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Looks like the Savannah, Georgia public school system has hired a new “Deen.”

News broke this week that Paula Deen — the television chef known for her maniacal affinity for all things unhealthy — has partnered with Savannah’s public school system on a new culinary arts program.

According to, Paula Deen Academy students will follow a “curriculum based on state guidelines, American Culinary Federation standards and Deen’s recommendations” So basically: butter, cheese, lard, butter, fries, pork, beef, butter, sugar, butter, butter, butter.

A release issued by the school system says, “Paula Deen is an internationally recognized chef with the expertise and ability to connect our students to opportunities within the culinary arts industry. We are honored and pleased that this program will be unique in that it is the only culinary arts school partnership with Paula Deen.”

Sure, Paula Deen might be sweet as pie, but she’s also just as dangerous for the ol’ ticker. Seems to us that if you want to teach America’s young people about cooking, you should do it in a healthy way.

What do you think about Savannah’s decision to team up with Paula Deen? Smart decision or cardiac arrest in the making? Chime in and share your thoughts!

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  • georgina0912

    Hmmm, unless she had a health scare and the doctor told her to lay off the butter and the fat in general that is what she will teach to the kids, to use butter in everything because “everything is better with butter”…

  • Beverly

    Paula’s done a cookbook for children and has repeatedly said that her style of cooking should be regarded as a treat and not an everyday diet. I’m sure she’ll develop a very healthy program for children with the state of Georgia.

  • Bencat1000

    Yes, she will be serving up butter encrusted heart attacks for everyone. Is that the way that parents want to see their children learning culinary arts? Butter-ball’s in the making: chunky, unhealthy, greasy new generations of young people.

    Paula’s 1st lesson:
    Put the bucket of butter in the bowl with the bucket of lard and mix it up. Then add the 5lb. bag of sugar and beat it all up. Spread the greasy mixture on the pounded pork butt. Carefully put the greasy butt in the pan and cook it. When finished cooking, shove it down your pie hole and start praying that your body doesn’t conk out trying to push this sh*t out.