumb by Hufingaz, but I was not talking to him. You also did not comment about your “shrivel like testicles in a cold pool” comment. You talk like a real smart person making comments like that. In reality Sea Cucumber it is you who does not understand the subject. No wild animal deserves to be slaughtered for profit. Need I remind you they sail ships with RESEARCH written in english, as big as they can fit. This “research” program would make them millions if they meet their quota. What does the ICR even hope to achieve with its “research” anyway? It can not make up its mind can it. One week they say its important research, next week they claim its tradition, then they claim its to pave the way for future commercial whaling operations. The ICR and government needs to grow up, and start listening to the world.

    • David

      No your butyric acid comparison didn’t make sense.

      Hydrogen cyanide has about the same pH as butyric acid, much less acidic than orange juice. So by your comparison hydrogen cyanide is harmless. Or mecury, technically mercury doesn’t even have a pH so it must be really safe.

      • Imforthewhales

        Vinegar is more acidic. we eat it in cakes yet will also use it to mop the floor. Coke will disolve your teeth and take stains off your bathroom tiles. yet you will still drink the stuff.

        Fact is..rotten butter stinks. Thats why the Japanese cop bucket fulls of the stuff.

        I hear that whale meat tastes a bit like rotten butter these days too.

      • David

        Great comeback. Get shown that pH isn’t the issue and go right back to comparing pH. You must win lots of arguments that way.

        Since most whale comes from Norway and Iceland these days, the last time I had some it tasted just fine.

      • Cho cho ma

        Yes but it is not a poison like mercury so the comparison you just make does not make sense. The whalers claim that it is a corrosive acid, not that it is a deadly poison like mercury. My comparison was made to point out if you use somthing not as intended, then things will not go well for you. I doubt the whalers are drinking butyric acid and splashing it in their eyes.

    • David

      So the SSCS is using butyric acid as it is intended?

      • Cho cho ma

        Yes. But how you are trying to say it makes no sense. Things like rotten butter form butyric acid which technically speeking does not serve a true purpose. Sea Shepherd is not using it to blind people and cause acid burns on people. (Which it can not do!) Your just mad because you like killing animals, and when some person stops you from doing that you get mad.

      • David

        Well the US DOT, US EPA, EU and the companies that manufacture Butyric Acid all say it can cause burns. So you know more than they do, mighty impressive.

      • From MN, with hope…

        How does the Department of Transportation and European Union know this? The DOT works on the roads and such, and the EU is an economical and political agreement for Europe, how would they know about butyric acid? US EPA doesn’t make much sense either, but they are involved with environmental protection, so it makes a little bit of sense that they would know about butyric acid.

      • David

        The US DOT sets requirements for shipping hazardous materials on those roads and the EU sets regulations for hazardous materials. I didn’t realize it was so difficult to realize that governments usually have regulations to protect their citizens from hazards.

        The fact that it doesn’t make sense to you doesn’t surprise me.

      • From MN, with hope…

        Well than sorry for not understanding, and asking you! Also sorry for being human, and not being perfect. Get off your high-horse! You aren’t superior to me or anybody just because you think you know more than others do!

  • Joe

    This is truly an admirable work of the SSCS. We should be all thankful that they are doing something against the problem about whaling. If we are to help the world, we should just start by taking small steps in eradicating some of the tiny problems of this planet.

    Many think that SSCS is just fooling around, but hey, they are serious about their work and at least taking their steps into preserving natural life.

    Do not judge the people who are trying to save whales in order to move them out of endangerment. Let us move out there and try to help nature. Let us not waste time trying to prove a useless point. Let us take our own small steps in helping this planet.

  • Cho cho ma

    Butyric acid is a weak acid with a pKa of 4.82

    • David

      Yes it is, and prussic acid is even weaker at 9.21, and they bother are dangerous chemicals.

  • Cho cho ma

    The pepper spray used by the whalers against Sea Shepherd can cause mutagenic effects, carcinogenic effects, sensitization, cardiovascular and pulmonary toxicity, neurotoxicity, as well as possible human fatalities. It also has the potential to cause skin burns.

    • David


      And where is proof that the Japanese whalers have pepper spray? The SSCS admits they use Butyric acid but I don’t remember every reading of the whalers admitting they have pepper spray. And even if they do there are many brands and mixtures generically called pepper spray. Which one do you think the whalers may have?

      • Imforthewhales

        those whalers shot some in their own faces…lol

        Perhaps you had better ask them as they have direct experience with the stuff. Looked pretty nasty as they ran away as soon as it blew back in their faces in shock and awe… and went a hollerin for Dr Mengles. Although they may not admit to it it…they play their cards close to their chests those whale poachers.

  • Cho cho ma

    What else would they be shooting at Sea Shepherd in this video?
    February 11, 2010 Japanese Whalers Shoot Themselves in the Face with Pepper Spray

    • David

      Oh I can think of many things without even trying. Plus it doesn’t look like they shot it at anybody. But even if it was pepper spray that still doesn’t tell me what kind and without knowing what kind you can’t very well expect me to believe your word about the possible effects. Heck you have been show multiple MSDS sheets for butyric acid and you still try and claim it isn’t dangerous. Now you want me to believe that an unknown substance has the effects you listed?

      • Cho cho ma

        What else are they shooting? Water?

      • Imforthewhales

        Ha ha they shot it at themselves…cant wait to see it again.

      • Imforthewhales

        David, do you think chile powder is dangerous?

    • David

      I never gave the danger potential of chile powder a thought. Why is the SSCS planning on starting to throw chile powder?

  • Cho cho ma

    The only other alternative things that I think they would spray would be mace or tear gas. Both of almost exactly the same effects as pepper spray.

    • David

      Well then you have a pretty poor imagination. But at least you admit that you don’t know what it is.

      So you can’t very well know what its effects are.

      When you can show what it is and provide an MSDS for it then I will believe it, until then you are just blowing smoke and trying to divert the discussion from the proven fact that butyric acid is dangerous.

      • Imforthewhales

        Funny how the Japanese were dressed up as spacemen then when they shot themselves in the face went crying to mummy. Must have been some pretty nasty stuff to get through all that protection. Note to david…they were wearing what appears to be backpacks would you agree?

      • David

        Yeah spacemen that is a good one. They were wearing foul weather gear and helmets with face shields. The video page linked to shows crewmen manning a LRAD dressed in the same type outfits. Heck there are pictures of SSCS crewpeople in foul weather gear and helmets with face shields.

  • Cho cho ma

    Seriously? What else would they shoot? Your just in denial that they are shooting pepper spray (or variation of pepper spray like mace or tear gas)You people also continue to compare Sea Shepherd to terrorist!!! What is wrong with you people!!! Do u like killing things or somthing!?

    • David

      Nice attempt at diversion again. You don’t have any idea what the whalers were discharging, so you have no idea if it even is dangerous, and they obviously weren’t discharging it at anybody. If they were using whatever it was against the RHIBs why is there only the same clip over and over?

      • Imforthewhales

        Nice try David at your own little brand of diversion,
        can u explain what the whale poachers were doing all dressed up in chemical suits for? Why were they wearing eye masks and shields? Are you suggesting they were frightened of vitamin d poisoning?

    • David

      The topic was butyric acid so talking about a video of whalers discharging an unknown substance is diversion. I was attempting to bring it back to were it started.

      And they are wearing coveralls which seem to be worn by most of the whalers, and face shields in case of water cannons and/or throw objects by the SSCS. All seems pretty normal whaler attire to me from the videos I have seen over the last three years.

      • Imforthewhales

        Ha ha i knew you would try to come up with something.

        Epic fail there.

    • David

      Yes Imforthewhales you did have an epic fail there, but it is not like it is your first.

      The other videos at the same link show Japanese Crewmen in the same coveralls and helmets operating the LRAD. Does the LRAD put out some kind of chemical that would require “chemical suits” and face shields? I also see a lot of the Steve Irwin deck crew wearing coveralls/exposure suits and helmets, some with face shields. Have you uncovered the SSCS using pepper spray?

      Why don’t you go back and pore over all the videos since season one and see what other intuitive leaps you can make. I think if you look real close at some of them you can see Elvis.

  • Sea Cucumber

    Cho Cho Ma,

    I asked you before if you knew the difference between an Acid and a Base, but you never responded, telling me that you have no clue what the difference is, or the fact that even something mildly to one side of neutral Ph can be dangerous.

    Go to your parents, tell that that your education was a complete waste of their money, and then smack your dad for not wearing a condom. I’m pretty sure that the best part of what should have gone into you ended up running down the crack of your momma’s ass and wound up as a brown stain on the mattress.


    This stupid little troll is obviously one of Paul Watson’s little drones – you can tell because he sidesteps every question thrown at him and pretends that he knows the chemical makeup of Butyric acid and its effects on the human body. In reality, he doesn’t know shit. He cuts and pastes from the SS site and I guess in his mindless state, that makes him an expert because Fatson says so.


    Hey, nice forum…. Oh yeah, that’s right, the real SSCS shut you idiots down because of your blatant stupidity! This was completely and utterly validated as Paulie Fatson is practically begging you idiots to keep your racist comments toned down. Donovan is pretty wound up about it, as are a lot of you idiots. Getting your forum shut down, and then being told to shut the hell up by the man you all thought was a god must make you pretty proud, eh? SMACKED like little kids at K-Mart! Funny as hell though, you have to admit?

    How’s that Ocean Retardian Alliance going? Getting many donations? Gonna buy a rowboat and ram it into a cruise ship? Lol!

    Oh, by the way, you have to love the FACT that the Australian government is cooperating fully with the charges and warrant filed against Paul Fats, eh? I knew you guys would love that too!

  • Imforthewhales

    sad th4ey shut the forum down cucumber but unfortunatly there were too many sea cucumber trolls in the ranks. All wanting a piece of the action.

    So it was necessary for a good old fashioned spriong clean and free up some server space.

    But no matter, while its being cleaned up we can still have a nice little chat here and elsewhere. Happy days non?

    BTW is it really true that you had more than five user names on the old SS forum? Why did you need so many user names? Did you think you were achieving anything over there? What do you think your biggest achievement was, all things considered?

    I love chatting to you cucumber. You are always good for a laugh. I do hope that you will join up with the new forum when it opens. Will you tell us what your user name will be ? Will it be Sea Cucumber? Or Dave? Isdacucumber?

    Hows the sealing season going? I heard its pretty much stuffed. I guess thats why you are being useful on here , non? You are like high quality room service at a 5 star hotel. The kind that is always on call.

    I have about 5 rowboats all ready and waiting cucumber. I’m looking for crew to head down to the Southern ocean. Hell, I figured captain Bligh managed to go from Tahiti to Batavia. Wanna join up? of course you will have to donate first but that should be much of a problem for ya should it? After all seal skins are worth about 2 dollars a pop now…you should be rolling in it.

  • Imforthewhales

    SYDNEY — Australian authorities Saturday said they had been unable to determine who was to blame for the sinking of a superboat during clashes between Japanese whalers and militant activists off Antarctica.

    The Australian Maritime Safety Authority said Japan’s refusal to cooperate with its investigation had made it impossible to draw any firm conclusions about who was responsible for the collision which destroyed the New Zealand-flagged trimaran Ady Gil.

    • David

      Well since Australia had no basis for performing an investigation I am not surprised.

      How did China’s investigation go? They do have as much business investigating the collision as Australia does. I mean Australia claims it wasn’t in their waters, even their unrecognized Antarctic EEZ, none of the crewmembers involved were Australian, none of the boats were flagged in Australia and none of the boats involved had a last port of call in Australia.

  • Imforthewhales

    Cucumber what do you think about Japans illegal activities concerning the international trade in whale meat? Do you think the people involved should be hunted down like those retards who try to smuggle drugs?

    Scientists say they have found clear proof that meat from whales captured under Japan’s whaling programme is being sold in US and Korean eateries.

    The researchers say they used genetic fingerprinting to identify meat taken from a Los Angeles restaurant as coming from a sei whale sold in Japan.

    They say the discovery proves that an illegal trade in protected species still exists.

    Whale meat was also allegedly found at an unnamed Seoul sushi restaurant.

    Commercial whaling has been frozen by an international moratorium since 1986.

    • Pokopensuke

      ICRW article 10(e) requires scientific researches to lift the moratorium.
      ICRW article 8 permits the scientific whaling and requires the whalers not to waste the whale product.
      Japan made the reservation to the whales and it is not illegal for Japan to trade the whale meat at all.

  • Sea Cucumber

    “Cucumber what do you think about Japans illegal activities concerning the international trade in whale meat? Do you think the people involved should be hunted down like those retards who try to smuggle drugs?”

    Sure, why not? But, in all seriousness, the demand is there, and unless the demand is diminished, the trade will never stop. Busting a couple of restaurants serving whale meat is like busting a couple of street peddlers selling pot and then claiming it is a huge victory in the war on drugs. We can talk all day about how it sucks, but the fact is that in the order of issues with any illegal imports, it’s a notch above the bottom. That’s not just me being nasty, it’s the truth. You feel that it’s earth-shattering because it’s number one in *your* mind, but most of the country really doesn’t care one way or another. There are bigger problems than some sushi joints serving whale meat. And don’t kid yourself, there are many that do, even ones in my area that I know serve it to private clientele. Busting one restaurant serving it had the same effect as taking a cup of water out of the ocean and claiming that you dramatically affected sea levels.

    Right now, the American public couldn’t care less about whale meat – the country is tearing itself up over health care and other things that really *do* affect their daily lives. Many large companies are considering dropping health care offerings altogether because it’s cheaper to pay the government penalty than to pay the cost of the health plan.

    We have an active war in Afghanistan and are embroiled in Iraq, and now have Iran to contend with yet again.

    Border agents try to stem the tide of illegal aliens and drugs coming in from Mexico that fund the cartels that are killing countless people every day along the border.

    THAT’S what Americans are focused on.

    I could go on for days, and you know it. Out of all that, I still think trade in any illegal species sucks, but again, it’s very close to the bottom in terms of priority. There is a HUGE thriving trade in the importation of endangered species, live and otherwise, but it gains little attention. Everyone knows it’s going on, but their focus is elsewhere.

    Is this part of the problem? Yeah, it is. Apathy is the cause killer. In a perfect world, we can shift focus to that kind of stuff, but we don’t live in a perfect world, do we?

    By the way, I never said I had five names on the SS forum, and no one else did either, so where did that come from? I had one, and I told you in our last exchange here exactly what it was – I even posted to you under that name, but you couldn’t focus. Go back and re-read it and see what it was. I’m not going to do your work for you.

    What do I think my biggest achievement was? Well, you saw it yourself – you guys got shut down, and the only thing that had to with cleaning up was that the SSCS finally saw you for what you really are, a bunch of idiotic hate-mongers and decided in the interest of PR to cut you loose. You, Donovan, and AnimuX should take a bow – you also helped to lead the charge in getting shut down. That’s why Paul Watson had to post on Facebook asking you guys to chill out – make no mistake, he was referring to you guys. That must have been pretty embarrassing – getting bitch-slapped by the very guy you thought of as a god. It must have stung some considering that the Sea Shepherds are never going to acknowledge your new group, or Peter Brown’s new group as legitimate.

    If you act out of civility and follow the law, then I will support your cause, and that’s the truth. But, if you take the same course as the Sea Shepherds and interpret the law as you see fit and act illegally, then you’re destined for failure… yet again.

  • Imforthewhales

    Wow! You’re really going for it aren’t you cucumber! You love a bit of bitch slapping yourself it seems…a regular little Screaming squirt! Did you happen to forget your medication?

    You are good at ducking and weaving cucumber , i don’t know why you find it so hard to disclose what your name was on the SS forum.

    Got something to hide perhaps? Thats what people are thinking. Or are you going to tell us your dark, dirty little secret?

    Will you be returning to the fold when the forum re-opens after its spring clean? Or do you think the new improved forum will be troll free?

    As to whale meat being served in your area. Don’t you think it would be a good thing to let the authorities know about this serving of whale meat to private clientele? Or do you think this kind of thing doesn’t matter.

    Because not to disclose it actually makes you a party to an illegal action. Which makes you an accessory. Which essentially makes you a criminal.

  • Sea Cucumber


    “Because not to disclose it actually makes you a party to an illegal action. Which makes you an accessory. Which essentially makes you a criminal.”

    I think not – knowing that something is going on does not make you an accessory – try checking the law. Knowing that someone sells drugs on a street corner does not make you an accessory. Christ – plenty or people right here enjoy it, and guess what – most are Americans, not Japanese. Eating imported whale meat? Are you kidding me? There are bigger problems than that going on around us right now. Are you blind?

    Try taking some of those funds you threw away on the SSCS and try helping a family that has no health insurance pay for the dental work that their kids need.

    Try putting it towards a collection for someone who needs to have some large, essential medical procedure and can’t afford it

    Try putting it towards a food bank that is helping families in need. Do that, why don’t you – I do.

    Try volunteering at a soup kitchen – I have.

    What have you done for your fellow man lately? Nothing, that’s what. SSCS? Yeah, right – Fatson makes over 90K a year and I’ll wager that NONE of it goes back to the organization. That’s where your money went, if you donated at all, which I doubt.

    I told you more than once what my name was on the forum – why couldn’t you read? I even posted to you under that name – why couldn’t you read? When you asked me, I told you, but you COULDN’T READ!

    As a senior member of that forum that was in good standing, I’ve been in contact with the members who are forming the new one, and guess what – you’re not welcome there! Per our discussions, you are one of the reasons that it was shut down by the SSCS. Don’t take all the credit though, you had some help – there were plenty of idiots right alongside you. Must make you proud, eh?

  • Imforthewhales

    Ah cucumber, thats the type of thing i enjoy so much from you.

    I love to see you duck and weave. You are the grand-master of ducking and weaving i think. I must have asked you the same question at least ten times and yet you seem unwilling to answer me. I simply asked a very simple question. What was your user name on the old SS forum?. I didn’t think it would be such a hard question for you to answer but you seem to be taking the troll route with the answer. You must realize the effect that all this ducking and weaving must be having on any credibility you have left on this particular forum? I can see it slip sliding away at a great rate of knots. Anyone who can see that you are failing to answer must think to themselves that you have something to hide…that you have a good reason to not disclose your user name openly and in good faith. Is it because you don’t want the management of any new forum to know who you were and thus effectively have you banned from the new forum? Not only that but all your bum chums might be banned as well. Its a distinct possibility that this is indeed the case, oh little squirty one.

    I can understand the enjoyment you get from playing James Bond on the forums. Considering how much time you waste replying to all and sundry, it is a hobby that brings you immense satisfaction.

    I just think its a shame that you don’t apply yourself more and try to help the very same people that you are claiming to have helped.

    If you are ” in the know” about restaurants selling whale meat in your area, then it would be very easy for you to post which restaurants are serving whale meat on here. You can sit back and let the authorities take care of the rest. It would take up little of your time.

    The fact of the matter is , however, that you have no idea if whale meat is being served or not, let alone the percentages of people paying for and eating the proceeds of an illegal industry. It is simply another ‘ fact” that you have pulled from somewhere near your nether regions and “exposed” to daylight. In short, this is a figment of your imagination.

    If I am wrong, then prove me wrong.

    Sadly, I can only see an epic fail coming from your nether regions.

    But, i do hope I’m wrong on this matter cucumber, I really do.

    I really hope that this is not true cucumber because under common law of the united States of America, if you are concealing a crime, as you most surely are, being aware of the illegalities of the whale meat trade and knowing that the serving of whale meat is in fact illegal, and “knowing” which particular restaurants are taking an active part in this illegal business, against US law, then you could well be considered an accessory.

    Please note, this is different to being an accessory after the fact ( one should not confuse the two terms)

    How does it feel knowing that you are aiding someone to commit a crime?

    You mentioned that you might see drug sellers on the street corners where you live. If you know someone is selling drugs on a street corner, it is in fact your duty of care to report the crime of the illegal trade in narcotics. To do so would be more benefit than helping out in a soup
    kitchen. You would be helping to save the thousands of people who end up in jail due to being convicted of importation, plus you would be saving lives by not allowing them to make deadly choices.

    The question is, despite all your claims of saving the world, do you really care all that much? if you are stirring tomato soup in a kitchen and serving it to the poor of the city, what difference will it make , at the end of the day, if those same people that you just served tomato soup to with a nice warm crusty roll on the side, if those same people, on the way home, meet your friendly neighborhood drug dealer and end up dying on the streets because of an overdose?

    I’m sure you agree with me that this would be a very bad thing and make your efforts in said soup kitchen pretty much worthless.

    I like reading about others helping people out, whether thats through food banks or soup kichens. I just wonder where you find the time cucumber? You are making no difference on here other than to show what the pro whalers are made of. Naturally I applaud what you are doing.
    But wouldn’t it make more sense, if you are concerned about people, to take time off, go make a little more money and help others out using those proceeds? But for some reason you seem to feel that supporting the pro whalers is more deserving of your time and attention.

    Is there a reason for this cucumber? How do you think it is going to help the world to have less whales? Why do you consider it so important for highly decorated whale sushi and sashimi to appear on the plates of high priced Japanese restaurants? How is that going to help your poor people in the soup kitchen?

    Saving whales is helping my fellow man cucumber. Currently right now we are in the grip of what people call the 6th extinction period. By helping to save the natural environment, people who do put themselves in harms way to stop the rape of the worlds oceans by greedy , money hungry business machines, are in fact helping to save future generations of people by passing on an inhabitable planet. There could be no more noble cause.

    As far as Watsons 90k, goes…90k is not a lot of money. If yo live in a house ( renting or buying) , have food on the table, TV internet and drive a car, then you are not left with a whole lot. As far as I am aware, and please feel free to prove me wrong, but Paul Watson makes money of his own by giving talks, writing books etc. He does not make money from donations. He gets a big fat zero.

    Personally i think he deserves a wage…which he doesn’t get right now. If you are a baker who does nothing to help people you can earn upwards of 3 million a year and many more in most cases. What do you think a guy is worth who puts his life on the line to save the planet?

    *I told you more than once what my name was on the forum – why couldn’t you read? I even posted to you under that name – why couldn’t you read? When you asked me, I told you, but you COULDN’T READ!*

    OK then i cant read…what was your name again? come on help me out here are so good at helping out others with your soup kitchens and your food banks and your sponsorship of ten starving kids in sub Saharan Africa, won’t you take pity on a poor blind person?

    ***As a senior member of that forum that was in good standing, I’ve been in contact with the members who are forming the new one, and guess what – you’re not welcome there! Per our discussions, you are one of the reasons that it was shut down by the SSCS. Don’t take all the credit though, you had some help – there were plenty of idiots right alongside you. Must make you proud, eh?***

    Cucumber, I’m as welcome back there as anybody. The only people you know within the forum are your own bum chums. I can assure you that everyone is welcome to the new improved version, but my contacts tell me that people such as yourselves that contribute nothing but are sikmply lurkers with vested interests will be weeded out.

    Will you be one of those little weeds cucumber?

    What will you have to say when I turn up at the new forum?

    When I do, ( and I’m looking forward to the grand opening…i already have my invitation at the ready and my bells on) its going to make you look even sillier than you do now, non?

  • David

    “As far as I am aware, and please feel free to prove me wrong, but Paul Watson makes money of his own by giving talks, writing books etc. He does not make money from donations. He gets a big fat zero.”

    Charity Navigator, that 3 year old 4 star rating that SSCS is so proud of has all the info about Watson’s salary. In 2007 it was $91,500 or 3.07% of the SSCS budget, that is money from donations. I wonder how high his salary is now?

    • From MN, with hope…

      How else is he or his family supposed to get money? He has no real job, so he uses that money so his family can eat, make their house payments, pay for utilities, and everything else that are the necessities of life. If he really wanted to, he could take MUCH more.

      • David

        First off Imforthehwales said (as I quoted in my response) “As far as I am aware, and please feel free to prove me wrong, but Paul Watson makes money of his own by giving talks, writing books etc. He does not make money from donations. He gets a big fat zero.” So I was doing what he asked, proving him wrong.

        And just what family are you talking about? His daughter is an adult, he isn’t married and he spends most of the year either on board the Steve Irwin or traveling around to speaking engagements, many of which he is paid for.

        Most of the rest of the crew have bills they have to pay but they are volunteers and don’t get paid. Heck they have to pay SSCS a $100 application fee and they have to pay for their travel to and from the ship.

        “If he really wanted to, he could take MUCH more.” So what is your point? That he only takes 3% so that is OK. How much would be too much?

      • From MN, with hope…

        Watson has had 3 wives, each of which he has been divorced from (don’t ramble about why you think they divorced him). Divorces divide the estate, unless they got a preen up, than they got a good chunk of his money. And who says he can’t lend his daughter some money sometimes? He also has to pay for his many flights, and obviously, daily expenses. And if he doesn’t get his money from his book sales, than who gets them? And the volunteers CHOOSE to spend the money to submit their volunteer form.

      • David

        So you admit he has minimal expenses. He no longer has a wife and he can but doesn’t have to give his daughter money. He is paid to give his talks and the venue pays for his flights, room and food.

        And he CHOOSE to do this full time. He is prepared to give his life for the whales but he wants to get paid for it.

      • From MN, with hope…

        Minimal? Are house payments, car payments, flights, food, etc etc… minimal? He still needs to live, and like I said, he has no real job. You try not having a job and paying for all those things. He is saving the whales, but he has to keep himself alive and well to do it! Paul could take much more, if not all. He is the head of Sea Shepherd, and can do what he wishes with Sea Shepherd. I am saying that it is okay since he has no day job. At least he’s not taking anything in the 6-7 figure area. Do you have any more recent numbers? Maybe things have changed since 2007.

    • gizwinkus

      The very latest 990 filed with the IRS is for 2008 so the Charity navigator site is only one year behind. The images of the original 990 forms from SSCS, 2002-2008 are available at the web site below. If anyone cares to look at them.

    • David

      “The very latest 990 filed with the IRS is for 2008 so the Charity navigator site is only one year behind.”

      You are right that their latest Form 990 filed with the IRS is for the 2008 tax year. But since Charity Navigator’s latest info is for fiscal year ending December 2007. That is the filing that their rating is based on.

    • David

      “Minimal? Are house payments, car payments, flights, food, etc etc… minimal? ”

      Yes minimal. He lives on the Steve Irwin for 4 or 5 months a year and spends much of the rest of the year travelling around giving speeches, for which his hotel, food and flights would be covered.

      He gets paid for speeches and he has written books for which he gets royalties. How much this earns him I don’t know but he chose his profession.

      I don’t know what his current salary is because the newer IRS filings haven’t been made available. That is part of the reason that Charity Navigator’s rating is based on 3 year old data. Why SSCS hasn’t made newer data available is a good question. From 2004 thru 2007 SSCS’s salaries had risen faster than there collection of donations, so my guess is that this trend has continued.

      • From MN, with hope…

        Do your house payments or bills stop if you leave? Its a small percentage, get over it! Like I said, he has no real job! How long would you last if you had no job?

  • Imforthewhales

    “If he really wanted to, he could take MUCH more.” So what is your point? That he only takes 3% so that is OK. How much would be too much?

    Whatever it takes to get SS back to the southern ocean and stop those illegal whale poachers. Simple.

    I cant believe you are arguing over 90k…its a drop in the ocean and is certainly not going to make anyone rich.

    Volunteers are just that, volunteers. Usually ( by standard definiation) this means they don’t get paid. They are also transient. 90k to keep the head of operations steering the good shop Sea Sheperd is money well spent no matter where it comes from.

    I wonder how much the Japanese whaling crew get paid? How much of this money comes from government subsidies?

    • David

      It is 3% of their donations. And when you live on the SSCS’s dime for 4 or more months a year it will get you a lot closer to rich than poor.

      Well if you wonder how much the whaling crews get paid then why don’t you find out? Most countries publish data on average wages for various occupations. And none of it comes from government subsidies. The government of Japan pays the ICR to collect data, payment for services provided just like paying a company to construct a road or to collect census data for example. Some of that money is used for crew wages, I don’t know if it is straight from the ICR or through KSK.

  • Erik

    take a look at how much watson authorized the sscs to pay for his “office space” in Friday Harbor… seems that is watson’s property and he sets how much charity money is paid to himself for rent ? He gets his 90k salary on top of providing himself room and board aboard ship, taking money from the organization to fund his private activities wherever he decides he wants to go? Converting donated fishing resorts in National parks to his private use.

  • Cho cho ma

    Sea Shepherd has a four star rating (the best rating possible) from the charity navigator for handling of its funds.

    • David

      And as has been pointed out a number of times already, although you want to ignore it, that rating is based on 3 year old data because Sea Shepherd hasn’t made any data availabel since 2007.

      What do you think they could be trying to hide?

      • Cho cho ma

        Ya thats why they can afford to run large, expensive campaigns with more ships. Oh by the way since they have not made their information available for years how did you get the stat that Paul gets payed 90k a year. Oh wait you just made it up because you like kill whales.

      • From MN, with hope…

        Cho cho ma, the $90k number is on the website he posted above.

      • David

        Thanks for getting that for me MN. I really get tired of showing Che that he is stupid. Nice for someone else to do it once in a while.

      • From MN, with hope…

        Does a teacher correct a student just to prove that the student is stupid? No. Now I am not saying that I am a teacher, but I am saying that I said that in the same context as a teacher would correct one who made a mistake, so they might not do the same mistake again.

  • Michael Raymer

    Sheesh, you people really don’t care what you argur about do you?

    • David

      Sheesh, you will comment on anything even when you have nothing to say just to see your name in print.

      • Michael Raymer

        My comment is on your ridiculous arguments. And when my name appears “in print”, it’s not on top of such spurrious and puerile issues. WTF does any of this crap have to do with anything at all? Who the hell cares about Watsons salary or the status of Sea Shepherd as a charity? How is it relevant? And if it is relevant, just what do you plan to do about it besides whine and moan? Either people are going to donate, or they are not. You and your pathological need to pull the debate in meaningless directions aren’t changing things by one single dollar.

        Whales are being killed. Sea Shepherd does what they can to stop it. The end. Everything else is trivia and nothing more. If another organization steps up to the plate and pro-actively tries to halt whaling, each person can then pick who they like more. Until then, Sea Shepherd is the only game in town.

  • Cho cho ma

    I reviewed the most recent 2008 information and found no information suggesting the inappropriate use of funds. I would also like to point out that on no page of the 32 page long report is there anything stating that Paul Watson is payed 90k. You should review it your self before using it in your argument.

    • David

      Oh, well I guess MN wasted his time since I still have to show you that your stupid. The charity Navigator website that Sea Shepherd themselves points people to shows right on the SSCS page that Paul Watson was paid $91,500 in the last data they have, which was the last info I had seen.

      The link that gizwinkus posted does have newer data which says his salary dropped to $80,000. But it is interesting that it also shows from 2007 to 2008 the SSCS donations/revenue increased by about 19% yet the salaries they paid increased by about 44%. Increasing salaries twice as fast as revenue is a great way to destroy a charity.

      • Michael Raymer

        And once again, who gives a rats furry ass? How is it relevant to whales getting killed? What business is one man’s pay to the rest of you? If you have such a problem with it, what do you plan to do to stop it, etc., etc., etc.

      • From MN, with hope…

        Michael, the anti-whalers will try everything and anything to make Sea Shepherd/Paul Watson to look bad.

        The fact is that Paul gets paid because he has no real job, and he is a living person, and he needs to pay for his day-day expenses, including things such as flights around the world. Correct me if I’m wrong, but it takes money on order to pay for expensive flights, and bills. But it’s 3% from 3 years back. Who cares? That was then, this is now. David, Sea Shepherd bought 2 boats for the whaling season, and they upgraded the Steve Irwin. Again, correct me if I’m wrong, but failing charities don’t buy more stuff, they sell stuff. Obviously Sea Shepherd isn’t getting destroyed because they paid Paul 3% of their revenue in ’07.

      • Michael Raymer

        I understand what they are doing but I’m unclear why you feel you need to respond to them or their ridiculous accusations.

        That’s the point I’m trying to make, word for word. “Try anything” includes trying to lead the debate down irrelevant and worthless paths. David and the rest of his cronies aren’t going to change anything by whining about it in here.

        Not every bogus point that they feebly try to make needs to be responded to by our side.

      • From MN, with hope…

        Truth be told, I’m not sure either Michael, I just do.

    • From MN, with hope…

      2008? The stuff on the webpage above is from ’07. Sorry if we were talking about different years.

    • David

      Sorry MN, they didn’t buy to boats, they were given $5 million and bought one boat which after 3 months had serious engine problems and has been sitting in port ever since.

      They never bought the Ady Gil, they leased it. This has been know for awhile but was confirmed in the Australian Maritime report which lists the owner. In fact Ady Gil didn’t even own it until March 8th, almost 2 months after it sank. That is when Mr Gil was made a director of the company that owned the Ady Gil and Mr Bethune transfered all the shares in the company to Mr Gil. Interesting that it was just before he was charged and arrested. Maybe they were trying to protect the assests from the Japanese court?

      As to Paul’s expenses. Most of his travel is for the SSCS so they pay for it not him. His paid speaking engagements have travel and expenses covered by whoever invited him and he lives in a house that the SSCS pays fors. Sounds like a great deal to me. Also a failing company/charity doesn’t collapse immediately. It took the Enron executives years to siphon off enough money to collapse the company.

      • From MN, with hope…

        They were given the $5 million, so they decided to buy a boat. And the issue is with the ships flag. They can’t leave port unless they have a flag. They did have engine problems, but they were taken care of. Show me your sources for the Ady Gil, I don’t believe a word of it. And of course the SSCS pays for his flights, house, and expenses are paid for by the SSCS. Thats the whole start of this argument, that the SSCS paid Paul $90K. Sea Shepherd is at its greatest right now, and the only way that they’ll go down is if their mission of conserving oceanic wildlife is complete, which it never will be. What difference does it make? Who cares how much Paul is paid! Its a lousy 3%! Chances are you’re only complaining because Paul makes more than you.

      • David

        Go here and click on the link to the report from the Australian Maritime Safety Authority.

        Go to section three where it says,”At the time of the incident, it was owned by Ady Gil/ Earthrace Limited…”

        The SSCS pays for the flights, house and expenses IN ADDITION to his salary.

        And at least, as of 2008, I make considerably more than Paul.

  • Cho cho ma

    Actually David according to the most recent info (2008) which the charity navigator has not yet posted Paul was payed a considerable amount of less money.

    • David

      Actually Che, if you could actually read and comprehend English you would know that I posted that exact same fact a day and a half ago. The 2008 form 990 shows a salary of $80K. But as I also posted at that time it shows salaries for SSCS jumped by over 44% in one year while revenue only rose 19%.

      If you are going to try and make meaningful comments you might want to keep up with the discussion.

      • Cho cho ma

        And you might want to get a life and stop visiting the comments section every 20 minutes. Just a thought.

      • David

        Thanks for the concern Che, but you obviously need to work on telling time also. I find that with young children analog clocks are better to learn with than digital, they also like to watch the hands go around

  • Emily

    David seems to have quite an interest in Paul Watson. I wonder if he is secretly in love or maybe he just has a financial reason to be trolling forums trying to convince people who are as stupid as he is that the earth revolves around the sun.

    No one gives a crap what Watson is being paid, he deserves every penny. He isn’t living in a fat house all winter is he? No he’s on a boat in the ocean.

  • Walter

    You know these guys would be called racists if they weren’t extreme left-wing radicals. Whaling has been a part of Japanese culture for countless centuries and they’re not going to give it up because a few Westerners are saddened by the death of a few large foodstuffs. At least the Japanese mostly use all of the animal and do not waste it like Westerners do with the corpses of the animals they kill for food. Besides, Minke whales aren’t even endangered. Their population is equal to historic levels according to the IWC Scientific Committee.