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“Mr. Hayward, that Gulf is the source of life for millions upon million of people, and plants, and other creatures on this earth. Jobs are lost, beaches and birds are tarred, fisheries are closed, tourists are canceling, economies are threatened, and people from Florida to Texas are in some cases concerned for their very livelihoods, and you speak of ‘comparative volume’?

Mr. Hayward, British Petroleum has caused the proud people of the Gulf Region great pain. If you think your statements on this subject are helping your company’s cause — you are wrong. And if you think the people of the Gulf Region and the rest of America will take lying down without a fight a poorly handled aftermath of what your company has done to our Gulf and our people – you are horribly mistaken.

Our water is now polluted, our coast is now soiled, our fish and our turtles and our shrimp and our oysters are now harmed. Many of our people are now out of a job, and eleven hardworking men and women are dead from the explosion on the rig that carried your company’s name. Remember that Mr. Hayward? We do. On your watch, these are extremely difficult times for us litigious Americans. At least act like you care.”

- Fox News Anchor Shep Smith tearing BP CEO Tony Hayward a new one over the Gulf Coast oil spill. You know it’s a big deal when even Fox News is condemning the oil company. Check out a clip of Shep scorning Hayward in a video after the jump.

  • Berniece Thornton

    Thank you Mr . Smith. Your words ring true, representing the thoughts & worries all across America this day! I live in Oregon. I was heartened by the efforts of people on the gulf to build new lives in the face of the horrible response to Katrina’s damage by insurance companies and our own government. Now this. I emailed my Congressmen to stop all permits. These companies do not care about anything but making money. Friday after they whined about who was to blame, I noticed the price for a gallon of gas in my town had gone up 4 cents in 3 hours.

  • Ray

    What’s the American government doing against this giant British polluter? They should be made liable against this crime against the people of the Gulf. Accident schmaccident, just admit that there has been a mistake on your part…

  • Hart

    Shep has repeatedly been the sole voice of sanity on that fascist Network.

  • jeff

    You know, if we’re truly fired up about this oil spill, then we simply need to do a better job at demanding alternatives.

    From electric cars to expanded mass transit to more walkable communities – there are a number of ways we can lessen our dependence on oil. Yet we complain that hybrids and electric cars are too expensive, mass transit is too inconvenient and it’s too hot or too cold outside to walk. So many excuses. I guess our priorities are not on fragile ecosystems that support our food chain, but rather on cheap energy.

    There’s plenty of blame to go around in Washington too. Instead of putting BP and Transocean on the hot seat, why aren’t we putting Congress on the hot seat?

    You want to know why this oil spill happened? I’ll give you 8,603,375 reasons. . .

    For the 2010 election cycle, $8,603,375 has been ponied up in congressional campaign contributions from the oil and gas industry for both Democrats and Republicans. And that doesn’t include PAC contributions – which tack on another $4,305,525.

    Just my two cents. : )

  • Whoever…

    I’m not an American but I will never fuel up at a BP gas station again.

    I’ve been boycotting Shell (because of what they have done in Nigeria and to its people) as well for years now.