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Looks to us like there’s going to be some friendly vegan-on-vegan competition at this year’s Miss USA pageant.

Ecorazzi previously reported that after suffering from “health issues, skin flair ups and overall lethargy”, Miss New York USA Davina Reeves decided to go vegan. Shortly after going VEG, Reeves started to feel much better and has been meat-free ever since! But she isn’t the only vegan Miss USA contestant!

According to Miss District of Columbia USA MacKenzie Green’s Twitter page, she also rocks a plant-based diet. Green writes:

“I’m Miss DC USA 2010, a vegan, an aspiring sports reporter and a lot more…stay tuned for what’s to come.”

Two vegan Miss USA contestant?!! Times are a changin’, folks!

What do you think about these lean, green contestants? Do you have a favorite? Chime in and tell us who you’ll be rooting for!


  • Daniel Ithaca, NY

    Awesome! With these lovely ladies giving good P.R. to people following a vegan diet, more people may be used to seeing it.
    I think it is super that more people are learning the benefits of following a whole fooda plant-based, “vegan” diet!

    I learned about the detriments of dairy after reading through 30 years of research by Dr. T.Colin Campbell in his Cornell/Oxford/National Institutes of Health funded research which is available as a book: The China Study.

    New movies coming out soon on vegan diets:
    Forks Over Knives
    >>T. Colin Campbell and Caldwell Esselstyn
    more info at:
    Got the Facts on Milk?
    more info at:
    >> This is a wonderful, fun documentary with little known information about dairy.

  • Carly

    THREE! Miss Nevada USA is also vegan.

  • HealingNews

    Vegan while emphasizing that living and raw foods can literally reverse among the most severe chronic illnesses known is literally the most fun and healthy way to be. I have been this way for most of 40 years, while avoiding a need for MD assistance for decades. It is much more enjoyable being recognized for charisma and grace. These beautiful ladies are classic examples.