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Dr. Phil Tackles Animal Abuse And Confronts Dogfighter

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On a recent segment of Dr.Phil’s talk show, titled Dr. Phil Confronts Animal Abusers, the good doctor took on a dogfighter who appeared on the show to let the public know that the SPCA and PETA perpetuate lies about dogfighting. Rob, who admits to killing a couple hundred dogs who were sick or injured, described in his warped view that dogfighting is a sport and that the animals are “the best taken care of dogs in the world.”

Dr. Phil is quick to share his views on the “sport” saying, “I think dogfighting is wrong. I think it is despicable. I think it is sick. I think it is disgusting. I’m sorry that you see it differently.”

Later in the show, Dr. Phil introduces Paris Hilton who took the stage to encourage the adoption of two cocker spaniels. When asked what she thought of the dogfighting segment Hilton responded, “I don’t know if the guy is in the audience but I kind of want to punch him in the face. I think it’s disgusting and it’s wrong. I don’t know how anyone can hurt an animal. I think people who do that are very sick in the head.”

Dr. Phil, a self proclaimed “huge animal lover” even took to his blog prior to the show where he discussed the recent Supreme Court ruling which struck down a law meant to ban the distribution of videos depicting animal cruelty. “I was sick to my stomach,” said the doctor. “Dogfighting is illegal in this country but selling a dog-fighting video isn’t? We’re seriously going to let people profit from their films of pets being abused? Is there anyone out there who thinks that is even close to being the right thing to do? If anything, the Supreme Court decision only proves that we’ve still got a long way to go when it comes to protecting animals.”

It was nice to see the doctor in a different light—no cheating spouses or children out of control in the segment. We applaud Dr. Phil for taking on this subject and doing his part to help bring attention to abused animals.

Check out a clip from the show after the jump.

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