by Elizah Leigh
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After following a conventional lifestyle for the better part of your life, your green-lovin’ ways have spurned you to treat your body like the temple it really is. You’re finally committed to eating right, exercising and using natural household products…you’ve even purged your closets of all conventionally-produced clothing in favor of garments produced with organic cotton or sustainably produced fibers. Good for you and good for your bod! Since you’re walking such a virtuous, clean living pathway, why on earth are you still using conventional perfume?

This is pretty bad news for the folks out there who feel that they aren’t ready to face the day until their pores are oozing with their signature scent, so brace yourselves. The Campaign for Safe Cosmetics has analyzed 17 top selling fragrances (including various celebrity-inspired products) and determined that consumers are essentially bathing themselves in a seriously toxic cocktail of potentially cancer-causing chemicals.

Beyond conventional scents being petrochemical-based, they are notorious for containing some of the exact ingredients named on the EPA’s hazardous waste list –including ethanol, acetone, toluene, and ethyl acetate – which when combined with other substances and inhaled, are known to cause mucous membrane irritation, central nervous system disorders, kidney damage, and respiratory failure among other serious ailments.

If you are interested in looking out for your safety and well-being, you might want to safely dispose of the following products (and recycle the bottles!) stat rather than run the risk of applying them one more time to your skin:

Time to rub a little tangerine peel on our necks and call it a day!

Via The Globe and Mail & The Red White and Green

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