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If it’s good enough for Alicia Silverstone, it’s good enough for us!

Today on, Alicia announced that Susan Nichole Handbags, a Kind Life sponsor, will be giving away one bag everyday this week!

So why is this company so great? Well, according to their site:

“All Susan Nichole handbags are made from 100% recyclable, vegan materials and contain absolutely no animal products. Such a direction gives women the option to carry beautiful designer handbags that are trendy and fashionable, yet maintain their animal and earth friendly principals.”

We love that story!

To be eligible to win, simply visit Susan Nicole Handbags’ Facebook fan page and click “Fan” or “Like.” Each night at 10:00 PM ET / 7:00 PM PT they’ll randomly choose one lucky fan and announce the winner on Facebook.

Check out to learn more! Good luck!

  • Ann

    I’m keeping my fingers crossed!!

  • Chris Taylor

    I would be delighted to win

  • Maggie

    These handbags are absolutely adorable and eco-friendly! Hope I’m going to be the lucky winner.

    Green Greetings