by Michael dEstries
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Photo: NASA

nasa oil slick

There she is — the latest shot from space taken on May 9th of the massive, and massively depressing, oil spill in the Gulf. According to NASA, “The oil slick appears as a dull gray color in the shape of a letter ‘U’ and is located southeast of the Mississippi Delta.”

We fully expect the oil slick to next create a giant “R”, followed by the only swear word that makes sense in this rapidly deteriorating situation.

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  • Whoever…

    Drill baby drill! Pathetic…

    Where are now all of those who are in favor of oil drilling instead of real clean renewable energies?

    If they love oil and oil companies so much, why don’t the cleaning crews just put all the oil slick they catch in those people’s backyards?

    Humans destroy everything they put their dirty disgusting hands on!

    People are so dumb and ‘zombified’ that I bet Americans will continue to fuel up in BP gas stations…

    I have already boycotted Shell (=murderers) and now I’ll boycott BP.

  • Whoever…

    “that I bet Americans will continue to fuel up in BP gas stations…”

    Not all Americans obviously! I have to be very specific because there are too many idiots who interpret everything literally!