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I’ll be honest, it generally annoys me when people use symbols in the spelling of their name. But how can I be annoyed with Ke$ha with talk of such great deeds!?

The musician recently donated over 1,000 pounds of dog and cat food to the Nashville Metro Animal Shelter — her hometown shelter. Nice work!

“The pets were left alone [in flooded homes],” Ke$ha told People Pets. “A lot of them unfortunately died, but a lot of them were left stranded without food.”

“I was wheeling massive amounts of dog food and I was with my mom and we both got a little emotional,” she added. “Sometimes animals get left behind when people are going through tragedy.”

To continue doing her part, Ke$ha is also planning a benefit to raise money for the citizens of Nashville.

“I’m thrilled to announce that I will be playing a show to help benefit Nashville, my hometown,” says Ke$ha. “One hundred percent of the profits from ticket sales will go to help the victims of these devastating floods.

From all of us here at Ecorazzi, a big thumbs up to Ke$ha! We love it when stars take their giving to the next level! Keep up the great work!

  • sabita patwardhan

    Great that she did this.
    But there is absolutely no excuse to leave your pet behind when tragedy hits as she says. You stay with your pet. These are living things that humans have used for companionship and affection. Humans are by no means a higher animal that they can dump animals when they are in trouble. On the contrary this ‘higher animal’ called man has unlike any other ruined nature and the lives of other species on this earth with its ‘great brain’. Disgusting.

  • georgina0912

    I hear ya Sabita, i have said it so many times, if they do not go we do not go. We would find a way to bring all six of them with us, but nobody is staying behind. They are family, and you do not leave family behind.

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  • Linda

    America, please adopt shelter dogs/cats instead of buying new ones. By buying a new puppy/kitten, you’re inadvertently condemning one of the millions of shelter animals put to sleep every year.

    And by buying new pups, you’re supporting the puppy mill trade…

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