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Hollywood actor Kevin Costner has stepped forward to help with the Gulf oil spill caused by the April 20 explosion of the BP-operated Deepwater Horizon offshore oil rig.

According to Billy Nungesser, president of Southern Louisiana’s Plaquemines Parish, Costner and his scientist brother Dan, will be in the region to demonstrate a device designed to separate oil and water. Records from the EPA indicate the Costner brothers have promoted an oil-water filtration system in the past through their company Costner Industries Nevada Corporation. Details regarding the device are expected to be revealed tomorrow.

“Sometimes it takes a star to come in with their money and time to make a difference,” Nungesser said at a press conference held by Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal.

The actor is also planning to donate an astounding $26 million toward the cleanup effort.

[Editor’s note: Holy shit! That has either got to be some kind of record for a donation by a celeb for natural disaster relief — or a misunderstanding regarding the placement of a decimal point. I’m going with the latter.]

More to come…

UPDATE: Turns out, that $26 million is the amount that Costner has invested in the oil filtration tech over the last 15 years.

  • windcatcher

    Gulf Oil Spill-Positive Action Now! Stop The Flow.
    Positive immediate action must be taken today to stop the out of control spill of oil in the gulf. Assemble pile driving barges and begin lowering a pipe to surround the open pipe and seal it to the ocean floor. We need to stop the flow now! If the response to stop the leak from the surface were taken at the time of the incident it would have been stopped by now. Top Hat is temporary at best and the Junk Shot is very tenuous. Is this environmental chaos a terrorist attack? No more screwing around! It will take 83 sections of welded 60’ pipe and 80 valves to get to 5,000 feet in depth and as the pile is hammered into the sea floor it seals the end of the open pipe and the flow of oil is contained. Start Now! Today! Not a month from now.

    • green lady

      Somebody tell Kevin about using corn cobs to clean up the oil spill. The company is Recovery inc, owned by Adria Brown and the corn cob product is Golden Retriever. The corn cobs spin in the water and capture the oil, which can be recovered; then the cobs can be reused. Senator Chuck Grassley is involved in trying to get this method utilized.

  • don miguelo

    Must avoid “Waterworld” “Robin Hood” jokes …and… the quote “”If you build it…They will come” Oops, –too late.

    This is great though, any help is appreciated with this ridiculous situation!
    I certainly do not have the $$$ that celebrities do, thanks Kevin!

    Another way to help this is to mail your hair and pet clippings to the address(s) listed here-

    They make it into absorbent hair and fur booms to soak up the oil naturally!

    The funny part is we gave some of their flyers to the local BP station workers to give to their customers : priceless!!!

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  • val merriman

    thank you kevin and bro hopefully you can help with this. i have been here two years, BUT I HAVE vacationed many years in this area. it is one of the us most beautiful beaches. it is backward as far as economy but it is beautiful as far as nature. few left in usa. hopefully you can give some help’ i will be buying the new daughter on the 18th at my local walmart or target val merriman panama city fl, also at 65 yrs old i will voleenter my time to help with this clean up whatever it takes.

  • Remy C.

    It says 7 comments? Where are the other 5?

  • Remy C.

    I says 7 comments, where are the other five?
    Check this out:
    Some of Kevin’s other projects…