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Seal Pups Have An Ally In Pamela Anderson & Damian Whitewood

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Currently practiced in Russia, Greenland, Namibia, Norway and Canada, the commercial hunting of seals – traditionally prized for their pelts and as a food source – is still being conducted despite the inherent cruelty of the practice.

The typical hunting season in Canada (where the majority of the Harp seal population is claimed) runs a solid 6 months between November and May, and with the aid of a firearm and a metal hammer headed club with a hook (called a hakapik), sealers have been given the thumbs up to harvest 330,000 total bodies in 2010.

Mother Nature, however, has intervened with “record-low ice cover this year”, resulting in a notable “lack of ice floes for the first time in 60 years on the Gulf of Saint Lawrence, which usually host hordes of seals birthing pups.”

One of the most outspoken animal rights activists — native Canadian Pamela Anderson — says that “greedy” hunters “trying to make a cash bonus on the side” still managed to kill 65,000 seal pups killed this year even though 2 to 3 years worth of pelts have already been stockpiled.

To shed even more light on what seems to be an entirely antiquated practice, there’s been a reduced demand for imported pelts due to the 2009 European Union ban and even with the few buyers remaining in the marketplace, their purchasing commitments are significantly lower than in previous years.

Anderson questions whether her government is subsidizing what she feels is a brutal, barbaric practice, and with seal populations already compromised by global warming, she felt compelled to hand deliver a letter — along with her Dancing With the Stars partner Damian Whitewood in tow — to the Canadian ambassador outlining her concerns.

Referring to the annual hunt as “the biggest embarrassment to Canadians,” she states, “It’s 2010. Why are we beating baby seals to death?” Good question, indeed.

Take a look at the footage of her trip to the Los Angeles Canadian consulate below — way to go, Pammy!

Via The Insider

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