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Just a couple months ago, Ecorazzi reported that Lea Michele, star of the popular television show Glee, was in love with her vegan diet.

“I’m a vegan,” Lea told OK!. “It makes me feel really good and bright. You need a lot of energy to play spunky Rachel Berry, so I’ve tried a lot of different things — and so far, this is working.”

But Asos magazine is now reporting something different! The magazine claims that Lea is currently a “macrobiotic vegan,” but plans to reintroduce fish into her diet. Wait a tick!

We hope Lea read the “Chicago Sun Times” article that reported, “almost all the mercury that people are exposed to comes from eating fish. And almost all fish contain some amounts of the metal ….”  And that “[A] 161-pound woman—the average weight of a U.S. female of childbearing age—would exceed the EPA’s exposure limit just by eating a can of tuna.”

Anyone out there in Internet Land have the inside track? Is this fishy piece of news faulty journalism or true as glue? Chime in and let us know!

  • Linda

    I’ve always admired Lea Michele for her wonderful role in Glee. But I hope she realizes the good that being vegetarian can do for the body and that she remains to be one..

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  • herwin

    golly gosh, a celeb who tried “a lot of diferent things” and becomes vegan for a day, why am i not surprised the next station of her dietery ways includes eating fish, and after that maybe she starts eating “green meat” or the “Vegan before Dinner” aproach. DUUUUUH. NEXT PLEASE !

  • kristin

    The average weight of a child-bearing aged woman in the US is 161 lbs??? Wow.

  • George Glass

    What is it with these macrobiotic people and their fish? Mercury is only one ‘delight’ – but the British Food Standards Agency also said fish was the biggest contributor of Arsenic in the human diet. Hmmm, poison and chips. Has quite a ring to it, doesn’t it?

    Then there’s the killing of a sentient creature just so you can fulfil some guru’s blathering about true macrobiotics. Seriously, some people need slapping with a fishless fillet to knock some sense into them!

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