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I don’t know what’s cooler: thousands of free vegetarian starter kits stocked at 30 newsstands throughout New York City, or Joan Jett helping pass them out.

Yesterday, legendary rocker Joan Jett spent her afternoon in Union Square helping PETA give away free vegetarian starter kits.

The organization decided to place the newsstands throughout the city after receiving more than 400,000 requests for the brochures in 2009. And, of course, Joan was happy to get involved.

“If there’s anything I love more than rock and roll, it’s animals,” said Jett in her vegetarian testimonial for PETA. “And when I learned how animals on factory farms are treated, I gave beef the boot and stopped eating pigs, chickens, and fish too. Cutting meat out of your diet is the best thing you can do for animals and your own health.”

Want a fancy vegetarian starter kit, but not in a big city? No problemo! Simply visit and get yours today!

  • don miguelo

    Joan Jett ROCKS!!– always has, always will, apparently!

  • beforewisdom

    Wow, according to wikipedia Joan Jett is 52. She is holding up very well.

    Being a nutrition buff I think a better veg*n starter kit is the “Guide To Cruelty Free Eating” by Vegan Outreach

    It is written by registered dietitian and has more important nutrition information while still being simple. You can get it for a pittance from Vegan Outreach or download it for free at the above URL.

  • Bob

    Why bother with doctors at all?

    Let washed up former rock stars hired as mouthpieces by PETA tell you how to live the healthy life!

    • don miguelo

      Because all them doctors are socialists!!! Haven’t you been watching Fox Reality News with Palin? hahaha

      C’mon give people some credit that they can think for themselves, they’re not that suggestible, especially in NY. So what she volunteered to hand out flyers, she didn’t write it! You have no problem with the GOT MILK adds that the dairy industry hires celebs to promote their greedy perspective? Tell it to the lactose intolerant and their doctors.

      I wish more rock stars would stay this cool as life goes on, and I doubt she’s hurt by your opinion.

      • Penny

        Well said,Don!