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Oh Google Earth, how I love thee.

Discovered in 2007 using the online satellite imaging system, the world’s largest beaver dam exists in a national park in nothern Alberta, Canada and measures almost 3,000 feet long. Apparently, it’s been showing up on NASA satellite images since 1990; and is estimated to have taken more than 20 years to build.

“[Beavers] are one of the few species that really leave a footprint on the Earth that is visible from satellite,” ecologist Jean Thie told CBC News in an interview in 2008.

Fortunately, the dam is located in an inaccessible part of the park — so don’t go asking Google for directions.

via CBC News

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  • Linds

    I wonder how many beavers live in that citadel :D

  • Joe

    That is truly a natural work of art of animals. We should commend these animals by respecting their territory forever. Give them peace and never touch their dam.

    It is recommendable that we help in preserving natural life on earth so we may bask in it’s gifts of life and resources. Naturally.=)

  • ash

    Now I’m afraid for the Beavers. It should never have been made public. Just let them live in peace, please.

  • http://donothaveone Ellen Pearson

    Thank goodness this is an inaccessable place, hopefully these people on Animal Planet will not get any notions of going up there to check them out. They have big money to get them into some pretty offroad places. We need our Government to keep all these people out of here. We do not want them here. Just for the fact they are not always accurate with their info, and it will bring more people who don’t care about the damage they do in the process. This area is susceptile to brush fires. Look at how fires are started in southern California, people throwing out lit smokes , not completely putting out campfires, etc. so you all stay away and look at it through google as I am doing.