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“People say that organic food and healthy food is so much more expensive. Not for me. The tradeoff was what I was spending in co-payments going to the doctor and then my medication for the 12 pills that I was taking a day I’m now spending in food, which is a lot cheaper than medicine.”

- ‘The Biggest Loser’ contestant O’Neal Hampton discussing the benefits of eating organic. We’re pretty much ‘Biggest Loser’ addicts here at the Razz and are excited to see that Hampton is continuing to promote healthy eating. When you’re forced to choose, what’s more important to you: organic or local food? Chime in and tell us why!

  • Dave Rideough

    Wow, that’s a total nonsequitur. Organic food is not healthier than ordinary food.

    To be sure, you can find a lot of nasty stuff in the food on grocery store shelves, but it has almost nothing to do with organic vs non-organic and almost everything to do with being big factory products from big corporations obsessed with the bottom line. I can find you plenty of healthy non-organic food and plenty of unhealthy organic food.