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R&B singer Kelis – who is now showcasing an eclectic mix of industrial techno, New York house and Euro electro on her latest studio release Flesh Tone — may be known for her milkshake that brings all the boys to the yard but now she’s earned a new reputation as a PETA hater.

Formerly wed to Nas and enjoying what some say is a hefty chunk of alimony, the songstress and fashion plate who changes her hairstyles as often as her allegiance to designers recently rattled off quite a stinging commentary about the animal rights group that probably won’t earn her any new fans in the immediate future (at least among the vegetarian set).

Still, her highly opinionated PETA-dissing perspective has made headlines (along with her recent arrest for disorderly conduct among other brazen behaviors) because it is just…so…out there. Girl’s not afraid to tell it like she sees it.

The kerfuffle began when Kelis was spotted wearing one of her typically outrageous, risk-taking ensembles — a tall, Russian-style fur covered hat that she says is one of her favorites due to the fact that it rocks a ‘Cruella de Vil’ vibe.

An outraged PETA mailed the singer a letter expressing their disappointment in her choice of fashion and Kelis, in turn, dashed off an equally irate letter of her own claiming among other things that they are hypocritical since “they euthanize 97% of the [animals] that are bought to them” and they were daring to attack her for wearing a small fur accessory as opposed to a full fur covered outfit (which she acknowledges she has done in the past).

She then took to her My Space page to elaborate on her feelings. Some of her most memorable comments below the fold…

In a final zinger, Kelis stated that anyone who “hate(s) the world so much (should) go live in the forest where no one else has to hear you complain about the perfectly good food chain the good Lord created. Everyone has the right to an opinion, and that’s mine on that!”

Yowch. Anyone who wants to see Ms. Thang on camera mid-rant might want to check out this video clip with MTV’s Buzzworthy.

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  • Tracy H.

    Sounds like she’s been reading the work of the deceptively named Center for Consumer Freedom.

    Is Newkirk actually a diabetic? Animal exploiters like to use the diabetic angle, but it’s a different PETA employee they criticize.

    • Aymee

      No Ingrid Newkirk is not a diabetic. Even if she was they can reproduce human insulin in laboratories now and they have started using it widely since animal insulin was shown to cause allergies in a small percentage of people. So it’s not like she would be using animal insulin anyways.

  • Lisa Milano

    Honestly, if she thinks she can wear whatever she wants, then maybe other people can criticize her for it as much as THEY want. Lol. Freedom of speech and opinion ring a bell?

    Her mouth salivates when she’s typing the word meat? Quite obvious that she’s having as much extra protein as she wants.

    I’m no vegetarian, but please girl, show yourself some dignity. It’s not worth it dissing on an animal rights group and it’s absolutely foolhardy to go looking for trouble when you’re a celebrity. The temper of some people…

  • krissy

    I keep hearing mor people trash peta for their animal shelter. Yes this chick is a blood thirsty a hole that thinks chinchillas dont deserve to live, but PETAs hypocrisy only gives her an angle, and this jerk doesnt need any credibility.

  • Cheryl

    The thing that is so unappealing about this woman is her complete selfishness. She doesn’t give ‘two cents’ (to quote a genius) about any of these animals and seems really quite heartless. I wonder if she’s seen any slaughterhouse video or fur farm video? A couple of videos of animals being skinned alive and then tossed in a dead pile, may change her ideas about wearing fur. Then again, such a self-involved, arrogant and probably narcissistic personality may not be moved by much of anything that doesn’t directly affect her.

  • Bencat1000

    Karma is gonna come around and nip at your a$$ Kelis while you are busy wallpapering your home in fur. Have fun now……….

  • animalfriend

    this primitive person is not worth a comment – she is of complete irrelevance!

  • emma

    I’m so torn! I LOVE her music. She’s so unique, but then … this bull. C’mon Kelis! And why attack PETA over those small issues, why not attack them on the exploitation of women and sexism to sell their campaigns? That would’ve gotten more respect from me. I just wish she could repent, and become vegetarian! Hopefully her son will love animals. :-)

  • Aymee

    The comments about PETA killing animals was started by anti-animal rights groups who took a quote by Ingrid Newkirk out of context. The original quote was about her experience working with animal control and what how it changed her. She explained how many animals she had to kill while working there. It was not while she was with PETA. She is an idiot if she believes every rumor she hears.

    As far as the hat there is nothing attractive about a dead animal. They have too many synthetics out that are softer, easier to care for, cheaper, and look better. She’s obviously a spoiled brat who never had to work for anything in her life. She has no appreciation for anything in life. Maybe they should just kill her and let someone sport her hair around. She sounds like an idiot and her confidence in the matter just makes her sound even stupider.

  • Veronika

    She is entitled to her beliefs even if they conflict with yours. I personally think she’s more grounded than many of you if you still hold to that “all fur-bearing animals are skinned alive on fur farms nonsense” that’s based on an “animal snuff video” which was no doubt paid for by an animal rights group since it serves their agenda. As you love synthetics so much, go find a way to soak up that gigantic oil spill which is destroying the environment and habitat of the animals you claim to love so much. Think of all the throw-away synthetic clothes you could make from that ooze, because to you it is animal-friendly, rather than using it to fuel industry, transportation needs, and the like. I’d take real fur over that synthetic stuff and your phony, twisted, misanthropic “compassion” (Aymee: “Maybe they should just kill her and let someone sport her hair around…) anyday. Go, Kelis!

    • Aymee

      Her beliefs are based off false information. If your going to spew junk out of your mouth know what you’re talking about. Regardless of how they kill animals there is no need if there is a better alternative. She’s just another ignorant tool who’s trying to fit in with all the other rich ghetto wannabees. As for the oil spill the solution is oil eating bacteria. It’s completely safe and can consume up to 96% if the oil in 48 hours. There is a company already willing to donate their supply however they have to get government approval. Either way that has nothing to do with Kelis. You’re obviously just as ignorant as she is if you can’t keep your topics straight. The issue is fur not oil, not vegetarianism, and not endangered species. They are important issues but you can’t throw out a topic that has nothing to do with the one at hand and expect it to justify the issue at question. Someone asked her to use synthetic, big deal. Handle the situation in a respectable manner not like a five year old child.

    • Whoever…

      This is not a matter of beliefs! It’s a matter of doing the right thing. We are not the superior species – wake up and take a good look around you; do you truly believe we act as an intelligent superior species? I don’t think so…

      “all fur-bearing animals are skinned alive on fur farms nonsense”
      That’s not nonsense, it is a fact!
      The problem is that people people like you don’t want to face reality so that you can live without having a guilty conscious (do you even have one at all?).

      “I personally think she’s more grounded than many of you”
      Well, this pretty much says it all:
      “It’s not just the look of fur. It’s warm as hell and feels glorious.”
      “the animals she chooses to wear – such as chinchilla and mink – are commonly available rodents that she “would demand they be put to death anyway.”
      “I eat meat, and in fact my mouth salivates as I type the word meat!”

      “As you love synthetics so much, go find a way to soak up that gigantic oil spill which is destroying the environment and habitat of the animals you claim to love so much.”
      What does this have to do with fur? Besides, all veg*ans want clean renewable energies instead of oil!

      “I’d take real fur over that synthetic stuff and your phony, twisted, misanthropic “compassion””
      Where do I begin with this one? Is there no limit to ignorance?
      How do you think real fur clothes last for a long period of time? They have to undergo chemical treatments otherwise they would rotten in no time.
      Besides do you know anything about History? What has happened to animals who were hunted for their fur? Right… they became extinct or faced extinction!
      You could argue that that was a long time ago. I reply that we are the same greedy savages who couldn’t care less about the extinction of a species as long as we can make lots of money!

      And can you imagine if everyone around the planet started using real fur clothes? Are there even animals enough to do that? Do you even ponder about the absurdity of the things you write before you actually write them?

      It’s people like you who are preventing humanity from ascending to a higher level of consciousness and evolution!

      Ignorance and stupidity should be considered a crime – people like you should be put away and tested on so you could feel what animals suffer in order for you to be able to live in an illusion that everything is fine and that the planet and everything in it is ours to use and abuse…

      • Veronika

        The childish ignorance and religious zeal of the “evolved”, “compassionate”, “enlightened” set knows no bounds. So, people who don’t agree with you should be “put away and tested on” to “feel what animals suffer”, etc. How kind and loving you are towards your fellow humans…about as kind as Dr. Mengele and Heinrich Himmler with whom you really have a lot in common: hatred of mankind, a great love for animals, and vegetarian dietary preferences. “Ghetto wannabe’s”? Add racial hatred, racist resentment and contempt to your phony “kind” and “empathetic” personalities as it fits you so well. Sorry, but I don’t feel that the lives of humans and animals are of equal value and should not be. That is part of your cultic, cartoon belief system. I feel that we have the right to wisely use the resources of the planet, which include animals. Indeed, animals which are used for fur today (no endangered species) exist in healthy numbers and are not in danger of extinction. Unfortunately you are so programmed by the likes of the PETA cult/industry and the bevy of similar knock-off groups which give resentful, misanthropic losers some sense of meaning and purpose in their lives, that even common sense eludes you in your persistent belief that fur farm animals are all skinned alive. That is beyond ridiculous, but so many of you are so cut off from the reality of the natural world that you believe anything, including the most fantastic lies and fantasies, that are preached by the “animal rights” cult/industry. What you should do is leave people alone to live their lives as they see fit. Stop trying to tell people what to wear. If you hate fur so much, don’t buy it, but you don’t have the right to force your views upon others. You are not entitled to any special hearing despite your obsession with your sense of “morality” and so-called “enlightenment”. Kelis and other independent thinkers who don’t buy your nutty rants and think that you are rather silly fanatics are laughing at or ignoring you, and I can’t blame them. Maybe you really should go out and live in a forest with the animals so that you can learn how the natural world really works.

      • georgina0912

        Oh gosh, Kelis as an independent thinker”? I highly doubt it. All she is doing is joining others who have loads of money and spend it on garments that do nothing to make people look good.

        Also, Veronika, do you work in a fur farm? You sound so adamant when saying that not all animals are skinned alive. Guess what? In countries where animal farms exist, the practice occurs because of a belief that if the animal is skinned alive the skin will be more supple. Talk about ignorance. And you are right in one thing and that is the fact that “animals which are used for fur today (no endangered species) exist in healthy numbers and are not in danger of extinction”, but that is because they are breed in freaking fur farms. Although they are also caught with leg traps in the wild.

        That “cultic, cartoon belief system” you talk about is not something i got from PETA or the HSUS or ASPCA or any organization. To love and respect all creatures and to learn to co-exist was something i learned from my mother, a nurturing person who taught me to be kind and tolerant to others, included humans who in many cases are the product of their environment. This has nothing to do with animal rights organizations, this has to do with a basic sense of respect Veronika toward creatures that live in the same planet as we do.

        While you think that humans are superior and deserve more respect than animals, it is humans who are polluting the earth in their search for the almighty dollar, rapists, murderers, pedophiles, white collar criminals, dog fighters, cock fighters, robbers, etc. Are those the ones you defend?

        Meanwhile, nobody asked animals if they wanted to be used for food, research, fur, if they can be anesthetized and then have their chests cut open while their hearts are still beating, nobody asked the snakes if they can be skinned alive and then left in a pile of skinless reptiles waiting for death to come 48 hours later, and definitely nobody asked rabbits to give their skin for a jacket trim. While nobody asked the animals, people, humans who engage in those and other equally horrendous things do them while fully conscious, they make those decisions not taking into consideration that in the process they not only hurt animals, but also humans, and the environment. Are you aware of the health implications of the fur industry? Or to you is it just something to have because like Kelis that is the only way some people can feel luxurious? What about compassion? Do you own pets? Would you skin and eat your pets? Do you know what compassion means?

        “Maybe you really should go out and live in a forest with the animals so that you can learn how the natural world really works.” Hmmm, so are you finally accepting that breeding animals for fur and other uses is not part of the natural world? I KNEW you would come to your senses some day…(HA)

      • georgina0912

        Sorry, i did not mean to say “health implications of the fur industry”, i meant to say environmental implications of the fur industry.

      • Whoever…

        Veronika, Veronika…

        You prove me right, unfortunately!

        “So, people who don’t agree with you should be “put away and tested on” to “feel what animals suffer”, etc.”

        You obviously don’t understand what you read do you?
        It’s not a matter of agreeing with me or not, it’s a matter of humans being so arrogant that they believe they have the right to use nature as they see fit without any regard or respect for it.

        “about as kind as Dr. Mengele and Heinrich Himmler with whom you really have a lot in common: hatred of mankind, a great love for animals, and vegetarian dietary preferences.”

        I’ve never hurt anyone and since I became a vegan I also stopped contributing to animal suffering.
        The alleged vegetarianism of hitler and the likes of him are nothing but lies. He was not a vegetarian! From what I know what happened was that he had a flatulence problem and his doctor advised him do adopt a more vegetarian diet – which he never did! In fact he was an animal eater and a catholic! Now, if I followed your line of reasoning I could say that all animal eaters are evil people…
        Furthermore, most animal eaters believe animals are an inferior species, they test on them, they use parts of their bodies to manufacture products and they use them for labor… does this ring a bell? Didn’t nazis do just that? Interesting…!

        “Sorry, but I don’t feel that the lives of humans and animals are of equal value and should not be. ”

        What makes you right and people like me, who believe we are all equal, wrong? Who made you god?
        Well, I say you are wrong and that we are not superior to any other species on the planet.
        Let me just give you an example: bees vs. humans – who do you believe is more important? I bet you think it’s humans! Wrong! If we became extinct actually the planet would be better off; however, if bees disappeared life on earth would end!

        “That is part of your cultic, cartoon belief system.”

        So if we believe all life should be respected, preserved and cherished we are part of a cult? You have much to evolve…

        “Unfortunately you are so programmed by the likes of the PETA cult/industry and the bevy of similar knock-off groups ”

        My dear, you have to live several lives before you reach my level of evolution and consciousness. And I say this taking the risk of sounding pretty arrogant.
        If everyone had their eyes as wide open as I have mine, there would be no wars, conflicts, racism, crime, pollution, economical crisis, etc., animals and humans wouldn’t be hurt and everyone would know the truth about our real purpose on this planet.

        “What you should do is leave people alone to live their lives as they see fit. Stop trying to tell people what to wear. If you hate fur so much, don’t buy it, but you don’t have the right to force your views upon others. ”

        What you and the likes of you should do is leave animals alone to live their lives in peace and as they see fit.
        You don’t have the right to take the life of an animal to eat his/her meat or use his/her fur. Who gives you the right?
        What makes you more special than animals?

        If you really want to know the truth about the animal industry, go to and watch the entire documentary that’s in their site.
        Then if you want we can continue this argument.

  • Sophie Wilkinson

    I just think the whole thing is really sad. She’s just trying to make herself feel better and justify the fur-wearing thing, if she didn’t know she was wrong she wouldn’t get so angry about it.

    She’s just a sad old mare who looks like crap in the clothes she wears.

    As for saying other issues are more important, every moral issue is as important as another and those with true compassion feel it for animals as well as people – we don’t just pick a cause and tell everyone else to shut up. Not very caring.

    And, the ‘good Lord’ didn’t give us a food chain, evolution did. If you think the good Lord gave you anything it was respect and compassion for other beings, something which Kelis, the good Christian, obviously missed.

  • Ray

    She’s NOT pretty too :S

  • Veronika

    I saw the video of the so-called “mid-rant”, but I didn’t see that she was “ranting”. What I saw was a casual conversation. Most of her opponents in their comments were ranting, but then “animal rights” cultists have no credibility with normal people so they tend to be very strident.

    • georgina0912

      Of course you did not see a rant dahling.

  • Veronika

    Wow! My suspicions were confirmed. Whoever, you sound deranged but you are also hilariously funny in that you self-validate in the madness of your cult. Georgina, you badly need a deprogrammer. You really need to go out and live in the forest, Georgina, or at least visit a national park because your perception of the natural world seems derived from Disney cartoons like, “Bambi”, but Paul McCartney admitted as much about himself regarding the origin of his views on nature and animals. Reading your crazy, tiresome nonsense makes me to want to buy a real fur coat this weekend.

    • georgina0912

      Hey there, i am not surprised at your response at all, but i am willing to give you the benefit of the doubt just once. Now, can you please elaborate more on how my “perception of the natural world seems derived from Disney cartoons like, Bambi”? You sound as if you live in a cement-like structure, completely removed from any contact with any kind of human and non-human views. Actually, you sound pretty much like Kelis, completely self-centered.

      About the coat, If you can afford one go buy it, nobody is stopping you. It is up to you to want to wear a dead animal on your back if that is what makes you feel good.

    • Whoever…

      Veronika (beautiful name – if that’s your real name -, ugly, ugly person), this is my final reply to any of your comments because you’re a waste of time – you are obviously not very intelligent.
      You don’t even have the capacity or brains to carry on an argument as an adult by presenting valid arguments and replying to the arguments the other side presents – you have not replied to my arguments because you don’t have the intelligence, knowledge or information to do it.

      Therefore, all you’re able to do is insult people and say we are a cult or that we don’t have a real perception of what Nature is…

      I actually feel very sorry for you because you’re just another zombie like most humans on the planet and you don’t even know it.

      Go watch TV or eat a hamburger or something believing everything is just super!!

      • Veronika

        Your arguments are not only false, they are patently insane, and your beliefs are really quite funny. It truly appears that YOU are the person who’ll believe anything put out by a movement embraced primarilly by angry, bitter misanthropes who’ve failed at human relationships and who’re searching desperately for something to give meaning to their lives. Despite the overwhelming problems faced by human beings, they reject their own species to embrace animals because they can’t tell these losers to “bug off”, reject them using words which will injure their inflated egos or sense of entitlement as well as a trendy new religious belief system (to those in the west) which amalgamates Hindu, Buddhist, ancient fertility cults, and neo-pagan beliefs as validation of their focus.

      • Veronika

        I forgot to mention that Mc Cartney admitted himself that his views on animals and the environment had actually been shaped by the cartoon movie, “Bambi”. Your own perceptions of nature are a cartoon for little kids and immature, childish adults. Your basic misanthropy is proven by your characterization of “most humans on the planet” as “zombies”. You feel that you have harmed nothing by becoming a vegan and that you are no longer contributing to animal suffering. Does that mean that your lifestyle choices haven’t contributed to displacing rainforest critters who’re displaced because more land is needed to grow soya? How about those animals who’re diced and sliced by cultivators in the process of growing your veggies? Do you mourn for them? You fail to believe historical fact because it conflicts with your creed (sorry, but despite what many vegetarians and vegans want to believe, Hitler really was a vegetarian and Heinrich Himmler encouraged his Schtzstaffel officers to follow a vegetarian lifestyle; Nazi Germany was also the first technically developed state in modern history to enact “animal rights” laws: the Reich Animal Protection Law of 1933 which prohibited animal experimentation). I shouldn’t have taken the time to respond to any of your nonesense because it’s all basically resentment of those who’re more successful than yourself combined with wishful thinking and ego-inflation. Your level of “evolutiion and consciousness” is really madness! Go ahead and continue to hate people who wear fur coats, hats, etc. because you have a right to your beliefs as crazy as they are, and most people will continue to ignore you which, undoubtedly, will make you more angry and embittered.

      • georgina0912

        Therefore, if McCartney admitted that, and you accused me of having the same views on the natural world, then all vegetarians and vegans think the same way.

        Now THAT was “smart” Veronika, incredibly smart. Like i said before, completely not surprised by your responses.

        Think what you think, eat what you eat, wear what you wear, that just makes you an even “better” human being, right? After all you do what you think is right. Someday all that stuff will catch up with you. What? Did i get that from a Disney movie? What do you care? Those are my views.

        Now off to more important things.

    • Aymee

      You know Veronika I think you can teach people a lot. For example you are a perfect example of a number of fallacies.

      Ad Hominem- we say we don’t like Kelis because she’s an idiot and you assume we have to say that because we are animal enthusiasts.

      Appeal to Authority- Kelis says it’s okay to wear fur so it must be okay.

      Appeal to Belief- Most people think it’s okay to wear fur so everyone who opposes it is wrong.

      Appeal to Common Practice- People wear fur all the time so it must be right for you to support wearing fur.

      Consequences of a Belief- If you believe it’s okay to wear fur and that no animals were hurt it makes it okay for you to wear fur.

      Appeal to Popularity- Most people believe it’s okay so it must be.

      Appeal to Fear- You try to use fear of the natural world to convince us to switch our views.

      Appeal to Flattery- you are flattered by Kelis therefore you think her claims are true.

      Appeal to pity- You get upset and try to convince us that we are picking on you and Kelis and we should feel bad for that and agree with you.

      Appeal to ridicule- you attempt to ridicule us without justifiable representation in an attempt to demean us.

      Circumstantial Ad Hominem- we do not support fur therefore you think we only do so because you think we all support PETA.

      Straw Man- you attack our positions as animal rights supporters and our suggestions for synthetic fur and fill them in with distorted ones.

      Red Herring- argument for wearing fur is justified by beliefs on oil clean up or vegetarian diets.

      I can go on and on all day but what’s the point. You’re just going to throw out more fallacies for us to shake our heads at. If you want to present a valid point you can do so. Thus far you haven’t presented any facts or evidence or acted in any way interested in justifying your views. You just seem to throw out pointless rants like Kelis.

      • Aymee

        “Hitler really was a vegetarian and Heinrich Himmler encouraged his Schtzstaffel officers to follow a vegetarian lifestyle”

        I also want to confirm that Hitler was not a vegetarian. His favorite food was stuffed squab (pigeon.) He also ate ham, sausage, and caviar and was given injections of animal by-products. The reduced meat diet however may have been due to him being a hypochondriac rather than his love for animals. After all, he did use his dog, Blondi, to test the serum used for his suicide to make sure it worked. If anything his so called vegetarian diet is comparable to a Sunday Christian.

  • Angela

    Who wants to bet Veronkia is on Kelis’ payroll? I can’t imagine any other reason to spew such patent nonsense. ;)

  • Ben

    She wore a fur hat and now you’re all creaming your pants. Go live your own lives instead of worrying about someone who doesn’t know of your existence.