Remember that glitzy green Christie’s event called “A Bid To Save The Earth” that we filled Ecorazzi readers in on last month?

Sure you do…it’s the one that was held in honor of Earth Day’s 40th anniversary in order to drum up funds for the Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC), Conservation International, Central Park Conservancy and Oceana.

One quick look at the auction results posted on their website reveals that they raked in $657,000 in sales following their April 22 event, including $45,000 for a Naomi Campbell semi-nude photo taken by David LaChapelle as well as $80,000 for a single round of golf with former President Bill Clinton and $22,000 for a private walking tour of New York City and sumptuous lunch with famed chef Mario Batali.

If you think the above experiences are insanely pricey, Christie’s companion silent auction, which just wrapped up yesterday, was equally as ka-chingy. Here are a few notable highlights:

The $1 million that was raised from the resoundingly successful event is now being divvied up among four phenomenal non-profit eco-organizations, proving that the well-heeled care just as much about the state of our planet as the rest of us.

The event’s host — actor and eco-advocate Ted Danson — says that Christie’s participants clearly recognize that “there is no more putting off the environment,”  adding that the whole purpose was to get people to “stand up” and “take some action”.

Bravo Hollywood…now how’z about channeling your efforts into the Gulf oil cleanup?

Via Reuters and Charity Buzz