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When Rush Limbaugh makes comments like the ones you’re about to hear, it makes me wonder how anyone can support him, much less believe he has even a modicum of common sense.

On yesterday’s show, Limbaugh took it upon himself to “find the good” in the oil spill; saying that he of all people can identify with the people of the Gulf Coast because he owns beachfront property. Right. To all the environmental whiners and people worried about oil polluting their shores, cheer up! Rush says that there will now be less people, so the beaches will have time to “naturally” repair themselves. Hooray! He also says that there will not be any turtles laying their eggs at night (because they’ll be “smart” enough to avoid the oil) which will allow him to keep his lights on at night. Let’s all cheer again!

So there you go, Gulf Coast. A multi-millionaire that owns beachfront property on the east coast of Florida says he understands your pain and that you should all just shut the f**k up and blame Obama for the mess. Feel better now? Listen to the clip below:

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  • Dana Nourie

    What a dumbass! How can this man have his own show? How can he have any followers at all. Rush is a total moron!

    • don miguelo

      I’m sure his sympathizers and apologizers will find a reason…

  • David

    For a second there Dana I thought you were talking about Paul Watson. And I am sure his sympathizers and apologists will always find a reason for anything he says or does.

  • fiona


  • Sonia

    Exactly David. That’s why she mentions Rush by name because she’s talking about Paul Watson.

  • Erin

    This pill popping pompous pig belongs in prison, not on the radio.


  • Samantha

    Now I don’t consider myself a violent person by any means…but in an effort to save millions of creatures lives, both sea air and land, here’s a good idea!!! Lets plug the hole with Rush Limbaugh!!! It’s solve 2 problems at once!!! No more idiot! No more oil leak! Who’s with me?!:)

  • Whoever…

    “The oil spill could be a good thing”!?

    The USA is truly a ‘great’ country – only there could such an idiot make a good living and be famous…

    What a zombie – if he has a house with a pool maybe he would love to have oil in it instead of water.
    Maybe when he would be drowning in it he could feel what thousands of animals felt when they died because of the oil spill!

    Here’s a ‘great’ example that illustrates how humans are not more intelligent than animals…

  • Jay’me Golden

    just when you think he cant come up with anymore stupid comments than what he already has…hes done it again only now its even more stupid than before…he certainly is consistant…

  • louieg

    Oxycontin ruined Rush’ brain!!!..

  • Debra

    What a sorry excuse for a human being!!

    The oil spill disaster is a good thing because now the great Rush Limbaugh can leave his porch light on? The turtles can go somewhere else?

    Yeah, Rush, they do go somewhere else. It’s call DEAD! Along with the dolphins and other sea life!

    Dolphins are more intelligent than you, and more important too. You pathetic little man!

  • Joe

    There is a real danger in what this freak says. He is a master at pandering to the vulnerable; anyone with someone to blame. Not unlike Nazi Germany and the young rebellious recruits. It’s despicable that he would say things like that, but more importantly, it’s dangerous. People like him can turn public opinion about something and then people will stop caring about it. It’s easier to think nothing’s wrong than give a damn and do something about it.

    Rush continues to show blatant disregard for non-white, non-straight non-male, the poor and the environment.