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'Field Of Dreams' Farm Up For Sale

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On the same day we write about Kevin Costner announcing he’s got some cool invention to to help clean up the Gulf coast oil spill, along comes news that the farm and baseball field from Field of Dreams is up for sale. Coincidence? Sheer lunacy? Both?

The 193-acre tract has been in the family of Don and Becky Lansing for more than 100 years — but the couple says the time has come for them to move on. “We love the land and the field, but it is time for us to head to the locker room,” said Becky to the DeMoines Register.  She added “we are getting up there in years and it is time to think about retirement.”

After Universal Studios selected the corn fields on the farm as the site for its academy award nominated film in 1989, the place became an instant tourist draw; with an estimate 65,000 people annual making the baseball pilgrimage. According to the listing, the package includes the site of the movie, with the baseball diamond; a two-bedroom, 1.5 bath house with the familiar front porch; and six outbuildings.

The family isn’t exactly sure who might be interested in the spot — but real estate agent Ken Sanders, himself a former professional baseball player, thinks any number of happy endings exist. “It would be easy to guess a baseball player, a movie buff or even someone from the film’s cast,” Sanders said. “But the movie’s reach has been so widespread, potential buyers don’t necessarily fall within those demographics. It could end up being a non-profit organization, a land trust or a foreign investor. We might all be surprised.”

We’d love to see a land trust step in and preserve the spot — but with a sale price that’s easily expected to top $1 million (per acre values are close to $5K in the county), there would have to be some serious baseball buffs involved with the fundraising. But hey, a guy can dream, right?

My favorite scene from Field of Dreams after the fold below…

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