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Don’t you just love Thursdays? Twitter Thursdays, that is! This week we’ve got a great package of products being offered up by Seventh Generation. From the company:

Seventh Generation’s new disinfectant line is the first EPA-registered line of disinfectants proven to kill 99.99% of germs naturally using thymol oil which is derived from the herb thyme. The line includes a disinfecting multi-surface cleaner, disinfecting bathroom cleaner and disinfecting wipes.

The prize package will include:

We’ve got FIVE of these to give away! Want to enter to win? Just hit the fold below!

How To Enter Via Twitter

1.) Join Twitter (if you haven’t already).
2.) Follow @ecorazzi on Twitter.
3.) At 3pm EST, we’ll send out a contest message. All you have to do is re-tweet that contest message and add it to your updates.(Limit 5 RTs per user.)

So if we say:

“Follow @ecorazzi & @SeventhGen and RT this to win: New Seventh Generation products! 30th, 50th, & 80th to RT wins! #razztt”

You’ll say:

Follow @ecorazzi & @SeventhGen and RT this to win: New Seventh Generation products! 30th, 50th, & 80th to RT wins! #razztt

(Note: exact wording may differ at contest time. And it may be in another language. Or backwards. We advise having a mirror nearby just in case.)

4.) We will contact the winners via Twitter. Winners must Direct Message us within 24 hours with mailing address, phone, size/style request and email for shipping of the prize.

How To Enter Via Ecorazzi

There are two ways to enter to win on You may enter one time for each type.

  1. Simply leave a comment below telling us why you’d love to win this product.
  2. Sign up for our weekly email newsletter: The Dirt. Leave another comment telling us that you have joined (or are already a member of) our email list.
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Comments received through Sunday, May 9, 2010 at 11:59PM EST are eligible. Valid email address required. We will contact the winner via email. Winners must reply within 24 hours with their mailing address, phone, size/style request and email for shipping of the prize.


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  • mariola

    I love seventh generation. I’m such a clean freak. It would be good to try something new. I usually use mrs. Myers aromatherapy cleaner.

  • Katrina

    Hi I just started my own housekeeping business (Follow on Twitter @cleanwithkare) and I would LOVE to win this product! Unfortunately, financial difficulties have prevented me from purchasing all of the safe cleaning supplies necessary to get started, so this would help a lot! I only use SAFE household cleaning supplies because our health and environment have always been super important issues to me and I think most people don’t even realize or care about the extremely hazardous chemicals they are exposing themselves, family and pets to and that there are other options! I want so bad to do my part to help others and the environment by cleaning homes with products that are not harmful and I am very eager to get started! By hooking me up you are helping out my family AND so many more people in my community! :D Thank you for your consideration. P.S. Me and my biz both follow you on Twitter and enjoy the updates. Thanks!

  • Amanda Thomas

    I would love to win these products because I have always been a big fan of Seventh Generation. It is really important to me as a mom to have non-toxic cleaners in the home.

  • Thien-Kim

    I’ve been wanting to try Seventh Generation. With little ones at home, I definitely want to be more green with my cleaners.

  • Amanda Thomas

    I am already a member of your e-mail list.

  • Katrina

    I joined your weekly email list!

  • helenlam

    I’d love to win these since I don’t have any eco-friendly bathroom products right now!

  • Beth

    I would love to win these products because I only use non-toxic home cleaners. Safer for me and the environment, but a big reason is because of my dog. She’s all over everything and if I’m cleaning my home with bleach and toxic materials, they’ll just go right into her! :( I usually use Mrs. Meyers, but have recently tried the Seventh Generation toilet cleaner, and would love to try more products by them!

  • Beth

    I have signed up to receive “The Dirt” :)

  • Mom at Tiny Green Mom

    I absolutely love Seventh Generation’s full line of cleaning products – we use most, if not all of their products in our home. You can never have too many!

  • Linda

    Oh, this is another great product which I think I’ll be using :) I’m personally a fan of BabyGanics which my family uses at home. It is also made from plant-based ingredients. You can check it out here:

    I think chemical products are just the bane of this planet. Hope more manufacturers make green cleaning stuff..

  • David

    I use 7th gen and would love a break on my next grocery bill! Would be great to win these!

  • David

    I’m a member of the Dirt

  • Helen S.

    I love Seventh Generation products because they work so well. Following on Twitter @dizzylady1012

  • Jill

    I’d love to win this product because it cleans well and I hate to spend a lot of time cleaning – so the better cleaner I have, the happier I am….and when Mom’s happy, everyone’s happy! LOL Thanks for the chance to win!

  • ashleystrain

    i am already signed up for the weekly newsletter and follow on twitter. i would love this awesome package for my new home! my fiance’s father works for a business cleaning service and he is always giving us these strong harmful chemicals! i hate to use them, so i dont. i would love to try seventh generation instead and prove the green cleaners are just as good!

  • mariola

    I wish I could win for once.

  • Miranda Johnson

    Subscribed to ‘The Dirt’ newsletter.

    @bctripletmom on twitter.

    bctripletmom at gmail dot com

  • Donna B.

    I’d love to win because I try to use all-natural cleaning products whenever possible (baking soda, vinegar, salt, lemon (although not all at once! LOL)), and I’ve heard great things about yours :) Thanks for the opportunity.

  • Donna B.

    I’m an email subscriber :)

  • Stephanie

    I would love to win this becuase my apartment is in dire need of Eco friendly spring cleaning :)

  • mariola

    I subscribed to the dirt newsletter, followed both on twitter. This would be great for my eco-friendly home.

  • Shannon S.

    I’m looking for ways to reduce my carbon footprint & still be safe at home with germs. I’ve been wanting to try Seventh Generation products out for awhile so this would be awesome!

    Thanks for the chance!

  • Shannon S.

    I receive your weekly email newsletters…. :-D

  • mariola

    I’m so excited to try out the seventh generation products. I love cleaning. I wish they would make more earth friendly, non chemical products.

  • Michelle

    I’d love to win these products as I really want to transform my cleaning routine and “go green”. I’ve heard amazing things about Seventh Generation so it would be a perfect fit! Thank you for the chance!

  • Joe

    I personally like green cleaning products. Check out where I buy them at: They sell nice organic cleaning products.